21 Images Proving That Kids’ Logic Can Not Be Always Understood


Kids are adorable in many was but our favorite one has got to be the way they react and accept their surrounding. We admire them for not being brainwashed like most adults are when it comes to almost everything. They are pure and free to see the world differently, and we wish we could keep that as we grow up. Some of us actually do it, but most of us don’t. If you don’t have kids, chances are that you are not entirely familiar with their logic, and the list below will shine some light on that!

1. This is technically correct

Image Source: Imgur

You really need to be specific about the things you say to your kid. It might make perfect sense to you but they can accept it differently and this is what happened here. This mother told her child the same thing any parent would in a similar situation, and the kid followed her advice in a literal way! It is hilarious to see this!

2. This is something that cannot be explained

Image Source: Twitter

Kids can grow really attached to the most ridiculous things, despite having tons of toys and gadgets to play with. They cannot explain why they get so attached! They simply feel it as a need and they go with the flow. As you can see, this toddler neglected her toys and replaced them with a peanut jar.

3. This is not the correct way to train a dog

Image Source: Reddit

This cute kid wanted to take care of a very important job – raising the family dog! We admire that a lot, but there is also something that the parents had to here. The typical learning process we are used to is not something animals use, as well! You literally need to train the dog instead of showing it YouTube videos!

4. Here is a sweet little princess that wanted to return the favor

Image Source: Twitter

The woman you see in the lower right corner was able to put some really heavy makeup on her niece’s face and we guess it looks great, but when she decided to let her return the favor, the end result was nothing short of s fail. The kid put in a lot of effort but she had no idea what she had to do.

5. The important things in live include being proud of yourself

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see, it does not take much for a person to be happy with their results, as long as they know how hard it is for them to pull it off. This cute boy decided to redecorate ht a kitchen and he succeeded at it. His parents should hive him some kind of prize, we guess.

6. The young generation never seizes to amaze us

Image Source: Reddit

People can draw inspiration from just about everything, and this is especially true when it comes to kids! They see something and they immediately start thinking of ways they could interpret it! This example shows exactly what we mean!

7. Some kids are overprotective of their personal belongings

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the boy who happened to own this poof had just about enough of other people using it! You could not expect such a solution to this problem from an adult, because adults know that it would seem weird, but they boy could not care less!

8. Kids cannot appreciate art the way grown-ups do

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, this is perfectly normal, and you can expect them grow fond of certain works of art only after they gather enough life experience. Until that time comes, kids just accept works of art as mere paintings and sculptures with no meaning behind them.

9. This is one witty present

Image Source: Reddit

When we say that kids’ logic is different and in most of the times hard to understand, we don’t necessarily mean that they are dumb. It is actually the opposite – children can come up with amazing ideas, and this ironic gift a parent received from their kid is an amazing example!

10. We could even learn some tricks from kids

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that the fact kids have little to no real life experience apart from going to school and playing games with their friends, they could still teach us a thing or two! For example, this girl was able to come up an easy solution to taking care of the newest member of the family while minding her own business!

11. This is just what kids do

Image Source: Twitter

One of the main things any future parent needs to know in advance is the simple fact that a child is able to find amusement in just about anything, even if it seems kind of absurd. The caption of this toilet paper roll photo is the perfect way for us to explain what we mean.

12. This is kind of disturbing, to be honest

Image Source: Twitter

Seeing this really made us wonder about the way this kid accepts some things. We hope his parents are able to keep him on the right track!

13. This girl knows what she wants

Image Source: Reddit

Even if you are just ten years old, you could still be well aware of what you really want in life, and this girl knows her game!

14. Do not trust a kid to feed animals

Image Source: Reddit

Toddlers have a different concept about food. They don’t know what it takes to be prepared, so they are literally unable to feed an animal the proper way.

15. This is a genius idea

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, the logic children have can work in their favor and this is what happened here! This is a life hack that we would gladly use!

16. This kid is going places

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that this kid found a working solution about his hot slice of pizza, and it might seem to be odd, but as long as it works, it is fine with us.

17. This little girl knew she would get all the attention at the zoo

Image Source: Reddit

This was probably the reason why she insisted she would wear her banana costume. The chimp behind her is in awe!

18. Here is another smart kid

Image Source: Reddit

He was forbidden from stepping outside of the house, and he is technically still inside! This kid should really go to law school!

19. This kid had a simple request

Image Source: Twitter

Photographing your kid with a simple potato in the middle of the store is just one of the perks of being a parent, we guess!

20. This is nothing but hilarious 

Image Source: Facebook

Kids can throw a temper tantrum for just about everything, and you can see that it happened here, too!

21. Talking about temper tantrums 

Image Source: Twitter

We have to admin, this is a good one here.

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