20 People Who Definitely Had Worse Day Than You

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Image Source: Reddit

Everyone has a bad day once in a while. Even people who are extremely wealthy, connected, and powerful have bad days. A bad cold can result in several bad days. Once in a while, you eat a meal that really does not agree with you. It happens. Life can be truly wonderful, but it can also be absolutely terrible. That’s just the way things have always been and probably always will be. You should enjoy the good days, certainly, but there is no shame in admitting you are having a bad day. You can’t always control what happens in your life.

Here are twenty examples of people who are definitely having a really bad day.

1. The One With the Truck

Come with me! from r/BetterEveryLoop

It is bad enough when you are driving and end up getting hit by another vehicle, especially when you have not been doing anything wrong. To be dragged away by a truck? That is definitely one of the worst things that can happen to a driver. That car is going to need a lot of work.

The person who was driving that vehicle was having a very bad day.

2. The One With the Eyebrow

Trying to joke shave her eyebrow by holding the razor backwards

Eyebrow maintenance is a bigger pain than a lot of us really want to admit. Even men—especially after the age of 30 or so—need to spend time on their eyebrows. If you do not maintain them, you end up looking terrible.

There is nothing attractive about eyebrows that are way too bushy.

They are not the easiest things in the world to take care of, though. Plucking your eyebrows is painful. Regardless of how you try to take care of them, mistakes can easily be made. The young woman in this video definitely made a big mistake. She appears horrified, and she probably should. She does not look too good at the end of the short video.

I understand, of course, that she was trying to “do it for the vine”; however, I bet she really regrets that particular decision. She had a really bad day.

3. The One With the Flooded Office

Just another day at the office

Whoever owns or manages this office, upon learning of what happened, definitely had a bad day. People tend to worry about fires destroying their property, but water damage can also be extremely expensive. Those computers will never recover. Let’s hope the building was properly insured. Not all insurance policies cover water damage, unfortunately.

4. The One With the Watermelon

Image Source: Reddit

Growing your own fruits and vegetables can be a lot of fun, and produce tends to be more enjoyable when you actually grow it yourself.

However, growing bad produce is definitely not fun. That is exactly what happened here, apparently. This watermelon is completely inedible. That is not anything that anyone wants to eat. It looks disgusting.

In general, though, watermelon is delicious. The plant originated in Africa, and people have been enjoying it for at least four thousand years.

Nowadays, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy seedless watermelons. They were first developed back in 1939 by scientists from Japan. They have become very popular in the 21st century, and now most watermelons sold in the United States are seedless.

5. The One With the Cereal

Image Source: Imgur

People enjoy cereal, and people enjoy eating that cereal wherever they happen to be. Unfortunately, accidents happen. You definitely do not want cereal and milk all over any surface, and you definitely do not want it near electronics. The person who was just trying to enjoy a bowl of cereal is definitely having a bad day. Hopefully, nothing too expensive got damaged.

6. The Employee That Is Trapped

Image Source: Imgur

Unless you have a really cool job—which most people do not—you want to leave work at the end of your shift.

Sadly, the owner of this vehicle is unable to do so as a result of the trolley situation. He or she would need to pay a small fortune to free the vehicle. I suppose the employee might have been able to walk home from his or her place of employment, and I hope that was the case; however, no one really enjoys having to leave their personal vehicle in a mostly empty parking garage overnight. That is not a fun experience. The poor employee was definitely having a bad day.

7. The Employees and the Eggs

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people hate their jobs. Even the best days on the job can be boring and dreary. There is a reason most people look forward to their days off.

You are definitely having a bad day when accidents happen at work. In this case, the accident was a disgusting one. The smell must have been awful. Even if the whole mess was properly cleaned, it probably smelled bad for days to come.

Also, that’s a lot of wasted merchandise. The owner of the business lost quite a bit of money. That owner was also having a bad day.

8. The Guy and the Birds

Image Source: Reddit

Almost everyone enjoys a nice day at the beach. However, few people enjoy having birds poop on them. There are probably people out there that do enjoy it—people can be really weird—but those are the sort of people who I do not want to meet.

The guy in this image was having a bad day. There is a good chance he won’t go back to the beach for a very long time. I can’t blame him. That is disgusting. I think it is fair to say that bird poop is gross.

9. The One With the Pizza

Image Source: Imgur

I think it was fair to say that this slice of pizza was ruined by the pepper flakes, and ruined pizza is always tragic.

Sadly, the right amount of pepper flakes would have made the pizza even more delicious. There is a reason crushed red pepper shakers are often found on restaurant tables—especially pizza restaurants. Crushed red pepper, which probably originated in Macedonia, is also a very popular ingredient in spaghetti sauces, pickling blends, and soups.

10. The One With the Burgers

Image Source: Instagram

It is hard to say who is having the most terrible day in this situation. On the one hand, the employees have to clean up the mess. On the other hand, the owner of this establishment has to replace all of the burgers. That can’t be cheap.

In theory, the employees could just pretend the little accident did not actually happen; that would be gross, though. I would not want to eat at that restaurant.

One of the employees appears to be laughing at the situation, so I am guessing the whole thing isn’t that big of a deal.

11. The Accident With the Scooter

Image Source: Reddit

Scooters are fun. Even if you are an adult with a mortgage and children of your own, it can be fun to embrace your inner child and ride one around town.

You know what’s not fun, though? Falling off of a scooter. In particular, it is not fun to fall into wet cement. That is just embarrassing.

This scene looks like it could have been extremely painful. Let’s just hope that the person riding the scooter did not break any bones.

12. The Guy and the Paint

Image Source: Imgur

The paint job—most of it anyway—appears to be pretty good. I like the color.

The painter, however, is likely trapped for at least an hour or two. He was not thinking ahead, apparently. I hope, for his sake, it did not start raining after this picture was taken. That would really add insult to injury.

13. The Guy That Fell Asleep in the Chair

A little nap during his break

This video proves that you have to be really careful in regard to where you fall asleep. I’m guessing that there was alcohol involved in this situation, but I really can’t be sure.

I can’t believe the guy managed to fall asleep in such an uncomfortable-looking chair. I can understand falling asleep in a recliner—many of us do that all of the time—but in that thing?

Fortunately, it does not look like he hurt himself at all. He was probably pretty embarrassed, though. He definitely had a bad day.

14. The Accident and the Boat

Hey Smails! My dinghy’s bigger than your whole boat!

People worry a lot about car crashes, and they should. Car accidents cause a lot of deaths every year. People also worry about plane crashes; people probably should not worry so much about the possibility of a plane crash considering how safe air travel is, but falling from the sky is indeed a terrifying thought.

People do not think much about the possibility of boat crashes. That might be because most of us don’t own boats.

Still, boat accidents happen—and they can be deadly. This image proves it.

Fortunately, everyone on the smaller board escaped before the collision occurred, but that was really close. I am assuming that no one drowned.

Can you imagine going out for a nice, leisurely day of fishing and having that happen? That is a bad day.

15. The Snack and the Clothes

TGIF for me

It is bad enough when you spill your snack all over the floor. When you spill it all over yourself, though, and you are at work? That’s a sign you are definitely having a bad day.

The person in this short video probably couldn’t go home and change clothing, which makes the whole situation even worse. Employers generally are not the most considerate when it comes to that sort of thing. Can you imagine how bad the employee smelled at the end of the day?

16. The One With The Fake Outlet


Like it or not, we have all become addicted to our cell phones. It is not healthy, but it is a fact. If you are like most of us, you panic when your phone is about to die. How will you check your email? What will you do when you want to post a picture of your food on social media? Also, once in a while, people actually call you on your phone!

A fake outlet is a hilarious prank; if you are the victim of that prank, though, you are not laughing. You just want to charge your phone. The victim of the prank was definitely having a bad day.

17. The One With the Pizza


When something comes out of an oven, you definitely have to be careful. That object is probably on the warmer side. You likely do not want to touch it. One of the people in this image learned that lesson the hard way.

You kind of have to give him credit for trying to save the pizza, but the fact remains it was a foolish thing to do. He definitely had a bad day.

18. The Car and the Snow


Even if you are a fan of cold weather, you are probably not a huge fan of snow. I will admit that snow can be pretty, and winter sports can be fun. However, having to remove snow from your car is awful. Having to remove snow from the trunk of your car is the worst. You can tell that this guy was not thrilled with the day he was having.

19. The Pepper and the Salad

Image Source: Imgur

We have already discussed how delicious pepper flakes are. However, less is often more. Pepper flakes can really spice up a salad. This salad is ruined. There is nothing that can be done to save it.

20. The Person With the Broken Arms

Image Source: Reddit

The only thing worse than breaking one arm is breaking two arms. If you have broken both of your arms, then you are probably having a very bad day.

In general, hang gliding is a pretty safe sport. People do die as a result; however, it isn’t any more worse than running a marathon or playing football.

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