22 People Who Should Have Cared A Little More

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At times, it seems like people do not really care anymore. A lot of people, for example, do not really try very hard when it comes to their jobs. In a lot of cases, they will do the bare minimum. They do not want to be fired, but they are not going to put forth too much effort.

There is a difference, though, between not trying very hard and not caring at all. If you do not care at all about your job, you should be fired. If you do not care at all about your family, you deserve to be alone.

Here are twenty-three examples of people who definitely should have cared more.

1. The One With the Hearts

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The boyfriend in this case probably should have cared more. However, a really great sale on towels is important information, so one should give him credit for passing that along.

The person who wrote the essay probably wanted a long conversation about feelings and stuff. In general, guys don’t like talking about their feelings. They will have a conversation if they have to, but it isn’t an enjoyable experience. Also—offering shopping tips is a really nice thing to do. That should have ended whatever argument just happened to be going on.

Also, it is worth pointing out that we have no idea what is behind those weird little hearts. It could have been complete nonsense. If you post such a thing—for the whole world to see—you might not be the sanest person on the planet.

2. The One With the Hundred Bucks

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This is quite a gift, really. Craig gets a decent amount of money from his dad and doesn’t have to read a silly card written by the desperate people companies hire to write lame greeting cards expressing weird thoughts that no one has actually ever had.

Can you imagine writing greeting cards for a living? I can’t picture the sort of person who would do that. Where do they get their inspiration? It is probably a very difficult job.

Sadly, however, it does not seem like Craig’s dad cares very much for his son.

3. The One With Ikea

Image Source: Pinterest

It is surprisingly easy to get lost in an IKEA store. I think the company designs the stores that way on purpose.

You pretty much have to buy a table or couch in order to get out of there.

4. The One With the Delivery

Image Source: Reddit

If you are delivering packages for a living, you might be sort of angry at life. You might have a good reason not to care. It is a great and respectable job—don’t get me wrong—but few people grow up wanting to do that. It is not a job to which anyone aspires. It is a lot of hard work, and you don’t really get much recognition. Few people express their gratitude towards those that deliver their packages.

5. The One With the Sandwich

Image Source: Imgur

This is a picture of a sandwich. It was not made with love. The person who made it should have cared a bit more.

That said, I do not know the details of the relationship between the person who made the sandwich and the person who would go on to eat the sandwich.

Frankly, if you have a person who is willing to make you food, you are in a good place. If that person doesn’t secretly resent you? You are a truly lucky human being.

6. The One With the Old Lady

Image Source: Reddit

I love the old lady in this image. Her fashion choices are curious, but I want to hang out with her and hear her talk about how terrible the world has become. It is quite clear that she does not care at all. At that age, no one should really expect you to care.

7. The One With the Shakers

Image Source: Reddit

Technically, there is salt in the one shaker. There is also pepper in the other. However, the person who did this clearly does not care about those who might enjoy a little salt or pepper on his or her meal. Really, this is sort of a passive aggressive move.

I don’t know the story behind this image, but I am guessing it involves an irritated employee on his or her last day of work. That employee probably was not treated very well by the management of the establishment. It is also possible that the customers of the establishment were awful people.

8. The One With the Shirt

Image Source: Imgur

It is totally possible that the designer of this shirt didn’t care at all. It is also possible that the designer was trying to make a point. I’m not sure what the point is, though. Shirts can be sort of generic and derivative?

Well, that is definitely true. That’s not news to anybody. There are only so many ways you can decorate a shirt.

Honestly, as it is, it is not a bad looking shirt. I would probably wear it to a social event. It would, at least, get a couple of laughs.

9. The One With the Napping Student

Image Source: Reddit

This student clearly does not care very much. University is not cheap. However, anyone who has gone to a lecture at eight in the morning can relate to this scene. You just do not want to be awake.

If you are going to sleep through a lecture, you should definitely be comfortable. The guy might not care about the course, but he cares about comfort.

10. The One About David

Image Source: Rebrn

David clearly doesn’t care about anything. Most people stop caring in their 20s or 30s, but David stopped caring way earlier than that. It is sort of impressive, but also very sad. Why wouldn’t he put the hand on the tile? Does he have an unusual looking hand?

11. The One With the Tomato

Image Source: Twitter

As you get older, you come to learn that you really don’t want the things you technically ask for. In this case, a person asked for more tomato. That person got more tomato. That’s too much tomato, true, but it is not a situation that can’t be handled.

People want a lot of things when they’re young, and they are actually wishing for the wrong things. For example, a lot of kids wish for a nice house and happy family. A couple of decades later, they find themselves with a mortgage they can’t afford and two screaming children who simply won’t shut up.

The person who put the tomato on the sandwich clearly did not care about his or her job.

12. The One With the Lemons

Image Source: Reddit

This is yet another example of someone who clearly did not care. Lemon water is great and all, but that is not how one makes lemon water. I don’t know the whole story, but I am assuming the employee was having a really bad day and had plans to quit. There is barely any water in there!

13. The One With the Sign

Image Source: Reddit

Some company out there is clearly kind of interested in seeing Australia grow, and that is great. That company is not committed enough, however, to actually buy a proper sign. According to the image, the company doesn’t care passionately about anything, which is sort of sad.

Australia is a cool country, though, and everyone should be committed to seeing it grow. It ranks very highly in terms of quality of life, civil liberties, health, and economic freedom. Also, Australia has kangaroos, and everyone should love kangaroos. They are interesting creatures, and they are the symbol of Australia. Kangaroos even appear on some Australian currency.

14. The One With the Newborn and the Grandpa

Image Source: Reddit

It has been said that being a grandparent is one of the best experiences ever. I believe that. You get to enjoy having a kid around for a few hours, which can be nice—and then you get to give the kid back, which is fantastic.

The grandfather in this case clearly doesn’t care too much. That happens. At a certain point, you just stop caring very much about anything. All you can really do is acknowledge that things happened, which is exactly what this grandfather did.

It all makes sense, really, when you think about it. If you have been around for 80 years or so, you have seen a lot of babies. Many of your friends have died. Your children, if you had any, probably disappointed you thousands of times. It is hard to get too worked up about anything.

The baby in this image is cute, though; I hope it is doing well.

15. The One About the Bad Day and the Ticket

Image Source: Reddit

Most law enforcement officers are great people. They do risk their lives to keep us safe, after all.

The one who wrote this ticket, though? He or she was a jerk. The owner of the vehicle clearly explained the unfortunate situation. It couldn’t have been more clear. Flat tires happen, and that is a fact. Not everyone knows how to change a flat tire. A lot of people don’t have the necessary tools in their car to change a flat tire.

People have health problems that make changing tires difficult or impossible.

The law enforcement officer—in this case—clearly did not care.

16. The One With the Advertisement For the Pizza

Image Source: Reddit

The pizza itself looks great. It has got pepperoni on there, and a bunch of olives. Anyone who loves pizza probably gets hungry looking at the image.

Why is it cut up in such a bizarre way, though? Whoever designed this ad clearly does not care about the product.

17. The One With the White Out

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently, Jackie thinks she can just white out a question she doesn’t want to answer, and that is hilarious.

What’s particularly amusing is that Jackie will likely go on to become a CEO of a major corporation or a successful politician. She’s clearly a creative sort, and she knows how to get things done. If she doesn’t like a question, she doesn’t answer it. Good for Jackie. She clearly does not care what her teachers think.

18. The One With the Dog

Image Source: Imgur

Anyone who owns a dog knows that dogs don’t care. If they want to pee on your bed, they will do so. If they want to eat your expensive video game controller, they will do so. You’ll be mad for five minutes or so, sure, but you’ll forgive them. Unless they maul your firstborn child, you will probably forgive them.

This dog doesn’t care. He’s probably peeing where he is because of that sign. I am not completely convinced that dogs can’t read. They definitely understand more words than we think they do. My dog, for example, knows the word “coffee”. He gets very excited when I say the word. For whatever reason, he loves the smell of coffee. It is kind of cute, but it is also irritating when you’re trying to enjoy a cup in order to get your day started.

19. The One With the Hobo Santa

Image Source: Reddit

The presentation is kind of terrible, but Evan is lucky to have gotten gifts at all. You also don’t know what’s in that plastic bag, do you? For all we know, it could be a brand new video game console or a bunch of beer. I would welcome a gift from “Hobo Santa”. Evan, whoever he is, probably has a good thing going on.

20. The One With the Gift

Image Source: Imgur

I don’t know the whole story, and I may be wrong, but it appears as if a parent—or parents—forgot the name of their child.

I can’t relate personally, but I can understand. My paternal grandparents had 12 children. I can’t remember all of those names. I certainly can’t remember the names of all of my cousins. There are dozens of them. It can get awkward at family reunions. “We are related, right? Who are you?” is not the best way to start a conversation.

21. The One With the Public Transport

Image Source: Reddit

I don’t know who this person is. I don’t really understand what is going on. I do know, however, that this person clearly does not care.

22. The One With the Food

Image Source: eBaum’s World

This is horrifying. If you prepare food and the end result is a meal people will be scared of, you clearly do not care.

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