22 Pics Showing The Incredible Things People Came Across While Hiking In The Woods

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There is nothing like getting in touch with nature! Our busy schedules deprived us of the opportunity to be among nature as often as we should, but it is all a matter of willpower, actually! If you feel the urge to conquer the outdoors, why not simply do it, despite of your situation? You would feel as if you were reborn – this is for sure! And chances are that you would find something rather interesting! Here is a list of the things people came across while hiking through the woods.

1. This is something truly unusual

Image Source: Imgur

Well, this definitely appears to be strange, but it is not some kind of a cult. The person who found it walked close by it numerous times before actually seeing it. It is a memorial for dogs that passed away, and their owners wanted to do something special in their memory. We guess that it is a wholesome thing to do!

2. Here is something that could creep out everyone who happen to see it

Image Source: Reddit

Nature can easily play tricks on your mind by using the things it creates. This photo shows one rather creepy example. The naturally formed silhouette you see here is the last thing you would like to see while walking through the woods, especially at night! You need to be brave to go hiking in the dark!

3. Here is one super cool find

Image Source: Reddit

Chances are that this is the only thing of its kind in the world! We mean, who else would come up with the idea of creating a replica of Winnie the Pooh’s home? This is an amazing thing to see and it brings back memories! We used to love reading the book and watching the animated series, but the real life version of the home would be awesome to see.

4.This is the stuff we see in our nightmares

Image Source: Reddit

It is hard to believe that someone actually found this abandoned house in the woods! It is located somewhere in Russia and we believe that it would serve as the perfect decor for a horror movie! It would be interesting to learn the history behind it and who built it there instead of locating it in an urbanized area.

5. This is an amazing find

Image Source: Reddit

One person was lucky enough to capture this amazing moment! No special effects added here! This ponderosa pine tree is located somewhere in Arizona and the person who took the photo arrived at the scene just when a lightning strike did this to the tree! It looks like a scene from an apocalyptic movie and it is awesome to see!

6. Here is one reminder of The Mask movie

Image Source: Ifuun.com

Ah, the good old times when legendary movies were born! We miss the 90s and everything that happened in that period, including the movie productions. Chances are that you have either seen or at least heard of The Mask movie. Jim Carrey made one of his best roles ever and impersonated the awesome character. This find reminds us of the movie, because it looks exactly like the actual mask used there!

7. Talking about movie reminders

Image Source: Pikabu.ru

Do you recall the Terminator movies? There are some scenes that were more than curious, and this find reminds us of them. What looks like the remains of a real Terminator is probably nothing but a failed attempt at creating a robot, but it does not look that bad at all!

8. This is the last thing you would expect to see in the wild

Image Source: Keblog.it

While people sometimes expect to find something depending on the area they intend to explore, we are more than certain that nobody could predict coming across a huge vending machine in the middle of nowhere!

9. Here is the easiest way for one to feel like King Arthur

Image Source: Ucrazy.ru

Everybody wants to know how it feels to be living in a fairytale or to experience the exact same thing the characters went through. It seems that the person who found this curious item was really close to one particular legendary tale, and we are just a tad envious, to be honest!

10. This is an amazing work of art

Image Source: Ucrazy.ru

Well, the things people found and shared after spending some time outdoors are simply amazing, and this is as good as it could get! The amazing carved tree definitely took a lot of time and skills to be made, and it looks incredible. We would like to have one of these at home!

11. Here is another great find

Image Source: Imgur

We absolutely love these old telephone booths and the person who came across this one should consider themselves lucky! Since it is abandoned, the person could easily arrange transporting the booth to their home and use it as yard decoration. We know we would!

12. We have no explanation for this one

Image Source: Izismile.com

The strange item you see here was found by a person who just moved to Wisconsin and decided to explore the surrounds. It appears that it proved to be a good decision, because the person came across this curious object. It was probably the lower part of a porch, but are not sure about it.

13. Art installations are sometimes peculiar

Image Source: Bemethis.com

Well, different artists have different ways of expressing themselves, we guess, but in some cases they push it too far! This art installation was probably someone’s way of expressing their creative side, but not many people would connect to it. In fact, seeing it in the middle of the woods would likely make people cringe.

14. Now this is some find

Image Source: Mixnews.lv

Imagine walking through a remote are and coming across this! It appears that the vehicle is badly damaged after a fall, but since passenger compartment is relatively intact, we could assume that everyone was okay after the stunt.

15. This is something we haven’t seen before

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some people care about nature a lot more than others, and we like these people! What the image shows is definitely a wholesome thing for someone to do and we love it! It is a simple memorial for a fallen tree, and it even features a picture of the tree still standing.

16. Here is another weird find

Image Source: Photorator.com

It appears that there are no limits when it comes to the things people throw away in the wild. We believe that finding a couple of old bathtubs is still curious to see, but the question why someone decided to leave them there remains unanswered.

17. This is yet another creepy find

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that some people are not that lucky when it comes to finding curious things. In this case, someone found an abandoned cemetery which is among the last things we would like to find if we walk through the middle of nowhere!

18. This one is super curious to see

Image Source: Trollno.com

It seems that some finds raise more than a few questions and we believe that this one is exactly like that! The bicycle looks really old and tired which is probably the reason why someone threw it away, but the thing that sparked our curiosity is the globe attached to the bicycle!

19. Here is another super creepy thing to see

You might call this art and you would probably be correct, but to us it is nothing more than a couple of creepy props! Seeing this sight in the middle of the woods is kind of creepy and we are sure that the person who saw this and took the photo felt kind of intimidated.

20. Talking about creepy

Image Source: Mixnews.lv

It is more than clear that this is not a photo of a monster casually walking thought the wood. It looks too real and this was the whole point. Someone made this and put it near a hikers’ trail. We bet that a lot of people were scared to see it there!

21. This appears to be an old Miss Piggy doll

Image Source: Tumblr

We are not sure about this one, but it definitely looks like a Miss Piggy doll. Whatever it is, it was thrown away a long time ago, because it is obvious that nature is about to reclaim it completely, which is only natural since nature tends to do that with neglected objects.

22. Here is an old baseball that was exposed to the elements for decades

Image Source: Yaplakal.com

This is another example of what happens with an object that was abandoned outside for a really long time! It becomes something completely different and it is curious to see!

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