20 Times Dogs Fell Asleep In Cute Or Really Awkward Positions

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Image Source: Envato

Everyone who loves dogs or has one or more at home knows that these cuties are able to fall asleep just about anywhere and we kind of envy them for that! We need at least some kind of accommodation in order to have a comfortable rest, but dogs can literally nap in any place. This goes for the sleeping position, too. Canines are far more flexible than us, meaning that they would be comfy and cozy even if we think they are not. The following list will show you how dogs are able to have a good nap in bizarre sleeping positions or at weird locations. The images are all too cute and they are the best thing you could see all day!

1. The paw warmer

Image Source: Tumblr

It seems that this little guy was enjoying the warmth coming from that heater and fell asleep while doing so! As you can see, the doggo still has its paws stretched, and despite it does not seem to be a comfortable place to sleep, the canine is napping in utter bliss, judging by the facial expression.

2. The smiling dog

Image Source: Reddit

A definite indication of happiness is the smile on one’s face. It seems that this cute little doggy is beyond happy. Just looking at that tiny smile definitely means that the dog enjoys both the contact with the human and the nap. Of course, the sleeping position shown here is also typical for humans as well.

3. The most awkward position ever

Image Source: Reddit

No two people are the same when it comes to their favorite sleeping position or other habits. It appears that the same goes for dogs, too. It is clear to see that this dog has chosen a way to nap that is more or less controversial. It does not appear to be a comfy position, but the dog is still sound asleep!

4. The ban

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is one really good way to comply with a certain limitation or a ban. The clever doggo you see was told not to get on the couch and use it as a bed. The dog agreed on those terms, and you can see that everything is as it should be: technically speaking, the dog did not jump on the couch, right?

5. The duo

Image Source: Reddit

Some pets prefer to nap in the company of their owners. We have always thought that dogs prefer resting their eyes only when their favorite human is around, because they feel more secure. As you can see here, this doggo has nothing to worry about! The owner became the cradle for his canine to nap in. and the sunglasses are the finishing touch here!

6. The exhausted dog

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes dogs really need the company of their four-legged siblings. This goes especially for the bigger breeds, as they love to run, jump and fool around for at least a couple of hours daily. It appears this dog spend quite some time at the dog park playing with friends! The cutie looks exhausted but you can see the happiness that is written on that face!

7. The long neck

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, some of the positions dogs can be found sleeping in are more than weird to us humans. We just need to accept that dogs’ bodies are very different and the stretch they are capable of is different as well. In this case, the dog’s really long neck made napping in such a strange position possible.

8. The yoga dog

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that even most bizarre sleeping position possible is still acceptable according to dogs! As you can see, this is one position that no human could sleep in, but this canine looks sound asleep! It is also super cute to see, and if image doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will!

9. The face

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably seen funny dog faces before, but they are probably not as weird as this one! The dog fell asleep while leaning over the steering wheel, and you can see how that looks like from aside! It is really funny to see this big guy sleeping like a puppy.

10. The trio

Image Source: Reddit

What is better than napping with friends? That is right, almost nothing else equals the joy of having quality time with your pals, and that equals naps, too! These dogs look like they are just as relaxed as they could possibly be, but there is also a funny side to the moment captured in this photo. These dogs belong to the neighbor of the person behind the camera, and they apparently loved to come and visit that person.

11. The ultimate relaxation

Image Source: Imgur

It really seems that when it comes to napping, cats and dogs can certainly teach us a thing or two. One of these things is that it takes a certain level of relaxation in order for a nap to be effective. Looking at this image makes us believe that we can never relax if we fall asleep in a similar position.

12. The twist

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there isn’t an ordinary way to caption this image, as it shows something you don’t see every day! Sure enough, dogs love napping in goofy positions, just as we mentioned above, but this one took things to another level. Even an experienced yoga teacher would find it hard to replicate such a pose!

13. The paws

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, this image is all about the cute paws of this dog! As you can see, the pup fell asleep despite the stretch of its back legs, and it almost looks as if it decided to take a nap in the middle of a yoga class. This is definitely one of the cutest images on the list and the napping cutie is enough to make you smile for the rest of the day.

14. The landed puppy

Image Source: Positive Cat

You have probably seen how a big airplane lands, right? It is actually something really graceful to see, and it was the first thing we thought about after we took one look at this image! It appears this puppy glided across the hallway and landed in this position! The dog is super cute and we guess this sleeping position is unique!

15. The stairs

Image Source: Reddit

One thing we know for sure is that dogs are either scared of staircases or they love them so much that they love just being on them for as long as possible. In this case, the dog might look like it tumbled down the stairs but in reality the sleeping spot was chosen deliberately, but not the position! The goofy dog was well worth taking the photo and we are glad we saw it!

16. The reflection

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the images pet owners take of their four-legged friends are worth sharing for multiple reasons. Most of these images are super funny, and the one you see here makes no exception. The dog is sleeping peacefully, but its facial expression makes a totally different impression, while the reflection adds to that effect.

17. The puppy with the belly

Image Source: Instagram

All puppies are cute, but sometimes they fall asleep in positions which can definitely melt everyone’s heart! The image you see is a fine example of that. This adorable little dog fell asleep on its back, and you can see the pink skin on its belly, just waiting to be rubbed! This would be the best stress therapy, and the dog would definitely enjoy it as well!

18. The snoring dog

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that most dogs are able to snore, depending on the way they sleep. Some breeds snore all the time, but an awkward sleeping position is enough to make a dog snore even if it never made such a sound before! No surprise there, as the same goes for people. Of course, humans never sleep in positions like this, and we would really laugh if we happen to see someone actually sleeping like this.

19. The sleeping beggar

Image Source: Reddit

You know how dogs sometimes stand up while begging, right? Well, this one was also able to fall asleep while doing it! Imagine how the owner must have felt after realizing their dog was sleeping in a sitting position! The image is awesome and we have yet to see another one that is even remotely similar to this one.

20. The gravity-defying dog

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes dogs are able to puzzle us with the goofy things they do, but there are moments when they go beyond that. Such a moment was captured in this picture. As you can see, the dog fell asleep in a way which defies the laws of gravity, and that is something you definitely do not see every day! This is by far the most curious image in the whole list, and we are glad that someone shared it for all of us to enjoy!

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