18 Times People Absolutely Had To Adapt And Overcome

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No matter how much a person tries, situations that are far from ideal tend to arise. Few of us are lucky all of the time. When unfortunate situations happen, you can either give up or try to do your best. Sadly, a lot of people do give up.

However, a lot of people also try their best to adapt to their situations and overcome whatever negative thing might be happening to them. If you can make the best of a bad situation, you are winning at life.

Here are twenty examples of people who had to adapt to really unfortunate situations.

1. Adapting to the Situation With the Equipment

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I really can’t figure out what happened here. It looks like a tree fell in a very unfortunate way—one that probably aggravated a number of people. That particular piece of equipment has definitely seen better days. Nothing ruins a work day like an unexpected accident. I just hope that no one was injured. It definitely looks like the sort of situation where a person could be harmed.

2. Adapting to the Traffic Jam

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Not everybody has time to get a tan. Sadly, few of us have time to regularly sit around outdoors. Even if you do, you are probably glued to your laptop screen or your tablet.

Nobody really has time for traffic, either, but a lot of us find ourselves negatively impacted by that traffic. The person in this image was clearly stuck in an awful traffic jam, but found a way to make the best of the awful situation. She’s getting a tan, and it also looks like she is getting nap in. Hopefully someone wakes her up before the cars start moving again.

3. Adapting to the Report Card

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Using “Thanos” to get out of an unpleasant situation is a bit of a stretch. If your parent wants to talk to you about your report card, you are probably in for an unpleasant conversation. No one ever says “we need to talk” about good things. “We need to talk. I just won eight million dollars in the lottery and I am sharing my winnings with you!” is a thing that has probably never been said by anyone. “We need to talk. I just won the lottery, so I am leaving you” has probably been said, though.
I doubt the kid got away with it, but you do have to give him credit for trying.

Thanos, of course, is a villain from the Marvel comics and films. The character was recently featured in “Avengers: Infinity War”, which came out earlier this year. He will appear in the next “Avengers” movie, which should be released in 2019.

4. Adapting to the Current Fashion Trends

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There are a lot of great looks out there, but there are also a lot of terrible looks out there. The “look” in this image is clearly terrible—that does not need to be pointed out—but the guy probably did not pay over $100 for the pants. I do not want to know how pants can be damaged in such a fashion. Weirdly enough, that must have taken quite a bit of work. The guy also looks quite proud of his pants.

5. Adapting to the Situation With the House and the Building

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I don’t really know how you adapt to this situation. I don’t know how a house ends up there. This is a weird image. Is this a “Wizard of Oz” situation? I suppose it is possible that a certain engineering student just got really creative.

6. Adapting to the Coyote on the Bus

Image source: Reddit

If there is a coyote on your bus, you just want to survive the experience. The coyote in this image looks like it sees a roadrunner and is ready to pounce. It is kind of cute, but you do not want to pet it.

The fact of the matter is that coyotes generally do not attack humans; even when they do, the injuries are rarely fatal. If you have pets or livestock, however, they can be a major problem. They tend to kill a lot of sheep and goats. They really can’t be properly tamed, and you should not feed them.
The joke about how they are not able to drive is pretty funny, though.

7. Adapting to the Lack of Blankets

Image Source: Instagram

Anyone who has slept at a friend’s house after a party knows that—at times—there can be a very unfortunate blanket shortage. Myself, I have seen people use their coats and other articles of clothing. I once saw a guy use a shower curtain. Some people just can’t sleep without a blanket—no matter how warm the room is. People have weird sleeping habits.

This guy adapted to the lack of blankets in a really curious way; however, it is not a bad one, and he certainly looks comfortable enough.

8. Adapting to the Mom Situation

Image Source: Me Me

When you are under the age of eighteen or so, parents tend to have this desire to know where you are at all times. That is not always the case, especially if you have neglectful parents, but it is more or less true.

The young women in this image really seem to be true friends. There is nothing like having a friend who will do you a favor—no questions asked.

9. Adapting to the Earring Situation

Image Source: Twitter

This is a pretty clever solution to a problem, and not many people would have thought of it. Also, Ryan seems like he is probably a pretty good boyfriend to JJ.

10. Adapting to How Messy a Taco Can Be

Image Source: Imgur

Tacos are amongst the most delicious foods out there; however, they can be truly messy.
Apparently someone figured out how to adapt to the taco experience, though. You don’t want to miss out on any of the goodness.
One of the better known restaurant chains that sell tacos, of course, is Taco Bell. It has been around since 1962, and it was founded in Downey, California. The founder’s name was Glen Bell. There are Taco Bell restaurants in numerous countries, including Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Chile, India, Spain, Scotland, and Panama.

11. Adapting to the Bad Tattoo Drawing

Image Source: Instagram

The drawing on the left, frankly, is sort of terrible. Nobody wants that tattoo. However, the tattoo artist who made the image on the right clearly has a lot of talent. There is a very good reason many tattoos cost hundreds of dollars.

Tattoos have been around for centuries, of course, but the fact of the matter is that a few religions actually prohibit tattoos. For example, tattoos are prohibited by Judaism.

If you are considering a tattoo, really think about it. They can be very difficult to remove, and the process generally involves lasers; the process can also be very painful and expensive.

12. Adapting to the Need for Fireball

Image Source: Reddit

This whole thing looks like a bad idea. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit of Fireball mixed with Dr. Pepper, of course, but this system seems unnecessarily complex.

Dr. Pepper is delicious on its own, of course. There is a reason it has been around since the 1880’s. It was first marketed in the United States in the early 1900s, and it is now sold in Europe, Mexico, Canada, South America, and Asia.

There are a few theories about why the tasty beverage is named what it is. One theory is that the “Dr.” in the name—when the product was introduced—suggested to customers that the beverage was healthy for them. Also, it might have been named after an actual doctor.
While delicious, Dr. Pepper is not good for you. There are a lot of empty calories in the beverage, but there are no real health benefits.

13. Adapting to the Need For Video Games

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A lot of people are addicted to video games. Even if you’re not “addicted”, per se, a person who really likes video games wants to play as often as possible. Bathing tends to get in the way of gaming. There are mobile games that can be played from the phone, I suppose, and there is the Nintendo Switch; however, sometimes you want to play your PlayStation or your XBOX.

Well, some clever person figured out a way to play a console game while in the tub via Facetime, which is truly fantastic.

The console market is pretty interesting these days. While not terribly powerful in terms of hardware, the Nintendo Switch is definitely a pretty popular option because you can play it at home or on the go. It is also pretty trendy, as the system was practically impossible to get for several months after its release. If you like Nintendo games, you probably own one or want one. There is a “Mario Kart” game out, which is awesome, and there’s also a “Zelda” game, which is fantastic. There are also new “Pokemon” games coming out this year.

14. Adapting to Sitting on a Stool

Image Source: Reddit

I have no idea what happened to this stool. Did the bottom part melt somehow? I don’t get it.
There must be a way to sit on this thing. I don’t know if it’d be comfortable, but there has to be a way.

15. Adapting to the Oven Situation

Image Source: Reddit

There is a lot to adapt to in this situation. For one thing, the guy is upside down. Generally, when the laws of gravity fail you, there are bigger problems than the food situation. You have to admire this guy for caring about the meal he is preparing.

16. Adapting to the Mess

Image Source: Reddit

You really can’t adapt to this mess. It’ll be difficult to overcome. This floor will just need to be replaced. You don’t want to be the person that has to pay for that replacement. Hardwood floors do not come cheap.

17. Adapting to the People Who Want Your Gum

Image Source: Me Me

A wise man—I believe it was Michael Scott from the US version of “The Office”—once said that everyone likes the person that offers them gum. This is true, more or less. Even if you do not like gum, being offered a piece is a sign of friendship.

Of course, if people out there are constantly trying to steal your gum, you have a problem. The best way to adapt to that problem and overcome it is offering a really terrible piece of gum. If it tastes gross, they will never offer you gum ever again.

18. Adapting to Not Having a Stove

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

This is really sad, but it is a situation anyone who has ever been poor can completely relate to. If you want hot food—or even kind of warm food—you need to make do with what you have. Really, when you think about it, the person that arranged this little setup is kind of a genius.

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