19 Funny Pictures That Might Just Ruin Your Mood

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of images out there designed to make you laugh. Sometimes, an image is designed to make you feel something specific. For example, a lot of them seem designed to make you feel depressed or really irritated.

Here are twenty-one pictures that seem like they exist to just ruin the moods of those who view them. Some of them are kind of funny, true, but many are quite irritating.

1. The Kid With the Shirt

Image Source: DumpaDay

This shirt could easily ruin the mood of the sort of people who simply can’t keep track of what day it is. A lot of people can’t keep track, especially if they have don’t have regular work schedules or they happen to work from home.

It is a funny shirt, but I am pretty sure a lot of the kids who attend school with this young man get pretty ticked off at him every Wednesday. He looks pretty proud of that shirt, too, so he definitely seems to like messing with people.

2. The Picture Of the Fish

Image Source: The Chive

This image is irritating on more than one level. For one thing, it looks like it will be a real pain to clean up.

How did it get like this? Did a different pet knock the bowl over?

Also, the fish won’t survive if someone doesn’t attend to this very unfortunate situation. There is no time for picture taking. Someone needs to intervene right away.

3. The Image With the Butter

Image Source: DumpaDay

This is the saddest name for butter I have ever seen. This is the saddest name ever for any food product. What was the marketing department thinking with this particular decision? Did someone in the department have a beloved childhood pet named “Butters” and then decide to use the company’s butter substitute to pay tribute to that pet?

This is just sad, and if you think about it too much your day will be ruined.

4. The Pigs and the Proposal

Image Source: Pleated-Jeans

On the one hand, it is almost always nice to hear of a proposal. The world is a harsh place, after all, and people deserve companionship as they try to get through it. New marriages are usually happy things.

What makes this image sort of irritating is the setting. I get that people are into weird stuff, but what person uses pigs to help propose marriage? What a strange choice. Are the people in the images pig farmers?

I suppose those could be pet pigs. A lot of people have been keeping pigs as pets for decades now. It sounds kind of strange, I suppose, but domestic pigs are considered pretty intelligent. They are also pretty emotional and social animals. However, they often live between 15 and 20 years, so they are definitely a long-term commitment. They can also be very destructive animals when they get bored, so that needs to be considered if you are thinking of taking in a pet pig.

I wonder if the woman in this image said yes.

5. The Person That Got Locked Out

Image Source: DumpaDay

This particular incident is probably more common than one might think. Also, it definitely is not the stupidest way to get locked out. If a pet is somehow involved, that is a stupider way. It could also be a lot worse. If you get locked out of your apartment in nothing but a towel, that is a lot worse.

Hopefully, the person to whom the lanyard belongs has his or her phone so that a locksmith can be called. Thank goodness for locksmiths. You don’t really think about them and what they do very much—until you desperately need them. It is interesting to note that in many countries, becoming a locksmith requires—at least—an apprenticeship of some sort.

6. The Woman Without the Pockets

Image Source: Reddit

People take a lot of things for granted. As mentioned above, people take locksmiths for granted. You don’t really appreciate the fact they exist—at least not until you need one.

You know what most people need? Pockets. It is not always convenient to carry around a bag, but you definitely need to put your stuff somewhere.

The woman in this image could have benefited from having pockets. How awkward it must be to have to carry your phone around in your mouth when you are trying to exercise.

7. The Pictures of the Curious Hairstyles

Image Source: Twitter

On the one hand, this is a pretty funny joke. I sincerely doubt anyone was serious.

On the other hand, it is perfectly acceptable to wonder about the “striped” look that seems to be going on with hair these days. I do understand coloring your hair, though. Only certain people can pull off gray hair, and sometimes you are just looking for a change of pace.

It is important to note that you should probably get your hair colored by a professional, as nasty things can happen if the process is done wrong. A lot of people are irritated or allergic to hair dye. One type of bad reaction is due to a condition known as contact dermatitis, which results in inflamed skin.

Also, someone who is truly allergic to a chemical in hair dye can go into anaphylactic shock, which can be extremely dangerous. Symptoms include fainting, wheezing, swelling of the tongue or the throat, and vomiting.

Anaphylactic shock will definitely ruin your mood.

8. The Spider In the Hat

Image Source: The Chive

Seeing a giant spider in your hat would absolutely ruin your mood. Could you imagine? Had the person who saw this thing in the hat had a massive heart attack, that would have been totally understandable. A lot of people would have.

A lot of people are absolutely terrified by spiders. However, the good news is that spider bites generally are not fatal. More people die because of jellyfish stings. That said, don’t go looking to get a spider bite. Symptoms of a toxic bite are not pleasant; those symptoms can include a rapid heart rate, hives, chills, wheezing, cramps, and a headache.

9. The Breast Milk Ice Cream

Image Source: eBaum’s World

I do not know what to say about this one. I know that breast milk is extremely good for small children, but after a kid grows up a little, he or she should not be consuming breast milk.

I know a lot of people might disagree; there are probably adults who regularly consume products made from it. I do not want to think about it, though. People are into things that I find sort of weird, and that is fine; I, however, did not need to see this image.

The strawberry ice cream looks really good, though. I’m assuming the whole image is a prank being played by an employee who is not terribly pleased with his or her job.

10. The Paper and the Gym

Image Source: DumpaDay

The person reading the paper in this image is clearly not doing anything. There are more comfortable places to read the newspaper. Also, there are probably places that smell a lot better.

I think it is fair to say this person is not terribly committed to fitness. Why pay for a gym membership just to sit around?

Also, you just know there is someone who really wants to use that machine. At the moment this picture was taken, that person was probably complaining to a manager.

11. The Sad Girl and the Spray Tan

Image Source: DumpaDay

Despite her sadness, the young woman in this image is offering truly solid advice. One should not get into arguments after getting spray tans.

I don’t know what the argument was about, but it is hard not to feel bad for the young woman. She really does look pretty distraught, and that’s never a fun thing to witness. The good news is that she looks young. It hurts now, but she probably won’t even end up settling down with the guy who made her cry.

If your romantic partner makes you cry, it probably is not a great match.

12. The Toilet Paper and the Public Restroom

Image Source: Reddit

This has happened to so many of us, and if there is not another roll of toilet paper available—which there frequently is not—you are in a lot of trouble. You can ask the person in the neighboring stall for help, but that is just so embarrassing.

If you are lucky, the restroom is empty. You can quickly open the stall door, retrieve the roll, and close yourself back in.

However, you are taking a big risk by doing that. You do not want random strangers to see you with your pants down around your ankles.

Just the thought of this situation could potentially ruin your mood.

13. The One That Is Sort of Positive

Image Source: Pleated-Jeans

If your “something positive” is that you have only cried once in a day, it is hard not to feel bad for you. I know that there are people who cry at almost anything—like emotional scenes in sitcoms and goofy movies—but I do not think that is the sort of crying we are talking about here. We’re talking about the truly sad sort of crying.

Crying a lot—especially for no reason—is an obvious sign of depression. Crying spells are also common with post-partum depression.

I hope this person is okay.

14. The Soap That Spilled On the Floor

Image Source: Reddit

Spilling detergent or soap is one of the worst cleaning experiences one ever has to endure, which is why you should always be careful when handling it.

You really can’t get the stuff wet, which is a major part of the problem; therefore, the cleaning takes forever.

You pretty much have to set aside an afternoon. Or you could just leave it there, I guess, but that’s gross and will eventually damage even the strongest of floors.

15. The Little Pot and the Word That Was Spelled Incorrectly

Image Source: DumpaDay

If one of the simpler words in the English language—bird—is misspelled on a bunch of objects, you should think a shop owner would simply send those objects back to the manufacturer.

However, whoever manages this particular store decided to take a different approach, and I can respect that. The price for the little pot is pretty good, and it is actually quite nice to look at. You can almost ignore the misspelling of the word.

16. The Completely Awful Sign Advertising Other Signs

Image Source: DumpaDay

It is important to advertise your products and services. If you do not do that, you will not get anywhere with your business.

However, this sign is completely unacceptable. How can you advertise signs with a truly awful sign? This looks like it was made by a child, and it may have been.

I can’t imagine this company gets very much business. Would you go to a tattoo artist with a bunch of really bad tattoos?

17. The Phone and the Reward

Image Source: Reddit

I suppose it is nice that this person is offering to return this smartphone at all. The things cost a small fortune, after all. You do not want to have to replace your smartphone. Talk about a pain.

I do not think the person making the offer really grasps the definition of the word “reward”, though. If you are asking people to pay to get their own property back, that is not a reward. That is a somewhat different word.

18. The Nails

Image Source: Reddit

It seems almost cruel that there is a societal expectation that certain people have to paint their nails. It is a lot of work, and that work is easily damaged if one is not incredibly careful.

In this case, it was ruined by a bug, which just makes the whole thing worse. Bugs serve their purposes, of course, but most of them are really irritating to human beings.

The nails are a nice color, though. Too bad some of the work will need to be repeated.

19. The Kid’s Dress and China

Image Source: Reddit

At first glance, this looks like a really nice dress for a little girl. There are a bunch of princesses on it, so you would probably let your kid wear it.

It is only when you really take a look that you realize how disturbing this dress is. Text going on about China’s human rights? I’m guessing the person that bought this little dress did not take a close look at it.

The depictions of the princesses are pretty good, though. You can’t really complain about them.

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