27 Curious True Facts That Will Definitely Surprise You

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There are many things that sound too good to be true! Other things are too weird to be real, but they are true despite the fact that they seem unlikely to be! In some cases these things are more than curious and this is the kind of content we like the most, and we hope you like it, too, because there are lots of examples in the list below!

1. There are more ways to arrange a deck of cards than there are atoms on the planet

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The exact number of ways to sort a single deck is 8×10^67, and this is more than the estimated number of atoms.

2. One large pizza is bigger than two small ones

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The typical 18-inch pizza is actually larger than two 12-inch ones which is the usual size for a small pizza.

3. We never thought about this but peanuts are not nuts

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Peanuts are not nuts! It sounds nuts, right? This pun was totally intended! They are actually legumes, just like beans!

4. Rhinos and human nails have a lot in common

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The main ingredient in both of them is a protein substance called keratin and this fact is amazing to know!

5. ‘Spaghetto’ is an actual word

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The word is in Italian, of course, and it stands for a single piece of spaghetti. This is good to know!

6. Glass balls bounce higher than rubber ones

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If you take two balls of the same size, each made of these two materials, the glass one would bounce higher!

7. Nearly 7% of all people who were ever born are alive today

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An estimated 108 billion of people were born since the dawn of mankind, meaning that almost 7% of that number are alive today.

8. Penguins actually have knees

Image Source: Wikimedia.org

They are not visible because of the density of the penguin’s feathers!

9. Clouds are not as light as they appear to be

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Scientists have estimated that an average-sized cloud weighs around a million pounds!

10. Cashews grow in a weird way

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

They are actually the bottom part of a cashew apple, and these strange apples grow on cashew trees.

11. People don’t have knee caps until the age of 3

Image Source: Pixabay

This is actually a really curious detail about our anatomy that we had no clue about!

12. The match was actually invented after the lighter

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It sounds weird and it does not make much sense, but the lighter really was invented long before the match!

13. Knocked-out teeth can be placed back in your mouth

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This is unbelievable! If you place a tooth that was knocked out of one’s mouth in its place, it will reattach to the roots!

14. Nintendo was founded in the end of the 19th century

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

The company was founded in 1889 and produced playing cards and other games.

15. Ikea’s catalogue and the Bible are equally popular

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More than 200 million copies of the catalogue were distributed worldwide, making it equally popular to the Bible.

16. Cheetahs make sounds just like domestic cats

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For some reason these big wild cats are unable to roar or make similar sounds. They just meow loud and that’s it!

17. Lego makes more tires than any real tire manufacturer in the world

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The number of tires they produce annually is about 50% bigger than Goodyear’s, for example.

18. A gathering of ferrets has a certain name

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It might seem weird, but it is true! Apparently a few ferrets together form a business – this is the term they use!

19. The number of trees on this planet is bigger than the number of stars in the Milky Way

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NASA’s estimations suggest that there are up to 400 million stars in the Milky Way and around three trillion trees on Earth.

20. All the planets within our solar system can fit between the Moon and the Earth

Image Source: Imgur

The distance between our planet and the Moon is big enough to fit all the other planet, and it is a tight fit!

21. The Guiness book of records was born after an argument in the 50s

Image Source: Guinnessworldrecords

Sir Beaver wanted to check which was Europe’s fastest game bird but there was not a reliable source for him to use so he created one!

22. Honey never goes bad

Image Source: Flickr.com

The chemical structure of honey prevents it from spoiling and it is edible even after many years of storing it.

23. Mantis shrimps have a super strong punch

Image Source: Flickr.com

They are as fast as a bullet and the force of their punch is among the strongest in the animal world.

24. A moose can swim for hours at a steady pace

Image Source: Flickr.com

Moose are born swimmers and they are durable, too. An adult moose can swim at 6 mph for a couple of hours!

25. Some Greenland sharks can reach five centuries of age

Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Well, most of these sharks reach only half of that age, but it is still an impressive fact!

26. Most countries have an animal they accept as a national symbol

Image Source: Wikimedia.org

It seems that Scotland chose the best one of them all – the unicorn!

27. McDonald’s is also a toy distributor

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Well, this does make sense, because every fifth sale they make features a toy as well. We want a Happy Meal and we want it now!


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