28 Pics Showing The Brilliant Stuff A 3D Printer Can Create

Image Source: Reddit

We already live in the future! Just look around and see. Things we take for granted today were simply unthinkable just a couple of decades ago, and what was supposed to be science fiction in the 80’s is now part of our lives! Technology advances every second and we get to see more and more amazing things! In this case, we decided to take a look at the virtually limitless possibilities of a 3D printer! The technology is currently being developed but it already shows some amazing results! The list below contains some of the most fascinating things people have done using a 3D printer.

1. Here is something really cool to see

Image Source: Reddit

One person decided to use his son’s MRI data and put his 3D printer into action, creating a full-sized replica of his brain! It looks amazing and it must be a weird feeling holding it!

2. This is not the typical dress

Image Source: Imgur

If you really want to make an impression and sand out from the crow, all you need is this! The magnificent 3D-printed dress you see is absolutely mind-bending!

3. This took some time to build

Image Source: Reddit

By carefully designing and printing one part after another, this person was able to built an exact full-scale replica of Iron Man! The level of detail here is amazing and it looks like it could move any second!

4. All GoT fans would love to have this

Image Source: Pressa

It appears that someone was able to come up with something that is equally trendy and super cool to look at! This dragon lamp is a superb item and it is both a collector’s item and a practical device to have at home!

5. Here is one even more impressive Iron Man

Image Source: Reddit

Building a scale model of an action hero is one thing, but being able to construct a replica suit is a whole different level of craftsmanship! Someone was able to pull it off and the end result is absolutely stunning to see!

6. This is some sense of humor

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that you can really print just about anything using this technology, and witty items like this one are not match for a 3D printer! We guess that having a small one at home is guaranteed to keep you busy for hours!

7. Now this is one kind of home decoration we love seeing

Image Source: 4tololo

These futuristic items are a dream for everyone who seeks the interior they have always wanted but they cannot have due to unavailability in stores and shops. 3D printers allow you to print your own shape and design!

8. Here is neat little accessory 

Image Source: Reddit

Star Wars fans out there, you are likely to fall in love with this one! As you can see someone who is probably a fan of the Star Wars franchise came up with this clever pen holder, and we want one as well, despite not being top fans!

9. This chessboard is amazing

Image Source: Reddit

It is the little things that matter and this chessboard proves it! The tiny differences compared to a traditional one are what makes this set so special! The board is shaped like a puzzle, which is nice and easy to assemble, and the pawns are beautiful, too!

10. Here is another amazing idea

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there are no boundaries when it comes to one person’s love for their cat! In this case, the person wanted to show just how much the cat loved sitting in a box, so they made a scale model of the feline doing exactly that!

11. This is one really special robot

Image Source: Reddit

This BB-8 replica is amazing to see, but it is not just a dummy prop! It is a functional prototype created mostly by 3D printing by the student proudly standing next to it! It gets even better – she developed an application meant to control the prototype!

12. This is the amazing 3Dvarius 

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one absolute masterpiece which can make your jaw drop to the floor! It is as innovative as it could get, and we believe that the fact that we can see a 3D-printed electric violin is a big enough proof that the future is, in fact, now!

13. This is not your usual pen holder

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, there printers are mostly used in various industries and their importance would be greater and greater over time, but there are a lot of gadgets and accessories that could be made just for the fun of it! This Thanos-themed pen holder is a nice example of that and we would gladly get a few of these for the office!

14. Here is one rather creepy-looking accessory 

Image Source: Instagram

Well, here is something unusual that you don’t see everyday! Chances are that you have never seen this one in particular, too! We guess that a piece of plastic is more than enough to turn a sweet dog into a menacing creature! Let us hope that this never gets into mass production!

15. This is the Osteoid Medical Cast

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how you can combine style with health support accessories! This amazing cast is an attachable bone stimulator and it even won a design award! Of course, the award was well-deserved, because this thing is simply amazing!

16. Now this is what we call a scary outfit 

Image Source: Reddit

How would you feel if you were able to print a 3D replica of your own face? It sounds weird, right? Well, it is! But since it was designed as a Halloween costume and not just some random event, we guess it did the trick!

17. This wheelchair is awesome

Image Source: Instagram

Here is how technology could make a kitty happier than ever! The paralyzed back legs are not going to stop this feline from running around anymore! The 3D-printed device allows the pet to live life to the fullest!

18. This is as cool as a doorstop could get

Image Source: Imgur

Talking about cool stuff, this item is definitely going to be included in our must-have list! It looks awesome and we believe that the choice of themes and words is virtually limitless!

19. The shell kept this tortoise alive

Image Source: Pressa

This is what humanity is supposed to do! We need to help animals instead of destroying their habitat and population! The way these people recreated the tortoise shell is amazing!

20. This is the greatest gift ever

Image Source: Reddit

This cool souvenir was made by one person for his brother, who happened to be in a wheel chair and was just about to start his new career at Google, which makes the choice of souvenir to make even better!

21. Here is a shower head like no other

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that most people would never put such a thing in their bathrooms, but we would actually love to own and install one of these, but maybe a different color. it is an awesome 3D-printed piece!

22. This is another wholesome creation 

Image Source: Reddit

This cute crippled doggy got a really nice surprise when they made a walker that is one truly impressive custom build! We like the fact that people care about animals so much!

23. Here is another amazing creation 

Image Source: Reddit

This technology can help many people, and some of them are already enjoying what it could do for them! This person got a prosthetic arm and it looks really good!

24. Here is how visually impaired people can experience art

Image Source: Kknews

Now this is one really special way to use such a technology! We guess that it would matter a lot to all the people who will never be able to see the most famous paintings.

25. Here is another amazing prosthetic device

Image Source: Pinterest

3D printing already started making an impact in the medical industry and we have yet to see how it will be developed in time. The possibilities are endless and we are convinced that many people’s lives will be easier thanks to this amazing technology!

26. Automotive design and 3D printing combined result in such creations 

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that when it comes to vehicles, form is rarely more important than function, but this is not the case here. What you see is nothing less than a work of art! This is definitely the most beautiful wheel we have ever seen and we get to see it mass-produced, it would probably be mounted on a very exclusive model!

27. This is something we wish we had as teenagers 

Image Source: Reddit

This is the simple way a 16-year-old teen decided to prevent his nosy parents sneaking in his room! The best part is that he made the lock himself, which was close to impossible 10 or 15 years ago! Being able to do this in your own room using a printer is definitely super cool!

28. This is the coolest cast we have seen

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that wearing a cast is not the burden it used to be back in the day! The limb can be scratched and the skin can breathe, not to mention that the person wearing it can shower easily!

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