18 Strange Things People Found, But Didn’t Feel Like Googling Them

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It seems that many things that surround us have something about them that can surprise us! Such unknown facts are always interesting to learn about. In other cases we happen to learn intriguing things that are more than curious! Internet is an endless source of such things and we enjoy searching for new facts, just like most people do. The list below is full of random things that would probably amuse you and surprise you in the same time!

1. We never suspected that avocados were actually berries.

Image Source: pxhere.com

It might seem to be odd, but it is true! Avocados are berries, technically speaking! Despite their shape and size, they have a lot in common with the kinds of berries we are used to seeing. One thing is for sureĀ  they certainly do not resemble berries!

2. This is an interesting phenomenon

Image Source: petapixel.com

We never realized that such a thing could happen but it turned out to be a scientifically proven fact. The image shows the exact moment when the sugar cube is broken apart, creating the so-called triboluminescense effect, and it looks really cool!

3. This sign was put up there for a specific reason

Image Source: ommons.wikimedia.org

It was not meant to just sit there and serve as a landmark. The original idea behind the Hollywood sign was to serve as an advertisement! It was built after a new neighborhood was constructed.

4. White polar bears are not actually white

Image Source: wildfact.com

This was a real surprise to us, too! Polar bears are mostly white, but that is just their outside coat. The skin underneath the fur is actually black! We have no idea why it is like that, but it is a curious fact!

5. There is an isolated tribe living on an island in the Indian Ocean

Image Source: folledicorsa.it

They are so isolated from the rest of the world that they are extremely primitive. In fact, they still haven’t discovered fire! Imagine the impact modern civilization would have on them if they see it! It would be too much to handle for sure!

6. This is not something edible

Image Source: Imgur

Well, chances are tha you have already guess what is in this image! Those are feces, but they are not ordinary. Their unusual shape is unique, and it turns out that only wombats have that feature.

7. Some shark species can outlive trees

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

It sounds incredible, but it is a fact. There are some sharks that are much older than trees and the oldest shark alive is more than five centuries old!

8. Eggplants have something unique in their composition

Image Source: flickr.com

Eggplants are no ordinary vegetables! They have a unique feature we had no idea about. It turns out that they contain nicotine, but the quantity of the substance is really low. You would have to consume at least 20 pounds to feel the nicotine’s effect.

9. Albert Einstein received a unique proposal once

Image Source: wikipedia.org

It is a historic fact that Einstein was once offered to become Israel’s president! We are not sure about the reasons for that proposal or why he declined it, but it is a curious piece of information.

10. Some animals are unable to vomit

Image Source: Pixabay.com

It seems that there are many differences between animal species, and while there are common features for the most of them, sometimes there are exceptions. We never knew before that rodents and horses were not capable of vomiting.

11. There is a curious difference between freshwater fish and ocean fish

Image Source: Pixabay.com

While ocean fish drink significant amounts of water, freshwater fish do not drink any at all! It is a fact that does not make sense to use, but we guess there is a reason for it to be like it is.

12. The Vatican stood out from all the other countries in 1983

Image Source: Pixabay.com

The reason for that was quite peculiar. You see, back in 1983 the Vatican was the only country in the world that had a zero birth rate! It sounds odd but we guess it makes some sense.

13. Here is the most popular word used worldwide

Image Source: PIxabay

This would hardly be a surprise to anyone, but the word that is used the most around the world is ‘okay’! It does not need a translation, because it means the same in every language, and the universal hand gesture is recognized everywhere, too.

14. Whales do not spray water

Image Source: Pixabay.com

We all love the mesmerizing sight of a whale creating huge water fountains! However, it turns out that it is not actually water, but carbon dioxide!

15. Have you ever wondered why whips make sounds?

Image Source: Pixabay.com

There is a perfectly good reason for that, but it is not what we thought initially! The sound we have all heard is produced by the tip of whip, because it is actually faster than the speed of sound!

16. This is probably one of the reasons why Switzerland is one of the top countries in the world

Image Source: pexels.com

An interesing fact about the ways Swiss people go by is the school system in the country. Unlike the rest of the world, Swiss kids attend school for the first time when they are just four years old! No wonder that the country is among the leading countries in the world in economic terms.

17. The McFlurry shake spoon has a specific design

Image Source: bles.com

The reason why it was developed in this specific way is that it stirs the dessert in the best possible way, allowing the ingredients to mix perfectly. After all the sensation of taste is the important thing here.

18. Now this is something we have always thought about

Image Source: Twitter

This is definitely the answer to a question we have been asking ourselves for a long time! Now we know how toothpaste looks inside the tube!

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