27 Wholesome Posts From People Who Didn’t Want To A Pet At First

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People sometimes don’t realize that all they need is a dog. Having a canine in your life is a blessing and while dog lovers are well aware of that, others can learn that by chance. Once they allow a dog to become a part of their lives, things are never the same.

1. Storm

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Some people are lucky enough to welcome a dog in their lives they never knew would be a game-changer. In this case, one person found and kept Storm and they welcomed many foster dogs together.

2. The dad

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This person was against having a puppy at home but his wife did not listen and got one. The pupper stole the man’s heart and when she wanted to give the dog to their grandkids, he was against that.

3. The husband




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This person didn’t want another dog at home, as they had a couple already. In this case, the man quickly changed his mind and now they are constantly spending time together.

4. The friend

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This girl had trouble with the now ex-boyfriend. He didn’t want this dog and insisted on it. The girl thought about it and decided that she wasn’t into him, so she got her own place and then she got this dog.

5. The shelter dog

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This man did not want to go to the shelter because he didn’t want another dog but his significant other insisted on getting one particular pup. Now, the two of them are inseparable.

6. The carer

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This man only agreed to have a dog after his wife convinced him for a long time to do it. Today, he can share his 31 years of experience with dogs. The couple has 22 dogs today and they are all very happy.

7. Penelope


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This girl was hesitant to get a dog until it was time to take care of a puppy with a cleft lip. The dog fell in love with her and it was mutual, too. The next nine years were this person’s best period so far.

8. The princess 

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This person believed that getting a fourth dog was not a good idea but he still agreed. As you can see, he fell in love with Princess Cutie Pie and they are inseparable.

9. The puppy

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This woman agreed to foster a dog that happend to be very naughty. It tore apart her flat but in the end, she decided to keep the pup and it turned out to be the best decision in her life.

10. The problematic dog

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This person was hesitant to offer her home for a three-months-old puppy with a lot of problems regarding its behavior. The long weeks of dealing with the dog were quckly forgotten and the dog is now a loved family member.

11. The senior dog

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This person got attached to the senior dog his girlfriend brought home. He thought that it would be tough when she passes away one day. It happened two years later but they will cherish the sweet memories with her.

12. The husband

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This husband threatened to return the dog if it caused trouble at home but ended up being his guardian. He always made sure he was comfortable and safe all the time.

13. The dog lover

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This person was not willing to live with a couple of tiny dogs that belonged to his girlfriend but he eventually did. Within a few months, he changed his opinion and become so attached to them that he cuddled them constantly.

14. The sick dog

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Once this husband agreed to have foster dogs, they eventually brought a sick canine to take care of. He told his wife not to get attached but once the dog healed, he was the one to refuse to let her go.

15. Jade

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It seems that people who lose their dogs are not sure if they could handle that again. This family gave it another chance and adopted a dog within six months of losing their pet. Dad was attached the most.

16. Tippy

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It seems that dads are the ones who get attached to dogs the most. This person got Tippy but she became daddy’s girls and received all the treatment and the attention a child would get. That is awesome!

17. Josie

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This adopted lab became a family member after one girl convinced her parents. Years later, she moved out but her dad refused to let the dog go. The ex-military man was obsessed with Josie and loved her beyond words can describe.

18. The hard time

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This girl had a rough period because of her battle against her addiciton. She randomly browsed Facebook and came across Stella, the white pooch. Later, the other dog joined the family and she descoverd how beautiufl life is.

19. The funny dog

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One family adopted a dog left in front of the local shelter. They had nothing else to do but keep the weird canine. It turned out to be the best decision ever, as they are now inseparable.

20. Bo

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This is Bo, and you can see she was just a small puppy when this couple finally agreed to adopt her after one convinced the other. As you can se, she grew big and became an important part of their lives.

21. Cuda


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One family saw Cuda while driving to their grandma’s home. They eventually returned and fell in love with one of the puppies. Dad was reluctant about the idea but he saw the pup and could not say no.

22. The dogs

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The dogs you see here all belong to the same couple. They have been married for 26 years and counting. She never wanted dogs and he didn’t want more kids. They had two kids and you can count the dogs.

23. The Great Danes

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This couple had five cats and considered having a dog but they had no funds or space. They joked about adopting a Great Dane because of the breed’s size and this is what happened two years later.

24. The Rottweiler

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A woman refused to raise a Rottweiler because she felt intimidated by the breed but once she met Rocky, she was in love. He even became her guide dog when she suffered a stroke at 40 years of age.

25. The babies

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This dad didn’t want a dog but he welcomed the first one. Then he refused a second one but he got over that, too. The third shelter dog was almost not happening but you can see them now.

26. The love

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After a couple lost their beloved dog, it tooke them five years to get another one. The husband agreed but said that it was going to be his wife’s dog. Now, he and Howard are inseparable.

27. The grandpa

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When this grandpa’s dog passed away, he refused to have another canine. Still, he could not resist Delilah and you can see they are very close now.

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