20 Pics Showing The Wear And Tear Caused By The Passage Of Time

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If there is one thing that humanity is not able to do, it is to reverse time or at least slow it down. It is virtually impossible and this is why we have accepted that time has no mercy and things eventually fade away. This list shows some curious examples of photos which were able to capture this process and they give us an interesting perspective of the effects the time passed has on our surroundings.

1. This sharpening tool is not mounted on the best possible spot

Image Source: Reddit

As people rotate its lever, they always hit the wall behind it with their knuckles, and years later that particular spot is severely damaged.

2. This concrete column outside a bar turned into a sculpture

Image Source: Porosenka.net

Visitors always used it as support for decades, slowly shaping it into this! You can see that it was just a regular column back in the day. This is amazing!

3. This door has seen better days

Image Source: Wenlc.com

As you can see, the door has probably been opened and closed hundreds of times daily in a span of many decades, and it seems that it was repainted more than once!

4. This hardwood floor has an interesting pattern

Image Source: Imgur

There is a darker section on that hardwood floor and there is a good reason for that! It was coveredĀ  by a rug for sixteen consecutive years and it is clear to see how the rest of floor faded under the sunlight!

5. This stone staircase has seen a lot of feet

Image Source: World-fusigi

We are not sure what kind of stone they used as a building material for this staircase, but it seems that it would serve for many years to come, despite being severely worn down.

6. This is unbelievable

Image Source: Imgur

Seeing a pole covered in advertising materials is not something unusual, but this is something special! It seems that they kept adding new posters without removing the old ones, and they formed a thick layer of paper around the pole!

7. This is so satisfying to see

Image Source: Helionews.ru

Everyone probably thought that this building had a dark facade because it was designed this way, but a crew of industrial cleaners restored its true glory! They removed dirt that piled up for decades!

8. Here is how a teddy bear looks like after years of hugging

Image Source: Onedio.ru

Nothing lasts forever, and even the highest quality toys are eventually worn to be point they need ti be replaced, and the comparison with a new one shows the whopping difference!

9. This is another staircase worth featuring here

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, all the steps are curved, but they were not designed like that. They were slowly reshaped after years of using, and they will continue to serve their purpose!

10. This is an ancient road

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the road is actually well-preserved! It dates from the age of the Roman empire and the fact that a section of it still exists is amazing.

11. These are not rocks

Image Source: Reddit

What you are looking at is a pile of cement bags! They were probably left there a long time ago, because the packaging is gone and they are completely hardened, so they are basically rocks now.

12. This font was not the original one they used for this sign

Image Source: Reddit

The green color is actually a layer of special vinyl. It started fading away and it resulted into this. The sunlight has no mercy and everything exposed to it fades away eventually.

13. This tree removed a tumbstone

Image Source: Reddit

The tree grew exactly over the grave and it took a part of the tumbstone with it, and it remained embedded in the tree’s trunk!

14. This set of knives were used on a regular basis


Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, some of the knives in this set were probably the chef’s favorite ones to use, and they are close be completely worn out.

15. This is a kind of a ghostly image

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that there are shadows on the wall behind every desk, but they are not shadows. These are the spots where students lean on the wall.

16. Here is a coin that could tell more than a few stories

Image Source: Reddit

When compared to a new one, the old coin reveals just how used it is! All the fine details are gone and it is now in half compared to its original thickness!

17. This is a small pumpkin

Image Source: Reddit

Well, at least it used to be one! It was left sitting outside a long time ago, and it eventually turned into this!

18. This is an interesting sculpture

Image Source: ilikr.net

While the concept of this sculpture is nice to see, there is one part of it that is different. You can see that the back of the dog is polished and this was cause by all the people who posed for a photo there and sat or climbed on top of it!

19. The barbershop tiles

Image Source: Reddit

These tiles are a proof that nothing lasts forever and they also show the barber’s range of motion.

20. Here is another pole that collected hundreds of posters

Image Source: Reddit

The pole has been used as an advertising board for many years and it seems they never bothered removing the old ones.

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