20 People Who Saw A Statue And Just Had To Take An Epic Photo

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Image Source: Reddit

Most statues and sculptures have an important meaning; they serve as a reminder of historical events and figures of great significance. These artistic creations can be beautiful, cleverly designed and even weird, but they all have something in common – they are a nice addition to any urban landscape, and chances are that if you come across a gorgeous statue, you would definitely take a selfie in front of it.

However, some people see these sculptures as a chance to have some fun, and even take photos of these moments.

1. Beyonce would be so proud of these girls

Image Source: reddit

This is a perfect music video setup, although the middle dancer would hardly move regardless of the beat. These girls seem to be enjoying themselves, and wouldn’t you if you were them?

2. Three is a crowd

Image Source: NEWSitems

Here is a situation that’s a bit controversial. We have no idea if the woman is pretending to be the rightful girlfriend trying to keep the mistress out of the picture, or is it the other way around. We would never know, but the idea behind this setup is great.

3. Spiderman is in trouble

Image Source: thesecret.tv.br

It sure looks like that tall man has a strong grip, and judging by his facial expression, he is determined to finish Spiderman for good. But how did the superhero manage to get caught anyway?

4. This deer got more than a surprise

Image Source: fliup

We have to admit that the person who thought of this was rather creative, especially when you notice that the deer seems to have a very surprised reaction to whatever is going on.

5. Fine acting skills

Image Source: catsmob

This looks like one really complicated sculpture, but the most interesting thing about the photo is the man pretending to be dragged by the other characters.

6. A shameless thief

Image Source: Imgur

This seems to be a truly intimate moment of a man hugging his wife after arriving home or prior to going on a long journey. However, some guy decided to use the scenery and create a hilarious photo as he pretended to steal the man’s suitcase.

7. A real fight scene

Image Source: izifunny

One man immediately saw the chance to show off his karate skills and created a fight scene in which he pretended to be flying in between the two characters. The whole thing looks like a Bollywood movies scene.

8. A casual high-five

Image Source: dumpaday

What you see here is a couple of friends meeting and greeting each other while in a hurry.

9. Free food

Image Source: earthporm

This guy is going to wait for quite some time before a grape falls down in his mouth. The photo is really clever.

10. Personal hygiene is important

Image Source: weknowmemes

This is more like an art installation, but it is still brilliant. It almost looks as if the sculptor intended that end result but forgot to add the razor.

11. Straight out of a movie

Image Source: enews.md

The brave girl from the picture was either kidnapped or saved by the bear, but it was more likely the first scenario. The photo looks really dramatic.

12. The sweetest photo

Image Source: nadlanu

This toddler looks extremely happy about having the chance to practice some dance moves with a tiny statue.

13. The angry mob

Image Source: sowetan live

This photo is one of the best on the list, and the guy pretending to be the victim certainly plays his part great.

14. A really young bully

Image Source: olpictures.ru

The photo must have been taken in a really rough neighborhood, because it seems that the bullies there start operating at an early age.

15. Watch your head

Image Source: turnonnet

Imagine how painful that would be in real life; it could even be fatal for you. But the guy on the photo made things too funny to think about that.

16. An urban Jurassic Park

Image Source: relax.ru

Here is a brave man who is trying to protect his buddies from the vicious dinosaurs.

17. A gentle giant

Image Source: smilepost.ru

At first you could hardly notice, but this is a grown man sitting on that statue’s forearm. This is a great attempt for an optical illusion.

18. Taking a selfie

Image Source: artnaz

We are not sure what is funnier here – the fact that one of the men is using a smartphone or the facial expression of the other one standing behind him.

19. A visualization of divorce

Image Source: leenks

It may not be this funny in real life, but if someone could picture the fight for children custody, it would look something like this.

20. This kid apparently messed up something

Image Source: pressa.tv

Just seeing the kid’s reaction means that he knows he is getting punished for something.

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