21 People Who Definitely Had A Way Worse Day Than You

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Have you ever felt as if everything was against you and your day leads to a bigger disaster with every step of the way? Well, we believe that every person has had at least a few such days in their lifetime, and this is only natural because it is not always sunshine and rainbows! In fact, when you experience such a day, you should not worry that much because it could always be worse. If you think you face tough challenges, then you need to see what some people had to put up with! The list below will show you what some individuals had to go through!

1. Kitchen disasters are the worst kind

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Nobody would be glad to clean up a messy kitchen, but in certain cases things end up in something far more serious than a simple mess! As you can see, these kitchen cabinets failed to support the weight of everything that was inside them, and the rest is history!


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This is the last thing a person would like to see upon entering a cave! In this case, the bear does not seem to be too happy about the encounter, either! Seeing this scene made us think about the exact feeling the person must have felt!

3.This is what we call tough luck

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It appears that sometimes you are just not where you are supposed to be, and this person knows how that feels! Perhaps nobody in this group expected to be exposed to sprinklers, and one person in particular happened to be sitting directly in its way, which resulted in an unexpected cold shower!

4.This is a real life nightmare

Image Source: Fishki.net

They say that travelling by plane is the safest possible way to reach a certain destination, but this is nothing but statistics, of course! It is not that safe, because in case of an emergency you cannot just pull over and stop! A passenger took this photo and you can bet that they felt intimidated while seeing it!

5.This SUV is not going anywhere

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What are the chances of this happening? They are pretty slim, right? Well, it happened anyway, but this is the opposite of luck! The owner of this vehicle was not happy about it for sure, but they have an interesting story to tell, at least! It is not something that happened to many people.

6.This looks like a super messy job

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Now this is something that literally made us cringe, and chances are that you thought ‘yuck’, too! This poor soldier is struggling with what appears to be one of the dirtiest possible jobs! Seeing it made us think that sometimes it is just not worth the effort!

7.This laptop suffered the most unusual kind of damage

Image Source: Kakzachem.ru

We all use personal computers and this is something quite ordinary! Everybody carries a laptop or a tablet regardless if they need it for work or pleasure! Of course, these gadgets often suffer some kind of damage. The kinds of damage that are most popular are the result of dropping or pouring liquid over the machines, but you can see that this person was able to damage their laptop in a whole new way!

8.Doing the laundry is sometimes harder than usual

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It appears that sometimes a seemingly simple task is prone to cause a lot of trouble. If you think that everyone could do the laundry by simply switching on the laundry machine, then you would be wrong, and this photo is the proof! It appears that this person got the proportions wrong and put more detergent than he should have put in! Of course, the mess that had to be cleans was surely a huge one.

9.This is not the right way to commute

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People make mistakes all the time and they often result in peculiar situations. This photo shows exactly that kind of situation! This poor woman was probably in a hurry to get on the bust, or maybe she attempted to step out at the wrong stop and she quickly rushed back inside as the doors closed. We hope she was okay in the end of the route!

10.Food disasters are the worst

Image Source: Modobreak.com

We guess that some people have what it takes to put up with moments like the one shown here, but we are not among those people. We would be extremely disappointed and frustrated if we happen to receive a pizza looking like this! Food disasters are annoying and we always make sure to never experience them!

11.This is the reason we avoid extreme rides

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Amusement parks are all fun and games until something like this happens! If you are afraid of heights, this ride is definitely not for you! Even if you try to overcome that fear, you are better off choosing something less extreme! These people were probably not happy with this situation!

12.The result of your hard work is sometimes ruined in seconds

Image Source: Wykop.pl

Nothing compares to the frustration of having the result of your hard work destroyed because of someone’s clumsiness! We guess that this is not something that cannot be redone, but it is also not a pleasant experience! Hard labor needs to be respected and appreciated!

13.This is how an invasion looks like

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We guess that this driver would not be getting anywhere soon! The small Fiat 500 is literally covered in bees and this is definitely the last thing the owner of the car probably expected to see! The situation is delicate because it requires a professional exterminator in order to be resolved!

14.Here is something that cannot be undone

Image Source: Theultralinx.com

In some cases, the mistakes people make cannot be undone, because they resulted in a devastating situation like the one shown here! This driver probably had to make an emergency stop, and the cans of paint in the back made a huge mess! Either the interior needs to be changed or its owner would need to scrap it!

15.This is definitely a catastrophic malfunction

Image Source: Funnyjunk.com

We should a failed laundry attempt earlier, but it appears that it can be a lot worse than just soapy water leak! We don’t know what went wrong here, but it was most likely a short circuit in the electrical system the washing machine! We hope they extinguished the fire with no issues at all!

16.Disasters do not get much bigger than this one

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If this happens to you, we suggest that you call it a day! This is definitely a sign that the person who experienced it was out of luck that day. Working in an egg warehouse is related to a lot of damage, we guess, because eggs as super fragile, but in this case, a worker was misfortunate enough to break thousands of eggs in one go!

17.This is a different kind of food-related disappointment

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We already mentioned that the worst kind of frustration is the one you get after problems related to food, but this situation is just a bit different. The person who took the photo patiently waited in line but for some weird reason his waiting number was never shown on the screens!

18.You should never forget to put the blender top on when using it, or else

Image Source: Imgur

It is not a secret that blenders are the preferred kitchen gadgets when it comes to preparing breakfast! However, as simple as they are, there are also a few basic rules you must follow! The main one is simple: always put the lid on top before pressing the button, otherwise the mess is guaranteed!

19.Camping is not only fun and games

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Sure enough, going camping with friends is always an amazing experience, but you need to expect the unexpected when you are exposed to the mercy of nature! The strong winds lifted that tend high in the air and people have almost nothing to do but to hope for the best.

20.It seems that a certain dog is not this person’s friend

Image Source: Wykop.pl

Man’s best friend is not acting up to that name sometimes. This person experienced the encounter with a certain dog that wanted to make a statement and it did, actually! Of course, it was not a pleasant one!

21.We know this feels

Image Source: ldblog.jp

Imagine the following situation: you pause your work and you go to the kitchen to prepare a tasty sandwich, and as soon as you come back, you drop on the laptop keyboard! This is just not fair but it happens!

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