22 Hilarious Situations That Will Make You Wonder How They Actually Happened

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We see a lot of things online and some of them are so ridiculous that we might actually feel like we’ve seen everything. Truth is, we couldn’t be more wrong. You can take a look at our list which consists of situations that will take some time to understand.

1. Every song is a favorite one when you’re drunk

Image Source: Twitter

All hilarious drunk texts are basically small gems and this is the reason why we begin our list with this one. Drunk-texting is a dangerous habit, because you never know what mess you might create, which is why there is probably nothing more delightful than waking up the next morning and going through all of your texts from last night and finding out you did not send something you would later regret. Sometimes it is pretty hard to understand what happened exactly, because these texts usually are full of typos, autocorrect and strange choice of emojis, but in this case it is all about the misunderstanding that occurred. Either the brother is a big fan of Khalid or was drunk to the point where nothing makes sense anymore.

2. Dogs will be dogs

Image Source: Pinterest

It is a typical dog thing to get stuck in weird places, which mostly happens because of curiosity. Luckily, in most of these times dog owners have a smartphone to capture such moments. And luckily for the rest of us, they are generous enough to share the pictures. We are pretty sure that every dog owner has a whole list of hilarious things they have seen their dog do. This little husky appears to be proud of itself and its ability to go up there!

3. The birthday cake

Image Source: Cookist

There is nothing better than homemade food, but there are some special moments in life when we should definitely leave it to the professionals. This is especially true when it comes to making a cake for a child’s birthday party. We know that Internet is to blame for most cake fails, because it makes everything look so easy-breezy. But remember one thing – baking is a hard task and it is not for everyone. We are sure you do not want to disappoint your kid and ruin the birthday party, so make sure that the cake you choose won’t make the “Cake fails” list. Plus, if you have ever tried it at least once yourself, you should know how much time and effort it takes – from making it look good to making to taste good. If you want to have both, just leave it to the bakers, for the birthday party’s sake.

4. We have all been there

Image Source: Twitter

Of course, all of this was probably made just for the picture, because you can easily copy every letter or symbol you need from internet, but it is still very funny. It just shows how every machine literally senses when you are in a hurry and starts giving you a hard time in the worst possible moment. As if having a research paper due isn’t stressful enough!

5. The orange cat

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Fox encounters are not an everyday thing for most people, but we think you should at least know how a situation like that looks like. This person had no idea what the creature wandering around actually was. Mistaking a fox for a cat made us laugh louder than we thought we should, but here we are. It would have been even funnier if he asked what the fox says. We know it is 2019 already, but we can’t let that song go. Sorry.

6. Where are the leafs

Image Source: Brightside

Internet is full of pictures that can always make you wonder if they are genuine or not. Of course, it is a well-known fact that if you have some Photoshop skills, you are able to create amazing pictures. However, nothing can beat nature’s skills!. The apples would usually fall off the tree before the leaves do, but as you can see, there is always an exception of every rule. At least in this case it would be a lot easier to pick the apples, so there is always something good in every situation.

7. It was supposed to be a grape

Image Source: Reddit

As we already said, nothing can beat nature when it comes to creating amazing things. Sometimes these things can be so weird that the only proper reaction would be amazement mixed with confusion. It is not like we haven’t seen fruits or vegetables with funny or strange shapes before, but seeing another one can always make us laugh. In this case, the grape has a quite unconventional shape. It makes you wonder what kind of fruit it actually is. It turned out it is a sort of grape that has a lot of different names. At least it is a real kind of fruit instead of some accidental hybrid.

8. Swan lady

Image Source: The Chive

It is probably not the first time you see a catchy name on the screen, but this is about to make our Top 5 list and we are not joking about that. Someone apparently adores swans very much or at least has a good sense of humor. The story behind this name would be hilarious and there is definitely no doubt about that.

9. LaLa the penguin

Image Source: Me. Me

The story behind the 10-year-old penguin is wholesome! LaLa is a King Penguin rescued by the Nishimoto family. They found him trapped in fishing net and nursed him back to health, after which Lala refused to leave, even though he was completely healed. That is how the penguin stayed with the family and now what he does all day is just chilling at home or running to the fish market. How Nishimoto managed to train Lala to do that is a secret we are still not aware of.

10. The Infinity stones

Image Source: Brightside

If you have ever wondered what would happen if you put M&M’s in a bowl of water, here is your answer. It is a total waste of M&M‘s but at least the result is pretty cool to see. We are not the type of people to waste candy for such experiments, because eating them brings bigger satisfaction.

11. The best baker in town

Image Source: Pinterest

As we previously stated, baking is not for everyone and if you cannot accept this fact, you might end up on our Cake fails list. And just so you know – we are very generous, so you can be sure we will share it everywhere we can. However, we respect anyone who’s brave enough to search for their inner Buddy Valastro right before their child’s birthday party!

12. ‘You will only pay me $200 a month’

Image Source: Reddit

This ad right here is a gold mine – for only $200 a month you not only get yourself a basement to live in, but you also automatically turn into a nanny during the day! What more could you want? Yes, it might not be a fully equipped basement, but who cares – it is the job opportunity that matters. It is the kind of job where you pay your boss…

13. The basketball emoji

Image Source: Twitter

iOS never seizes to amaze us. If we have to be honest, anyone who has ever played basketball knows that the ball actually does have different colors, so you shouldn’t be surprised by these emojis. Let’s see now, the lightest shaded ball is probably meant to indicate that the ball is really old, used and faded; the medium orange one still has life in it, the brown one is the one the kids use in school, and so on… Makes sense, right?

14. When the missing key is actually a screwdriver

Image Source: Reddit

Some people might be a bit surprised when they see someone carrying a screwdriver along with their car keys because there seems to be no logical explanation. It is not normal to start your car with a screwdriver unless there is a problem with the ignition lock or you just lost your car key. A screwdriver can be really handy in such cases. Only those who have been there before know what we are talking about.

15. Have you ever felt this lucky?

Image Source: Reddit

You might consider yourself lucky, but you might never be the “Two trees fell on the ground, but both missed my car by inches” lucky. Of course, no one knows what fate has in store for them, but if you look around you will see that most of the times things turn out to be in our favor. Well, almost. The owner of this car probably couldn’t believe how lucky they were considering the circumstances. Neither could we!

16. Now what?

Image Source: Reddit

There is so much going on here that we are not sure where to start. Let’s try with the type of people who will always find a problem to every solution. You just can’t convince them that there isn’t an actual problem. They might refuse to sleep in their room because there is no TV in there, so you offer them to install a 42-inch TV and they tell you that they don’t watch TV anyway. Everyone could lose their cool when dealing with such a person!
And seriously, who has an extra 42 foot TV?!

17. ‘I’m loving it’

Image Source: Reddit

The puns that we can think of are countless and we are sure the same thing is happening to you as well. I don’t know if all cicadas look like that or this particular one just got a McDonald’s sponsorship, but whatever it is, ‘we’re loving it’. Someone said that it also looks like a ninja turtle that wears a V-neck sweater and we are sure we’re not the only ones who are not able to look at it in a different way anymore.

18. This haircut

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, we all have childhood photos that we hope nobody will ever see. Luckily for us, our weird teenage phases happened when internet wasn’t a popular thing, so our embarrassing pictures are safe from being shown to the public. But what can we say about all those who are sharing their hilarious photos with pride these days? They are probably not aware that millions of people are able to see their weird hairstyles and outfits, but they might regret it one day.

19. When they follow the rules

Image Source: Reddit

We won’t say that she asked for it, because only a girl can understand how tiring it is to receive the same message from different boys every single time, but still this screenshot is hilarious. There are so many things to say if you want to break the ice, but you should never go with something that probably everyone else thought of.

20. Disengaging the brakes

Image Source: Imgur

Apparently, this was from a pilot’s Snapchats, and he later explained that things like that happen when you try to land a plane without disengaging the brakes. We know it is something minor, but we seriously do not want to see any pilot fails, thank you. Some of us get anxious even at the mere thought that we need to get on a plane, so we don’t want any details about the mistakes pilots make, even if they are not that big of a deal.

21. Did you try turning it off and on again?

Image Source: Dumpaday

When moments like this happen, there is usually nothing else left for you to do than just sit back and think about how things like that always happen to you. There is also a third thing to do and that is to laugh about it. Except if you weren’t in the middle of cooking for at least 10 guests who might come in any moment now. If that is the case, we feel for you. We really do.

22. This jeans

Image Source; Aunty Acid

There are types of clothes or fashion trends that really make you cringe, and there will always be such things. Fashion designers are trying their best to create one trend after another, but some of them go above and beyond in order to create something spectacular. Unfortunately, the result of these efforts is exactly the opposite in this case and it is easy to see why!

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