21 Years Old Russian Cosplay Girl Transforms Into Characters We All Admire

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In case you are not familiar with cosplay, it involves putting on costumes to play well-known characters. It is basically role-playing, except not on stage. There are conventions and such devoted to cosplay, and a lot of people do so at festivals and other events.

I may have oversimplified cosplay a bit, but that’s basically all you need to know for this story. There’s a 21-year-old woman who is excellent at cosplay. Her name is Ksenia Perova, and she’s been doing it since 2014. She is from Russia.

There’s also a woman named Ksenia Perova who is an archer. She is also from Russia. She competed in the Olympics in 2012 and 2016.

I think cosplay would actually be a lot of fun, but I have never tried it. I don’t really look like anything or anyone. When I was a kid I dressed up as “Inspector Gadget” for Halloween, and that was a good time. If I recall, not many people knew who I was.

Anyway, Ksenia Perova is very talented and also quite popular. Here are seven interesting examples of her work.

1. Mulan

Image Source: Instagram

From what I understand, “Mulan” is sort of underrated as a film. It won an Academy Award, true, but few think about it when they think about Disney’s classic animated movies. Also, it is really hard to believe it is 20 years old, but it is true. The film came out in 1998. They’re also going to make a live-action version of the movie. That should come out in 2020.

I had completely forgotten that Eddie Murphy was in the movie. That guy has had quite the career. I really enjoy his old skits from “Saturday Night Live”. I didn’t watch them when they originally aired, of course, but my parents did; they told me to check them out. That’s hilarious stuff. Once upon a time, that show was actually funny. I tried watching it the other week and couldn’t get through ten minutes. I ended up putting on an episode of “Cheers” from 1986. A 32-year-old episode of a show about a bar is funnier than modern SNL. They should probably hire new writers.

It is kind impressive that Ksenia was able to pull this off considering she isn’t technically Chinese.

2. Kim Possible

Image Source: Instagram

Ksenia did another great job here. Nobody’s waist could be as tiny as the animated Kim Possible, and I sort of want to rant about how the show is setting young women up to develop eating disorders, but I won’t. Anyway, Ksenia looks gorgeous and really pulls the look off. Good for her!
In case you’re not familiar, “Kim Possible” is a show about a high school student who fights crime. It aired from 2002 to 2007—so it obviously had its fair share of fans.

It kind of sounds to me like an animated version of “Veronica Mars”, which was one of my favorite shows. It was also about a crime-fighter (sort of) in high school. The fact that they’re making another season is one of the few reasons I’m excited to be alive. I am also excited they’re making a “Breaking Bad” movie, of course, but it is mostly just “Veronica Mars” that keeps me going. I just can’t believe they’re making another season. I liked the movie a lot, but I thought that was the end. It is the franchise that just refuses to go away, and I am very happy about that.

Speaking of shows I would like to see brought back, I would love another season of “Cheers”. If any studio executives are reading this, I have ideas—call me! What I find fascinating about “Cheers”, frankly, is that all of the important actors are still alive. I love George Wendt, but he was a heavy-set beer drinker back in the 1980s. He is now 70. Anyway, I would watch a show just about Norm and Cliff, and I think most people would! If anyone knows executives at NBC, let them know I have an idea for that show too! I am free pretty much all of the time.

3. Wednesday Addams

Image Source: Instagram

First of all—how great were “The Addams Family” movies? Christina Ricci did such a great job playing Wednesday. I can’t think of a single movie she was in that wasn’t at least “pretty good”. If I hear she is in a movie, I’ll definitely check it out. I really liked her portrayal of “Lizzie Borden”. She was perfect for that part. If you can watch that movie and the series that followed, I recommend doing so; it first aired on Lifetime, which is weird, but the movie and series are both solid.

The guy who plays Mike on “Better Call Saul” is in the series, which is another point in its favor. That guy was also a character on “Community”. He’s had an interesting career! I also recommend “Community”; I’m still holding out hope that there’ll be a movie. It lasted six seasons!

Anyway, it is hard to believe the little girl from “The Addams Family” is now 38; she also has a kid.

Time really does fly.

4. Mavis From Hotel Transylvania

Image Source: Instagram

This is more impressive work from Ksenia Perova; she really nailed this one. I actually didn’t see the first “Hotel Transylvania” until last year—but it was great! I love the idea of a hotel for monsters. That’s good stuff.

Naturally, when I think of vampires, I think of “Buffy”. I fondly remember watching the series finale of that show and thinking how stupid it was. There just so many plot inconsistencies. I couldn’t stand it! Also, one of my favorite characters failed to survive the final battle.

The finale to the spinoff “Angel” was equally frustrating. I understand the artistic point creator Joss Whedon was trying to make; I still think it sucked.

For all my complaining, I liked “Buffy” a lot. I can’t believe they’re making a reboot—it seems so unnecessary.

By the way, if you liked “Buffy”, you should definitely check out “iZombie”—if you haven’t done so already. It is about a medical student who becomes a zombie and solves crime. It is a lot better than it sounds, so give it a watch.

5. Belle

Image Source: Instagram

She looks adorable in this image. I might be biased, though, as the animated version of “Beauty and the Beast” is one of my favorite movies. There’s just a charm there that can’t be described in words. If you dislike that movie, you do not have a heart.

However, I was not at all a fan of the live-action remake of the movie; I refused to go see it in the theaters. It was available on Netflix, though, and I had nothing to watch, so I checked it out. It wasn’t bad, per se; it was just unnecessary. There was nothing wrong with the original. Why are people constantly trying to improve on perfection?

I do like new seasons of old shows. That is a completely different thing than remaking a movie. I like seeing beloved characters in new settings. As I mentioned, if Norm from “Cheers” appeared in a new show, I would literally pee myself because I would be so excited. I do not, however, want anyone to even consider remaking “Cheers” for the ‘new generation’. If they want to make another season using the original actors and set, then I wholeheartedly encourage them to do so. If they want to do so with a new cast and new set, I say “no”. You shouldn’t mess with classics, and that seems to be what Hollywood is doing these days.

That said, sometimes you should leave a show alone. For example, they put forth another episode of “Murphy Brown”. Frankly, I find it unwatchable. They’re constantly trying to make political points, which is fine, but they forgot they were also supposed to be funny, which they are not. There are maybe two good jokes an episode. Regular readers of my work may disagree—and probably will—but I think even I could do better.

Anyway, Ksenia Perova did a great job here. In fact, she looks more like the animated Belle than the actress who starred in the live-action remake of the movie.

6. “Gravity Falls” and Wendy

Image Source: Instagram

You might not be familiar with “Gravity Falls”; if you are not, I will sum it up for you. It is on the Disney Channel; it is about kids on their summer holiday visiting their uncle in a small town. There are a lot of supernatural mysteries going on in the town. It is actually pretty good. It is funnier than you might think, and you might consider checking it out.

One of the stars is Jason Ritter, who is the son of John Ritter. John is known, of course, for the classic sitcom “Three’s Company”. The show was something of a farce, but it was definitely a popular one. It aired from 1977 to 1983.

John Ritter also starred on a sitcom called “8 Simple Rules”, which did pretty well at first. Sadly, Ritter perished during the second season of the show; during a rehearsal, he ended up having to go to the hospital. People thought he was having a heart attack. Sadly, however, the situation was a lot more serious.

John Ritter was also in many movies. For example, he was in “Problem Child” and its sequel. He was also in an episode of “Buffy”, as well as “Bride of Chucky”, which is a sequel to the “Child Play” movies. He played the police chief.

That was, in my opinion, a pretty decent movie. It was extremely campy, but it also wasn’t trying to win any awards. It was also a lot different from the first three movies in the series. What’s strange about the “Child’s Play” movies is that the series has been entertaining and scaring people for thirty years now—and every single movie is recognized as part of the overall storyline. If you’re not familiar, “Child’s Play” is all about an evil doll. The most recent movie featured the actor who portrayed the protagonist of the first movie. He did a pretty decent job. It is so rare to get a job when you are eight and still make money off of it thirty years later. From what I understand, he will be in the television series that is being produced. I can’t even begin to explain what happened in the final moments of the movie that was recently released. It was campy, but it was also scary.

I actually once met the actor that played Andy Barclay at one of those horror movie conventions. He was a pretty nice guy. His name is Alex Vincent, and he is currently 37 years old. In addition to being an actor, he is a sound engineer.

7. Daria

Image Source: Instagram

You might not be familiar with “Daria”. It was a big deal back in its day, though. It ran from 1997 to 2002. There will likely be a reboot, which is exciting. I have no idea what the reboot will be about.
The show was about a teenage girl who was a bit of a jaded misanthrope, which are traits to which many of us can relate.

The main character was played by Tracy Grandstaff, who is also a writer and production assistant. It is unclear if she will reprise her role as “Daria”.

Regardless, Ksenia Perova did a great job and was clearly a big fan of the show.

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