20 Of The Biggest Movie Plot Holes People Spotted And Shared Online

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Moviemakers are only human and despite their best effort, they could still allow room for mistakes. The good part about that is there are fans who love focusing on details most of us likely missed. This is what the list below includes: all the plot holes that it features are either curious or too big to miss. Interstellar, for example, features one: the professionals on board failed to realize that 12 years of signals from the water-covered planet only equaled 30 minutes on its surface, yet they knew about time distortions.

1. Cinderella’s shoe

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Here is one rather good example of a plot hole that was embedded in the story, long before the movie was made. Cinderella’s setup all fell apart when the clock stroke midnight except for the shoe the prince found on the stairs.

2. Thanos’ powers

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This is something we thought about a lot. Thanos decided to end the life of half of all creatures due to limited resources. With a power like that, he could have made it possible for the resources to double.

3. Madagascar’s Alex the Lion

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This is yet another thing they should have thought about before including it in the movie. When Alex received a huge backlash for eating animals, they suggested he eats sashimi instead, as if fish are not animals, too.

4. The aliens in Signs

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There was something about this movie that made us say “hmmm” when we saw it. The aliens had a flow: they melted when they got wet. This makes us wonder why would they have an interest in our planet which is composed of 75% water?

5. The musical

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This is one of the many musicals that seem to have the same plot hole – the people who start singing spontaneously in public. That could never happen in real life, as people would be baffled by such an act and they might even react in a hostile manner, too.

6. The tracks in Snowpiercer

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Now, this is something that was obvious from the very start. The idea of a train that constantly circled around Earth after the end of mankind is absurd because the tracks would be out of order without maintenance.

7. Obi-Wan

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When Obi-Wan Kenobi wanted to hide Luke Skywalker from his dad, he simply gave the child to his uncle and aunt. The kid was left in the same city with the same name, which is not how you would hide him in real life.

8. Liar, liar

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When Jim Carrey’s character defended his client who cheated but still got what she wanted because she lied about her age and that was the turning point in the lawsuit. Still, this would also nullify her marriage and she would get nothing in real life.

9. Spider-Man

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The plot hole in Spider-Man was obvious to many. When Peter Parker took a sample of the symbiote for his professor to examine, he confirmed it was alien but he only told him to not touch it. That would be a whopping discovery for mankind in real life.

10. Jurassic World

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When then genetically created dinosaur escaped the premises, it turned out that nobody saw a thing. This is unlikely, as a 60-foot creature cannot simply vanish. Also, there is no way only a single guard would keep an eye on that creature.

11. Shrek

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This is another moment that got us thinking about it. It appears that one must not expect anything remotely realistic when seeing Shrek but, still, we need to ask how does a donkey mate with a dinosaur? Seems impossible on many levels.

12. Black Panther

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Here is something we never noticed. When T’challa fell into the river, a fisherman from the northern tribe rescued him. There isn’t supposed to be a fisherman in that tribe, as they are vegetarians and they are so isolated they don’t trade.

13. R2-D2

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We all know that tech gadgets become obsolete not long after they are released which brings us to this plot hole. There is a 50-year timespan throughout the Star Wars movies and technology obviously changes but R2-D2 always remained the same – compatible as ever.

14. Star Wars

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This is another example of a huge plot hole in an epic movie such as Star Wars. The saga is known for the amazing technological advances but it seems that every character can plug into any system and enter every place possible – there are no firewalls, no security, nothing.

15. The Parent Trap

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Movie plots do not get more absurd than this one. Imagine the parents of twin kids deciding to separate and take one kid each. This is impossible in real life and although we are talking about a movie, it is just a big no-no to us.

16. Toy Story

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Buzz Lightyear is the one toy that is supposed to think he is a real person and not a toy. Still, when all other toys pretend to be motionless when Andy is around, Buzz does the same. He should think Andy is a giant or something like that.

17. The Iron Fleet

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There seems to be no doubt about the peculiar rush for a particular season finale when Daenerys Targaryen simply forgot the Iron Fleet exists. That was a huge plot hole that we did not understand.

18. Supernatural

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There seems to be one tiny detail that many viewers have missed when watching Supernatural. In one of the episodes we understood how negatively demons react to the word “Christo” but they never use that in their favor.

19. Voldemort

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Here is one of the things about Harry Potter movies that we consider to be plot holes. Voldemort made everything to make sure Harry wins the Wizarding World Cup thing and touch the port key. He could have easily deceived him to do it.

20. 1917

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We guess that this movie features the kind of scenes that most movies have – the ones where soldiers run and only duck or take cover. In reality, it would not happen like that. It will be quite different

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