27 Comparison Pics That Will Make You See The World From A Different Perspective

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Image Source: Reddit

The things we see and often admire are not what they seem to be when viewed from a different perspective. Different periods or moments can transform the image of something you are used to seeing. Needless to say, time, weather, and other factors can introduce change. It is always curious to compare what was the “before” and “after” which is the reason we compiled this curious list.

1. Barcelona 

Image Source: Instagram

This is by far one of the most amazing cities you could see. Barcelona is a must-visit and it will leave you with a ton of amazing memories for sure. The city’s amazing streets and architecture are enchanting but they look entirely different during the night and this image reveals that.

2. The bald eagles

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the most majestic creatures ever and its looks are menacing which is why every living creature either fears or respects this bird. It takes about five years for that said look to fully develop.

3. The hatchlings

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one very unusual comparison. This person is holding a tiny bird that has just been hatched. It seems that nature has its own funny ways of designing things.

4. The street

Image Source: Reddit

Seasons change and the scenery you are used to seeing all summer is transformed within just a few months. As you can see, this place looks entirely different when there is snow outside.

5. The kindergarten 

Image Source: Reddit

This person was obviously proud to enter the kindergarten as a teacher three decades after setting foot there for the first time as a student. Time flies and this woman is surely looking forward to teaching.

6. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something we never thought we would see and want immediately. This Main Coon cat grew extremely big in just three months. It seems that having such a huge cat is an awesome experience.

7. The couple

Image Source: Reddit

They say that some things never change and that true love does exist but we are not sure that both of these things are true. As you can see, this couple proves that both statements are nothing but true.

8. The horse

Image Source: Reddit

People learn new things every day of their lives because nobody is born knowing everything. This is the beauty of life. We were very intrigued to find out horses change their hair color. It is an amazing fact, indeed.

9. The frog

Image Source: Reddit

If you are asking yourself where is the comparison here, you should look closer, we guess. There is a frog in the image, and it is sitting on top of a coin, which gives the best idea about the frog’s size.

10. The gate

Image Source: Reddit

What looks like a door is actually a huge gate and the only way you could realize its actual size is by having someone pose in front of it. This girl looks tiny while standing in front of the massive iron gate.

11. The eyes

Image Source: Reddit

Cats are magnificent creatures and having one at home is a blessing not many people can deny. Still, there are some felines that are even more special, like the one you see here. Its eyes are completely different.

12. The lookalikes

Image Source: Imgur

This is not the same person and we are not talking about doppelgangers here. The second photo is a recreation of the first one – the son decided to surprise his dad with it. The pictures were taken 38 years apart.

13. The transformation

Image Source: Twitter

People make all kinds of choices but there is no going back after some of them have been made. As you can see, these girls put in a lot of effort to switch their gender and they did it.

14. The baby teeth

Image Source: Reddit

This person decided to take a picture of the baby teeth their daughter and kitten lost at the same time. As you can see, the two teeth are very different but they are all part of the same process: growing up.

15. The turtle fossil

Image Source: Reddit

Planet Earth was once the home of some extraordinary creatures. This one, for example, is a stunning reminder of their size. What you see is the fossilized shell of a giant turtle.

16. The tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

One person was fed up with the tattoo they had made years ago. It was not something they were proud of so they decided it had to go. The images reveal how the mark gradually faded within hours.

17. The bamboo

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one unusual thing to see. This bamboo looks different because it grew during the pandemic, which is why nobody touched it, unlike the other pieces touched by tourists numerous times.

18. The woman

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, some people keep the things they love for all their lives. This woman did exactly that. She kept that motorcycle for 71 years, and she also kept her smile which is awesome to see!

19. The recycling process

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one store showed their clients the whole process of recycling plastic waste and turning it into clothing. This is the best kind of advertisement and we guess it would attract a lot of buyers.

20. The braces

Image Source: Reddit

Some people believe that braces are not any good and that they could only fix minor imperfections. This person decided to share her story and change that opinion. It took her nine years but she got the smile she wanted.

21. The boot

Image Source: Reddit

Getting a dog is always a good idea and we believe that watching it grow is a blessing. One person shared the image they took of their pup with a boot and showed the same dog with the same boot three years later.

22. The baby

Image Source: Reddit

You are probably aware that some people have their own unique sleeping position that is sometimes the reason why their backs hurt. In this case, the person adopted that position before he was born.

23. The five generations

Image Source: Reddit

One person decided to share the happy moment when they had five generations of women in their family. The baby was born around the time when the oldest woman in the family celebrated her 100th birthday.

24. The friends

Image Source: Reddit

True friendship becomes harder to find and these two men were lucky enough to be close during their whole lives. It is a blessing to have someone to rely on and these two can confirm it.

25. The trees

Image Source: Facebook

Here is what dedication and persistence can lead to. One couple was able to plant many trees over the course of a couple of decades and now their property looks unrecognizable.

26. Alzheimer’s disease

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the worst things that could happen to a person but sadly many people are exposed to this condition. One person showed how it affected her mother by comparing her crochet work.

27. The pockets

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that women’s clothing that features pockets is not easy to compare to men’s as the pockets are way smaller.

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