25 ‘Silly Cat Drawings’ That Will Amuse You How Correct They Actually Are

Image Source: Instagram

The simple fact of the matter is that you can’t be good at everything.

There are certain people who are good at lots of stuff. A few celebrities come to mind. In addition to being brilliant actors, they are also talented artists and musicians. Furthermore, they are extremely attractive. They are exceptions, though, and you should not compare yourself to them.

Most of us are only good at one or two things. I have yet to find the thing I am good at, but I’m sure there is something. I guess I am sort of good at being passive aggressive. I don’t know if I would consider that a skill, though; that’s more like a trait, and not a particularly attractive one.

Not everyone is good at drawing, and I myself am awful at it. I took a lot of art classes in high school, but I couldn’t draw anything decent these days in order to save my life.
The person who decided to draw these cats isn’t exactly a talented artist; either that or they are intentionally bad. He did mention something about admiring the primitive nature of art and wanting to draw something simple. He certainly accomplished that.

The man’s name is Ainars, and he is from Latvia. He is the guy that runs DailyPurrr, which is an Instagram account, and I actually really like his work.

Here are twenty-five fun examples of his work.

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1. The Yawn and the Paw in the Air

Image Source: Instagram

I like the color of this animal. I think animals that are completely white look sort of cool, and I love it when animals yawn. My dog is always yawning. If he is not getting up from a nap, he is getting ready to take one.
The paw in the air is great. The drawing, as you can see, is very simple. They are all like that.

2. The One With the Look

Image Source: Instagram

I always loved kittens a lot, but I don’t exactly trust the creatures they grow into. This is scary. The drawing is cute, but the actual animal itself is sort of scary.
It has that “I will consume your flesh while you sleep” look in its eyes. Also, that is a really long tail.

3. The One on the Step

Image Source: Instagram

That is a pretty animal. I love the color. As mentioned, I love animals with white fur. However, I am glad my dog has dark fur because white fur shows just how dirty an animal can get. If my dog had white fur, I would need to bathe him far more often than I do.
As for this drawing, I don’t know if I am a fan. It kind of looks like the animal has a massive tumor.

4. The One About the Belly Rub

Image Soruce: Instagram

This little angel clearly wants a belly rub, which I understand. My dog loves his belly rubs, and once in a while he enjoys sleeping on his back.
It is kind of weird, really. I’ll come home and see him on his belly staring at the ceiling. I don’t know what he is looking at, honestly. It isn’t like there is a cool mural up there; if there were trees and dog bones instead of plain white paint, I would understand. As it is, I just do not get it.

5. The One About the Rubbish Bin

Image Source: Instagram

You really have to wonder what this creature was thinking. First of all, it is sort of impressive that he or she managed to get into the thing. It deserves respect for that.
It can’t be comfortable though, right? That looks like a very unpleasant situation, and you think it would have a look of pain on its face.
The drawing is definitely very simple. The kitty looks sad in it, though, and I don’t think the real one actually was when the picture was taken.

6. The Pensive Kitten

Image Source: Instagram

You have to wonder what this kitten is thinking. Maybe it saw something cool that it wants to capture. My current dog—and the one that went before—is often on the lookout for little creatures they wanted to “play with”; by “play with”, I mean eat. Terriers live to capture small creatures and shake them about.
My dog freaks out when he sees a squirrel, which is understandable. What is not understandable is the barking at hawks. That’s just asking for trouble.

7. The One With the Eyes and the Tongue

Image Source: Instagram

I don’t know what this thing saw, but that look is sort of scary. Those are giant eyes. They are very pretty eyes, but they look giant compared to the size of its face.
I wonder why its tongue is out. Is it hungry? Is its owner cooking some sort of fish-related dish? That would explain it.

8. The One That Is Extremely Long

Image Source: Instagram

That is an extremely long animal. The proportions definitely seem off—I kind of wonder if this image was manipulated in some fashion.
Then again, my dog is extremely long. He looks tiny, and compared to most dogs he is, but he looks relatively large when he stretches out. When he is curled up in a ball, he looks small; when he stretches, he could almost pass for an average-sized dog.

9. The One With the Towel

Image Source: Instagram

I really don’t know what is going on in this particular image. There is a towel, so I am assuming the animal was bathed, which sucks for him or her. I didn’t think you needed to wash cats. I thought they just licked themselves clean, which is gross, but I also wish I could lick myself clean. Sadly, I am not very flexible.
It is a pretty animal, though; the drawing makes it look like an alien, which is neat.

10. The One With the Teeth

Image Source: Instagram

I do not like the teeth on that thing. If I saw that on a small animal, I would probably be very scared. Can you imagine the damage those things could do if the creature were so inclined? I have learned from personal experience that it is kind of easy to tick animals off a bit. I was once bitten by a stray kitten; the school nurse was, for whatever reason, concerned I might contract rabies. That was probably one of my more memorable high school experiences.

11. The One Where It Is Sitting Up

Image Source: Instagram

I like the drawing, and I like the photo.
To me, it kind of looks like the animal is watching television. I can’t imagine sitting like that is particularly comfortable for the little guy or gal, but it does not seem to be distressed in any fashion. It looks pretty enthralled by something; maybe it is watching a movie about one of its own.

12. The One With the Melting

Image Source: Instagram

Is it possible that this poor animal is melting? It certainly looks that way.
It also doesn’t look like it is having the best time. To be fair, if I was melting, I would not be having a great time. The closest I have ever come to melting is spending a summer in Los Angeles, and that was a pretty miserable experience. It gets really hot there around the middle of July; if you want to visit the city, I recommend doing so during the fall months.

13. The One With the Irritation

Image Source: Instagram

It might just be me, but I think this animal looks extremely irritated. Some people claim that animals can’t convey emotions via their facial expressions, but those people are wrong.
For example, my dog uses his eyes to tell me when he is sad or irritated, and he does a very good job of doing so. Of course, he always looks kind of sad or irritated. He just has one of those faces.

14. The One With the Plans

Image Source: Instagram

It is quite obvious that this animal is plotting something, and the owner and everyone around should be scared.
When you really think about it, it is kind of funny that people keep pets. You probably shouldn’t trust your pet. I love my dog, but I wouldn’t recommend trusting him. He is nothing but trouble.

15. The Enormous Paws and the Terrifying Expression

Image Source: Instagram

Is it just the angle, or are those paws simply enormous? The angle might be a factor, true, but I think the animal has larger-than-average paws.
The teeth are scary, and those whiskers are out of control. I would not go to sleep around this creature.
The drawing is okay. I don’t understand the circle for the mouth, though. In the actual picture, it is more of a triangle.

16. The One With the Nostrils

Image Source: Instagram

I just can’t stop looking at the nostrils on that nose. Why would anyone take that picture?
I admit that I have a particular dislike for nostrils. I don’t even like my own nostrils. I look at them in the mirror and get depressed; I don’t even have an unfortunate nose hair situation going yet. I am sure that day will come, but it has not come yet. I also don’t have an ear hair situation going on yet, so in that way I am blessed. When you start to grow hair out of your ears, you might as well just admit your best days are behind you.

17. The One That Kind of Reminds Me of Santa

Image Source: Instagram

This lovely animal reminds me of Santa; that might be because the holiday season is officially upon us as I write this, but it nonetheless reminds me of Santa. It is morbidly obese and has an expression that could be characterized as jolly. It looks like it is laughing.
It is kind of a creepy-looking ‘jolly’, but it is still kind of jolly.

18. The One With the Glasses

Image Source: Instagram

I like how it looks like the animal has a really tiny face. I think it actually makes it cuter. Also, I love the color of the fur.
I hate wearing glasses. I probably should wear them, especially when I drive, but I don’t. They are so uncomfortable. Also, there’s not much in my life that I really want to see well. It isn’t like I live by the ocean or anything like that.

19. The One With the Candle

Image Source: Instagram

I don’t know why, but the drawing reminds me of an obese version of ‘Batman”; that might be because I watched a ‘Batman’ movie last night.
As for the photo, it concerns me that the animal is so close to a candle. I love lighting scented candles and just enjoying the sight and the smell, but I never did so when my dog was a puppy and jumped around like a tiny, hyperactive rabbit. He would have knocked one of them over, my home would have burned down, and I would have spent the last two years living in my car in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

20. The One That Might Need to Relieve Itself

Image Source: Instagram

It may be me, but I tend to think this little guy or gal needs to use the proverbial restroom. That’s what I am taking away from this one.
Is there anything worse than having to pee so badly that you are in physical pain? I have been there more times than I can count. I used to have to endure long car rides as a child, and I hated them for several reasons; I mostly hated them, though, because my dad was obsessed with making ‘good time’ and I would end up having to ‘hold it in’ for hours. I am surprised I still have both of my original kidneys, frankly.
To my credit, I never ended up peeing my pants. I am proud of that fact. It is kind of a stupid thing to be proud of, but you have to find the good where you can.

21. The Drawing That Looks Like a Squid

Image Source: Instagram

This is a very cute kitten, and I love it. I want to hold it and pet it and buy it expensive things.
The drawing, though, looks like a squid or some sort of ugly creature that lives in the sea.
What is it with creatures that live in the ocean? Why are they all so ugly and terrifying? Mermaids aren’t so bad, but they don’t technically exist—as far as I know.

22. The One With the Makeup

Image Source: Instagram

Is this lovely feline wearing makeup, or is it just me?
I sincerely doubt it is, but it certainly looks that way. Also, I can imagine there are people out there who put makeup on their pets. I would not want to spend time with those people, true, but you just know there are people who do it.

23. The One Who Learned to Walk On Two Legs

Image Source: Instagram

If I saw an animal—any animal—walking towards me in such a fashion, I would freak out a little bit.
It isn’t just the fact the little kitty is walking on its hind legs; it also has a nasty look in its eyes. It is ticked off about something, and I don’t want to know what that something is.

24. The One That Looks Demonic

Image Source: Instagram

This little animal looks like it should star in a horror movie. What’s with the eyes? I don’t want to look at that.
Also, where are the legs on that thing? It kind of looks like it is floating, and that’s kind of spooky. In general, I don’t like it when pets gain the ability to float.

25. The sleepy cat

Image Source: Instagram

This drawing is pretty accurate as well. We have all seen cats in different positions, but this one suits the greatness of a cat pretty well.

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