18 People Who Are Crossing The Line And Positively Need to Be Stopped

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There is a lot to be said for just letting people do their own thing. If they are not harming anybody, they should be left alone. Everybody these days can be a bit strange at times, and that is totally fine. There is no reason to get involved in other’s business when it is inappropriate to do so.

There are people, however, that cross a line. For the good of us all, they absolutely need to be stopped. Here are 20 examples of people who crossed the line.

1. The Person With The Seasoning

Image Source: Instagram

If there is one thing every cook or chef knows, it is that over-seasoning a dish is generally a bad thing. Whoever is preparing this clearly has ulterior motives. While the seasoning in the image actually looks sort of delicious, the cook is clearly crossing the line. There is no reason for this.

2. The Pizza Hut Employee

Image Source: Instagram

If someone is paying you to make pizza, you should probably be pretty nice to him or her. Your tips may depend on it; furthermore, that person may not come back to your establishment again if you are rude.

In this case, the employee of “Pizza Hut” was kind of rude. The customer wanted a joke. He or she did want to be insulted. The joke is sort of funny, but it is also quite mean. The person at the “Pizza Hut” definitely crossed the line. He or she should be stopped from making a similar joke in the future.

One nasty employee, however, does not make Pizza Hut a bad company. There are over 16,000 stores, so the company is obviously doing a lot of things right. You can enjoy a slice of Pizza Hut almost anywhere, including China, Russia, Mexico, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Also, the pizza in that image looks absolutely great. Even if the recipient was mad about the joke, you can bet he or she enjoyed that thing.

3. The Guy With the Baseball Cap and the Sunglasses

Image Source: Reddit

I get it. Wearing a baseball cap backwards is cool and trendy. It has been for years. If that is your style, that is your style.

However, if you would rather use your hand to shield your eyes when you have two other good ways of protecting those eyes, you probably need to get over yourself.

Sunlight, by the way, isn’t particularly good for the eyes. Viewing it directly for long periods of time with the naked eye can damage the retina. It can also be kind of painful.

This guy has crossed the line. He should either use his baseball cap or use his sunglasses. It is great to want to look your best, but you shouldn’t do so at the expense of your vision.

4. The Scientists and the Dinosaur Chickens

Image Source: Instagram

According to BBC Earth, some scientists grew a chicken with the face of a dinosaur. It is positively terrifying looking. Could you imagine if you were confronted by such an unholy looking creature?

Anson is probably correct; you don’t “accidentally” grow a chicken that looks like that. The scientists clearly had something devious in mind.

According to a BBC story, this whole thing happened because scientists were trying to figure out how some dinosaurs evolved into birds millions of years ago and also figure out why birds have beaks. The dinosaurs from which they evolved did not have beaks. They had snouts.

Long story short, there was a bit of tampering with certain molecular processes, and the dinosaur chicken was the result.

5. The Person Who Kissed the Toilet

Image Source: Reddit

When you really think about it, your toilet is one of your most important possessions. It would be very difficult—and weird—to function without one in your life. In that respect, it kind of deserves a kiss from time to time.

Toilets, though, even when they have just been cleaned, are sort of gross. You do not want to put your mouth on or anywhere near a toilet, even if it is brand new and hasn’t even been installed yet.

Whoever kissed the toilet crossed a line, and that person needs to be stopped from ever again kissing a toilet.

While people have had to do their business since the dawn of time, proper toilets weren’t invented until around 3000 BC, give or take a couple of centuries. At the time, most were only used by the affluent. Flush toilets—the sort we are familiar with—weren’t used until the 19h century.

6. The Person With The Tape Over the Webcam

Image Source: Instagram

It is completely understandable that people are concerned about their privacy. Actually, truth be told, I know a lot of people who have put tape over their webcams. There is definitely a fine line, though, between wanting to be private and worrying about the government spying on you.

I understand that the governments of the world, in general, are pretty powerful; they have access to technologies most of us don’t. However, most of us probably shouldn’t be worried about the government watching our every move.

Most of us, frankly, are not that interesting. The government spies have more important targets.

7. The Girl Going Out In This Top

Image Source: Instagram

There are few public places to which this shirt would be appropriate to wear. Kar makes a pretty hilarious point, though, and he certainly has an eye for detail. She did leave the refrigerator open, and that’s never cool.

Electricity isn’t cheap. Food isn’t cheap, either.

8. YouTube

Image Source: Instagram

It is sort of sad when you find yourself insulted by a video-sharing website. That must hurt a person’s feelings in a pretty brutal way. Also, who makes a video about how to be popular and pretty? Are those traits you can learn?

Most people who are pretty are simply born that way—unless they have access to a really good plastic surgeon, that is. Popularity isn’t really something that can be taught, either. It generally comes with being attractive.

The recommended video should probably be called “How To Get Your Parents Or Other Family Members To Pay For Your Plastic Surgery”. If there is a video out there about that particular subject, I want to watch it. Most of us could use a bit of work.

9. The Person at Wal-Mart Who Does Not Understand the Concept of “Cash Back”

Image Source: Instagram

I’m assuming the person who made this image was trying to make a joke; if not, that person is as dumb as a pile of bricks.

Stores might claim to give you “cash back”, but it generally comes in the form of “cash” that will be spent at that store in the very near future, or as an incentive to purchase a product during a specific period of time.

10. The Guy With the Selfie During the Divorce

Image Source: Instagram

Divorce can be a very sad thing; however, if the marriage is bad, it can also be a really happy thing. The guy in this selfie seems positively thrilled to be getting a divorce. You have to wonder why, really. Was he cheated on?
Did his wife verbally abuse him? Did he have plans to marry someone else?

Sadly, we will likely never know the whole story, although we would definitely like to. It is bound to be an interesting one.

Even if the marriage was bad, though, divorce proceedings are a bad time to take a selfie. His ex and the lawyer look positively disturbed by his decision to take that picture. That was neither the time, nor the place.

He probably crossed a line with the selfie. He should not have done that. That said, it is pretty amusing.

11. The Person Who Cooked This Hot Dog

Image Source: Reddit

This hot dog does not look like the sort of hot dog a human being would eat. It looks like the sort of hot dog a member of an alien race would eat, though. The hot dog literally looks like it is glowing. To say that this was overcooked would be a massive understatement.

Whoever cooked that should not ever be allowed near a grill again. A line was definitely crossed here, and it is unacceptable.

12. The College With the Pen

Image Source: Instagram

I did not realize there were things called “anti-cheating” pens. How do they work, exactly? Do students these days actually need to be reminded of what is considered “academic misconduct”? What has happened to higher learning in the years since I attended university? Virginia Tech clearly has a cheating problem.

13. The Woman and the Telescope

Image Source: Reddit

This woman, allegedly, is one of those people who believe that the Earth is flat. For whatever reason, she seems to think she can use the telescope to prove her belief. How the telescope will do so is anybody’s guess.

14. The Arrangement of These Toilets

Image Source: Reddit

This little arrangement is sort of inhumane, really, when you think about it. In ancient and medieval times, you often had to do your business while others could see you. Times have changed since then, and most people on the planet are afforded a little bit of privacy while attending to their personal matters.

Whoever designed this particular restroom went a little bit too far. Even the placement of the urinals is insane. Could you imagine having to share this restroom with another person? A lot of us don’t even like it when another person is in an adjacent stall.

15. The Person Who Stole the Phone From The Person Getting in an Ambulance

Image Source: Reddit

This image is disturbing for a couple of reasons. For one, it is never cool to steal another person’s personal property, especially when that person is getting into an ambulance. That is just cruel.

Of course, the person who was getting into the ambulance is sort of scary. That person also crossed a line. Threatening to take another person’s fingers is downright disturbing, in fact.

Hopefully the phone was returned; otherwise, the situation probably got more than a little bit messy.

16. The Person Who Sold the Fake AirPods to Vince

Image Source: Instagram

AirPods are supposed to be wireless; technically, the product Vince was sold were wireless. They were not exactly what he ordered, though, and they are technically useless. He has every right to be extremely angry, and hopefully he got his money back.

Also, he hopefully learned a lesson. You really have to be careful what you buy off of the internet.

The person who sold him the worthless AirPods definitely crossed a line. What a terrible thing to do to another person.

17. The Person Who Stole a Phone at Wendy’s

Image Source: Instagram

It is one thing to steal another person’s property. That’s illegal and not at all cool, but it happens.

You cross the line, though, when you taunt your victim. The guy who stole the phone looks like real scumbag, too. There’s no reason to be that mean.

18. Whoever Put the Sock in the Dip

Image Source: Reddit

Onion dip is delicious, and there is absolutely no way a sock—dirty or not—could make it better. Whoever put the sock in the dip absolutely crossed a line.

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