22 Features And Hacks About Common Things Most People Have No Clue About

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We sometimes use this or that in ways we think are correct but we can easily be surprised by features of common things that we never suspected before. In this list, we would probably make some people wonder about not knowing some of the curious features and hacks it contains. We guess that it can be useful, too, and it is definitely worth sharing.

1. The potato peeler

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We all use this tool for peeling potatoes and cucumbers but what never occurs to us is that it can be used as a cheese grater as well. Having thin strips of cheese would be easy using this tool

2. The drawer

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Most people use the drawer under their stove to store Tupperware or they don’t use it at all but there is a function we all neglect. It is meant to be used as a place to keep food warm after cooking it.

3. The sponges

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This is not a hidden feature but rather a scenario in which the main function is obsolete. As we all know, sponges need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent them from spreading bacteria.

4. The lock

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It seems that the padlocks we use have a hidden feature – a hole on their bottom. When the device becomes rusty, you can add oil to the mechanism through this lock.

5. The peanut butter

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Tired of having to mix the oil back when opening a jar of peanut butter? Then all you need to do is store it in the jar upside down and when you open it, it will mix itself.

6. The plunger

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Plungers are a fairly common household item that we need from time to time. Still. plungers are different and you need to understand the differences between them. Flat ones are for sinks only.

7. The blender

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Even if you use a blender daily, you might still be using it wrong. Most people pour the liquid last but this is a mistake. You should add the solid items last because they will be blended more easily.

8. The staple remover

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Keyrings are hard to work with because removing a key is sometimes equal to damaging your health. We guess that the staple remover is the ultimate solution to this problem.

9. The microwave

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There are almost no secrets about using a microwave because it is plain and simple, actually. Still, there are hacks you can use – a second plate put over a cup to fit on the platters is such an example.

10. The banana

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Now, this is one rather simple hack that most people would surely find to be interesting. Instead of peeling a banana from the top, use monkeys’ way – peel them starting from the bottom.

11. The bottle

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There is always something new you could learn and this is the moment you can find out how to add a simple feature to the bottle for it to chill faster. Wrap it with paper and the magic is done.

12. The lash tab

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Many people have probably wondered what the rhomboid part of these backpacks was. The so-called lash tab is used for attaching different accessories and features to the backpack.

13. The tinfoil 

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We guess that those who have used cooking tinfoil would also be surprised to discover that there is a feature on the box that allows the roll to be secured and this makes it easier to unfold.

14. The mouse

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We guess that this is one of the coolest tricks we have ever seen. To avoid retyping your password after you step away from your computer, put the mouse over an analog watch.

15. The coat hangers

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Only a few people are probably aware of the cool feature wooden coat hangers have. We guess that they are the better choice because the special wood used to make them repels moths and other critters.

16. The loops

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Shopping carts have a neat feature that we were not aware of until recently. We guess that everyone should know that these loops were meant to hang shopping bags on them.

17. The toothbrush

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Image Source: Pixabay

The bottom picture shows how commercials suggest you should put toothpaste on your brush but you really need only a small quantity, such as the one shown in the top image.

18. The Tic Tacs

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This might appear to be an easy task but the box design makes it easier. The lid design is made to serve you a tic tac if you flip it on the side and open it.

19. The gauge

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Most cars have a feature that will make your life easier when you pull up at a gas station next time. There is an arrow next to the fuel column indication that shows the side where the reservoir cap is.

20. The milk carton

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This is something simple but you will probably love it. Pouring milk or juice from the carton is easier done this way, as it allows less liquid to pour out and avoid splashing.

21. The rearview mirror

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Here is something that some of you are probably aware of. This little lever on the rearview mirror in some cars is meant to flip it at a different angle in case you are blinded by lights behind you.

22. The cream

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The container you see here holds information on its back – the small icon and the marking above it show you how long the product will last after opening.

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