25 Things That Were Cool A Decade Ago, But Would Be Embarrassing Today

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Times change a lot faster than we think and this is what the following list is about. It shows things that were common about ten years ago, but it feels like it was ages ago. Not only that, but most of these things seem kind of embarrassing now! When people are younger, they tend to do certain things that they would never do if they were their older selves! It is a vicious circle but this is how life goes! These throwbacks are not a bad thing at all. In fact, they are quite amusing!

1. These filters are annoying

Image Source: One Country

Using these photo booth filters was a thing back then and thankfully it is no longer!

2. We were crazy about white Macbooks

Image Source: Ebay

Many of your probably owned one, therefore you know they were impossible to keep clean!

3. This was a popular argument

Image Source: Knowyourmeme

We guess that the argument whether ninjas could defeat pirates was a topic of discussion in many places.

4. Here is something we wish we did not remember

Image Source: Twitter

Talking about embarrassing stuff, this is probably on top of that list!

5. Thankfully, this is no more

Image Source: Photobucket

Taking group photos of hands and feed because of a common feature they had was really a thing!

6. Everyone used to type like this

Image Source: Twitter

This was definitely one of the most annoying things on MySpace!

7. This was the most popular proof that the iPhone was worth the money

Image Source: Onmilwaukee

Well, this beer-drinking app was probably not the thing to prove why you spent big money on your iPhone.

8. This was the second most popular way to prove it

Image Source: Google

The lighter app was also used as an argument to justify the purchase of the overpriced device!

9. We have all done this

Image Source: Twitter

Facebook was the way for you to retrieve the lost contacts. Some people did it numerous times!

10. FarmVille requests were really bugging us

Image Source: Gamezebo

Not a day went by without many FarmVille request popping up!

11. A decade ago all Chuck Norris jokes were trendy

Image Source: Funnypictiuresplus

We still like them, but we restrain ourselves from sharing them!

12. This was the reason why some people insisted Blackberry was better than iPhone

Image Source: Imgur

BBM and Brickbreaker were actually strong reasons why you should choose the Blackberry.

13. We have seen hundreds of movies on the iPod’s tiny screen

Image Source: YouTube

The quality of a multi-million dollar movie production could not be appreciated on a two-inch screen!

14. Most people were 99 years old on MySpace

Image Source: Pop-buzz

We still have absolutely no idea why everyone did that, but it was a fact.

15. We were all impressed by the Michael Phelps’ diet plan

Image Source: YouTube

It was something that everyone talked about at least several times daily!

16. Most of us did that

Image Source: Twitter

When the phones used to have real buttons, it was fairly easy to text with the device in your pocket.

17. These portable DVD players were really handy

Image Source: Amazon

We have watched dozens of movies on these devices and we are actually glad we had them!

18. The National Pirate Day meant we all talked like pirates

Image Source: Twitter

It was actually not that funny bit still everyone did it!

19. Taking selfies with these digital cameras was the biggest trend

Image Source: Imgur

And those glasses the girl is wearing were also a really popular accessory!

20. There was a trend involving Converse items

Image Source: Photobucket

The trend meant that you should create a dramatic photo featuring Converse.

21. Here is another selfie trend we are glad is long gone

Image Source: Londonvision

This pose was definitely the most annoying one of them all and we are glad it is no more!

22. There was a time we had different devices for different purposes

Image Source: Twitter

Only a decade ago you were not able to store all your favorite tunes on your phone.

23. Now this is something more than relatable

Image Source: Twitter

These are really the times that are never coming back, for better or worse.

24. We used to have a lot of these

Image Source: Reddit

It was a really annoying hobby to just sit around and aiming these laser pointers at random objects.

25. We really do listened a lot to them

Image Source: Thinkdeeply

Well. Times seem to really change and we switched to different kind of music.

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