28 Times Cast Members Reunited Years Later For Epic Comparison Photos

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Have you ever felt nostalgic about a certain TV show that ended years ago? We feel that way about a lot of shows and movies! The feeling we get is that we would no longer get to see such quality productions, not to mention that our favorite actors’ level of talent will never be reached again. We guess that seeing the cast members of such a show or film years later would be really nice, although we might feel a bit older than we thought we were. If you want to know what that feels like, you would probably enjoy a list like the one below.

1. Lord of the Rings

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It is clear to see that the 16 years of difference between the two images is visible enough.

2. About Thelma & Louise

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The gorgeous movie legends basically look the same in the image taken 23 years after 1991.

3. Forrest Gump

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The second image was taken 20 years after the movie release in 1994!

4. Married with Children

Image Source: Ap / Amazon

The epic TV show is an all-time favorite! You can see the cast in 2014 compared to 1987.

5. That 70s Show

Image Source: Twitter / Amazon

The cast of the show is pictured in 1998 and fifteen years later. They look even better!

6. Friends

Image Source: Getty Images / Getty Images

These beautiful people age like true gods! They are photographed in 1994, 1994 and 2016.

7. Pretty Woman

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The cast of the epic movie is pictured below 26 years after the making,

8. Back to the Future

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Similarly to Pretty Woman, the cast is snapped 26 years after the movie premiered in 1990.

9. Maid in Manhattan

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The movie was released in 2002 and 12 later the main stars look just as fresh as they used to!

10. School of Rock

Image Source: GI / GI

These cute kids turned into beautiful adults ten years later, and Jack Black looks awesome, too!

11. Star Wars

Image Source: Amazon

The cast of the epic production is pictured 33 after the photo above which was taken back in 1980.

12. The Nanny

Image Source: Facebook / Amazon

This was a super funny show and the actors look amazing 23 years later!

13. Ghostbusters

Image Source: Twitter / Amazon

This was our favorite childhood movie. It was premiered in 1984 and the cast reunited in 2016.

14. Trainspotting

Image Source: Youtube / Amazon

We can’t believe this movie is so old! The image below was taken in 2017 and that is not Diane!

15. Harry Potter

Image Source: Instagram / Instagram

The fantastic actors are pictured twelve and thirteen years after the production of the first movie.

16. E.T

Image Source: Amazon

The cast of the iconic movie reunited with the director 30 years after the movie was produced.

17. The Princess Bride

Image Source: GI / Amazon

The actors reunited 25 years after it was released. Andre the Giant was sadly no longer among them.

18. Matilda

Image Source: Facebook / IMDB

Matilda was released in 1996 and the second photo of the movie cast was taken in 2013.

19. The X-Files

Image Source: GI / Amazon

There are 22 years between these images. The first one was taken in 1993 and it is hard to believe the movie is that old.

20. Titanic

Image Source: Instagram

We remember the premier but we find it hard to believe it was more than 20 years ago! The second pic is from 2017.

21. SATC

Image Source: GI / Amazon

The first episode was aired in June 1998 and the second image was taken in 2010.

22. Mean Girls

Image Source: Twitter / Amazon

The girls are just as pretty in 2014 as they were in 2004 when the movie was produced!

23. The Little Rascals

Image Source: Twitter / Alamy

Well, they are not so little anymore. They reunited in 2014, two decades after the movie was produced.

24. The Wonder Years

Image Source: Twitter / Twitter

It is nice to see how well everyone aged 26 years after they starred in the show for the first time

25. Star Trek: The Next Generation

Image Source: Imgur

The cast looks amazing 25 years after 1987 and the producer is proud to pose with them.

26. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Image Source: Instagram / Amazon

The cast members were snapped eight years after the making and they look as close as ever!

27. Lost

Image Source: Instagram / Amazon

This is definitely one of the best TV series ever and the actors look amazing ten years after 2004.

28. Lizzie McGuire

Image Source: Twitter / Amazon

Wow, it was 2001when the show started! The actors are still as cute as they were, despite the other photo was taken 14 years later.

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