20 Strange Things Flight Attendants Saw At Hotels And Decided To Share

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Hotels around the world are different and they’re also offering a variety of packages depending on the price and the rating. Some can only offer bed and breakfast while others have casinos and cinemas. There is, however, a more important aspect of hotels – hygiene and accommodation. It might not be fancy but it must be clean. Some flight attendants shared the hotels they happened to stay at and they saw shocking things.

1. The filth

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There is nothing more refreshing than taking a bath after a long flight. One flight attendant checked in an airport hotel and immediately headed to the bathtub but it was so filthy that they reconsidered their decision.

2. The smoke detector

Image Source: hotelnightmaresNow, this is something that not all people would come up with. Someone noticed that their room in a Nashville hotel had no smoke detector. Well, it obviously used to have one but someone stole it which is absurd.

3. The hairdryer 

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It appears that not every guest uses the bathroom hairdryer because some people have no hair. Still, there are people who use it and therefore it needs cleaning. This one was not clean.

4. The shower

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It is easy to figure out that flight attendants would love to take a shower immediately after checking in their hotel. This person turned the shower on and pieces of dirt immediately came out the drain.

5. The residue 

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A flight attendant just began to explore their hotel room when they realized there was a sticky residue on the wooden floor. It was so sticky their foot got stuck in it. Yuck!

6. The stains

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There seems to be something that most people would agree with if they are asked about the most important aspect of their hotel rooms – the clean sheets. These had blood stains on them.

7. The door

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Some flight attendants have a hard time enjoying their overlay and the person who shared this image is part of that group. As you can see, someone tried to break into this hotel room.

8. The spider 

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Great hygiene is a must when you stay in a hotel but flight attendants can share some pretty horrific stories. This one is a mild example but it counts – one person shared their room with this huge spider;

9. The yucky find

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This is something that came out of someone’s nose but the housekeeping staff obviously didn’t find it necessary to clean it. Imagine walking inside the bathroom of your room to find this.

10. The horrific room

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Now, this is what we call a horrifying hotel room. Not only did this person experienced a dirty bed, but they also saw an even dirtier bathroom and ceilings and walls covered in mold and spiders.

11. The mattress

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You always need to make sure that when you check into a hotel room, the mattress is in good condition and that it is clean. As you can see, one flight attendant’s layout was not a great experience.

12. The fungus

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Buildings located in areas with high humidity are prone to issues related to having mold and fungus inside but they can both be treated in most cases. In the image above we see some fungus that was never treated.

13. The phone

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All surfaces inside a hotel room need cleaning and this includes the equipment and appliances, such as the TV and the phone. It is easy to see that this phone was not as clean as it should have been.

14. The stains

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Well, it doesn’t take that much imagination to figure out something you were not sure about initially. These stains a flight attendant found inside their hotel room were not the most pleasant discovery.

15. The bathroom

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The bathroom you see here is probably one of the worst we have ever seen. Having some quality time and relaxing in the bathtub is obviously impossible in such conditions. We guess this place needs to be shut down.

16. The toilet seat 

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Even the cheapest motel needs to maintain the highest level of hygiene possible. Luxury is not about how clean a place is because cleanliness should always be a part of the package.

17. The ceiling 

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Some of the hotels around the world are old buildings that are frequently renovated but this example here is just plain absurd. This ceiling obviously sufferers from an ongoing leak and that needs to be fixed.

18. The hair

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You might not notice this at first but we are sure you will see it eventually. Yes, there is some human hair left inside this bathroom which immediately leads to the question do they clean this place at all or not.

19. The peephole 

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Well, this is one rather unconventional way for someone to secure their privacy. While we support the idea, we believe that there must have been more appropriate means to achieve the same result.

20. The door frame

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This jammed door was noticed and photographed by a flight attendant that wanted to show the quality of the hotels they are sometimes forced to stay at. Despite the usual high criteria, sometimes these places look like that.

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