20 Trendy Things From 15 Years Ago That Are Considered Embarrassing Today

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We all know that there are not many things that never go out of fashion. This is not something we made up, as the majority of people are followers, us included. This means that we can merely follow a fashion or a trend until it becomes obsolete. Sometimes, things don’t just stop being trendy; they become embarrassing to the point we start asking ourselves “what were we thinking”. This is what this list is about: it features images of the things we were once proud of but we are embarrassed by today.

1. The iPod mini

Image Source: YouTube

Ah, yes, the good old times when we did a lot of strange things. One of the weirdest was the desire to see a movie on an iPod just because it was possible. Needless to say, enjoying a movie on a screen that was a couple of inches wide was impossible, yet we did it a lot.

2. The photo booth experience

Image Source: OneCountry

Here is another example of what we thought was a fun way to spend the day. We used to hang inside a photo booth for hours and took literally thousands of images that we didn’t need. Those selfies are the kind of thing nobody would do today.

3. The MySpace profiles

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another thing we lost countless hours for. As you can see, this person tweeted an image of their old MySpace profile. We all thought it needs to be perfect despite nobody ever had an interest in it. This is why kids put it a lot of effort in it for nothing.

4. The posts

Image Source: Twitter

This is another funny example of the things we used to do back in the day that would be embarrassing by today’s standards. We all used to post such meaningless things that would never be trendy again.

5. The trucker hats

Image Source: Depop

Here is one item that we hope never goes into fashion. For some reason, trucker hats were a thing and we really saw them a lot back in the day. Fifteen years later, they are not a trendy accessory anymore.

6. The apps

Image Source: Catracalivre

Chances are you probably recall this trend. Beer or wine drinking apps were really popular and people always showed them off to those who still had their old flip phones. We love the fact nobody uses these apps anymore.

7. The BrickBreaker

Image Source: YouTube

BlackBerry users always used to defend this game and they also bragged about how good they were at it. This is one of those very popular games that people could hardly remember today.

8. The jokes

Image Source: Pinterest

Well, no every type of joke was hilarious to all of us but every Chuck Norris joke was a great one back in the day. We never talk about these jokes anymore but they were extremely popular back in the day.

9. The texting type

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another example of how we used to behave on social media 10 or 15 years ago. It appears that most people used to do it, us included. We remember it like it was yesterday and we wish we didn’t.

10. The shoes

Image Source: Twitter

There are many things we are not proud of and wearing similar shoes to these here is one of those things. We look at them now and we wonder how could someone like that design?

11. The style

Image Source: YouTube

This is how many people used to show they were cool, or at least they tried doing so. This image shows Nelly wearing a visor upside down and that was many different people’s style. We hope it never goes back into fashion.

12. The gloves

Image Source: Imgur

Well, these are not exactly gloves but there is no other way of calling these accessories. Most of you may recall these being as trendy as possible. Looking at them now makes us chuckle and you understand why.

13. The pants

Image Source: Imgur

Since we mentioned these gloves, we need to show these pants, too. You can probably remember how fashionable these were and we can’t think of a reason why that happened. We think these are hilarious.

14. The IMac

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one thing that was considered a tech marvel fifteen years ago. We believe that people who owned one of these believed they were kind of innovators. In reality, they had to use Limewire instead of Napster.

15. The CD holder

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how we used to stack CDs back in the day. Wow, we just remembered the last time we used a CD – it was a couple of years ago. Things change and this rack looks insane to us from today’s perspective.

16. The ringtones

Image Source: Iskysoft

All of us used to spend countless hours to source the best possible mobile phone ringtone. We gave our best effort for a tune that we only heard for about five seconds.

17. The Zune

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is something that brings back memories. We really don’t remember the last time we fiddled with one of these. As you can see, this person was happy to find his unit but we don’t miss this device at all.

18. The memory

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of those bittersweet memories from the dawn of the new millennia that we actually cherish. Sure enough, the way of living has changed a lot since then but we had a good time back then.

19. The pictures

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one of the most common things we used to do more than a decade ago. Taking pictures like this one was a daily activity and we can’t remember the exact reason why we did this.

20. The lyrics

Image Source: Twitter

This trend was a huge thing back in the day but we guess that it was also kind of sad. Trying to stand out from the crowd and express yourself in such a way now seems to be a desperate move but we have social media for that.

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