30 ‘Dangerous’ Animals Behind Beware Of The Dog ‘Signs’

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Many people consider the ‘beware of the dog’ sign to be a vital part of the protection of their property. Some even put such a sign without having a dog inside! However, it rarely scares off thieves and is proven to be ineffective. The images below show that even if you have a dog at home, the sign could still have zero effect if the doggo has a friendly attitude! It is a lot of fun seeing these happy and funny animals next to such signs!

1. These people really know their cat

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that the cat might be the bigger problem for any thief here.

2. Not only the breed is different in comparison to the sign

Image Source: Reddit

This cute doggo is not scary at all but the sigh suggested something else.

3. You should not be scared by this canine

Image Source: Imgur

All you need to do now is give this good boy a nice belly rub!

4. It seems the sign is deceiving here

Image Source: Imgur

We do not believe that the pup seen on the right can be a bad dog!

5. Now this is more like it

Image Source: Thewisdomjournal

These people knew their pup’s abilities so they set up the appropriate sign.

6. It is not a dog but it would do a better job

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is what we call a good way to protect your yard from imposters!

7. Here is one relatively grumpy cat

Image Source: Imgur

It is not a dog but you would probably not want to mess with this kitty, too.

8. Joey is not a threat

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that what you need to do is go straight to Joey and pet him!

9. This is one super cute pup

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that the put carries the sign around to show a mean temper but it is not working.

10. There is no need to be afraid here

Image Source: Imgur

This cute dog simply wants to interact with someone and expects playtime to start soon.

11. You should be careful here

Image Source: Imgur

Sure enough, it is not a dog, but it is one very pissed off kitty which might be worse.

12. This French bulldog is not a threat

Image Source: Imgur

All this cutie can do is lick your arm and probably bark at you.

13. These are not the typical guard dogs

Image Source: Facebook

Well, there is nothing you could do here but have your heart melted.

14. Here are two buddies waiting to get some attention

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that the signs are deceiving and these two dogs would not harm anyone.

15. This pup is not fierce at all

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe someday the sign will actually be legit but for now it is not.

16. As long as the dog is sleeping like that, you should be okay entering the property

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that playtime was tiring for this dogs and a nap had to follow.

17. This doggy looks like a plush toy

Image Source: Twitter

We cannot get enough of cuties like this one here!

18. We would definitely enter

Image Source: 500px

We reckon there is no risk involved here at all and this is one good boy!

19. Here is another grumpy cat

Image Source: Imgur

This kitty looks kind of annoyed and is probably not a good idea to enter the property.

20. This image is like a screenshot from a movie

Image Source: Imgur

This curious and super cute dog is definitely not the menacing beast you would expect after reading the sign.

21. Here is a golden retriever guard

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that retrievers could not guard anything from you if you play with them.

22. Here is a curious property keeper

Image Source: Imgur

This is one curious dog and we believe it would appreciate all kinds of attention.

23. Well, it is not a dog but it will do

Image Source: Imgur

A horse is actually the better option to choose if you want people off your yard.

24. This must be a joke

Image Source: Imgur

The only way this dog could keep someone off is by barking as loud as it can!

25. Now this is some cat

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that this is the most accurate sign on the list so far! That is some cat!

26. The scorching sun took its toll

Image Source: Twitter

This doggo decided to take a nap and that makes the sign on the fence seem out of place.

27. The dog sheriff is in town

Image Source: Imgur

Despite the body posture awe believe that this doggo is all about cuddles!

28. This cutie just wants to say ‘hi’

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that everyone who would go to meet this dog would be greeted by a wagging tail.

29. You should be careful only not to step on this doggy

Image Source: Imgur

This sign needs to be reworked; the dog might get stepped on by accident and nobody wants that.

30. This face cannot scare anyone off

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that one look at this charming dog is enough to convince you the sign is not correct.

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