30 Pics Of Dogs Who Acted Cute And Funny While Riding In Cars

Image Source: Flickr

There is no secret that dogs love riding in cars! You have surely seen numerous moments when a vehicle passes by and a dog is sticking its head out the window. But there is more to that, as dogs are capable of all kinds of other goofy things while riding a car. The list below is dedicated to that. It is full of funny moments involving dogs riding inside vehicles.

1. The puppy

Image Source: Imgur

Here we have a responsible person who seems to be aware of the safety aspects of a trip. The puppy is very happy with the human’s decision and you can see that their trip will be fun.

2. The sleepy puppy

Image Source: Imgur

Some people always sleep when riding in a car and dogs obviously choose to do the same. This pupper appears to be napping peacefully and nothing can bother him.

3. The husky

Image Source: Imgur

There seems to be something about huskies: they are extremely curious and they always demand attention. This is how this doggo decided to seek some attention. What a clever dog!

4. The chilling dog

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes, you can’t tell if the pet is actually enjoying a car ride or not but this is not the case here. This awesome dog obviously loves traveling and looking out the window.

5. The hairy dog

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, this is one of the many dogs that love hanging out the window. This furry friend loves the wind and the effect created by its long hair is awesome. It looks like Chewbacca.

6. The waving dog

Image Source: Pinterest

This is one of the funniest images we have seen this week so far. This Doberman looks all comfy and cozy and he is waving friendly to whoever took that picture.

7. The sleeping dog

Image Source: Herald

Seeing how a dog can relax and have a peaceful nap is always nice but this dog fell asleep like that during a long car ride. It seems the dog has a lot of trust in his owner’s driving abilities.

8. The sunroof dog

Image Source: Pinterest

Here is yet another canine in love with traveling. The dog was smart enough to figure out that the sunroof was a great alternative to the side windows, and this happened later.

9. The unhappy dog

Image Source: Tuxboard

This dog is probably used to car rides but you can see there is something wrong here. This Boxer’s owners took him home and he wanted to play at the dog park some more!

10. The lounge

Image Source: Twitter

As we already mentioned, some dogs feel very safe when their owners are driving them around. This cutie even decided to use the car as a lounge and it works.

11. The pup holder

Image Source: Reddit

This part of the interior was surely designed for something different but we guess you could use it that way. As you can see, someone found the perfect thing to put inside. It is so cute!

12. The other pup holder

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that some people are not like others and they see things others don’t. This person saw the opportunity to use one of their cup holders and turn it into a pup holder!

13. The giant dog

Image Source: AC

When driving around town, one could hardly expect to see such a thing. This dog is enormous and we believe that it always rides the car like that.

14. The car seat

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something we never see but we guess that this happens from time to time. The owners of this dog bought a car seat for their doggo and it seems it was a great idea.

15. The happy doggo

Image Source: AC

There are moments in life that we could describe as “pure bliss” and this is one such moment. As you can see, this is probably the most favorite thing about this dog.

16. The toy

Image Source: Reddit

This person started to move house, meaning that their car was full of all kinds of things. The family dog found its first toy on the back seat and you can see its amazing reaction to it.

17. The goodbye

Image Source: Daily Edge

Sometimes, saying goodbye to your loved ones is no different than saying it to your pets, as they are equal family members. This doggo wanted a hug before the car drove, and got one!

18. The ride

Image Source: Reddit

This was probably a great ride and you can tell by the look on this sleeping dog’s face. It appears that dogs are much like kids; they fall asleep during longer rides.

19. The excited doggo


There i

Image Source: Reddit

s not much we could add as a caption here. This dog’s face says it all. It seems the trip ahead of the family would be a long one because the dog is very excited.

20. The wind

Image Source: Imgur

This is one of those images that could make us smile on a gloomy day. We guess that people with long-haired dogs know how much they love sticking their heads through the window.

21. The farting dog

Image Source: Imgur

This image speaks for itself. The person who posted it said how they felt one of the dogs’ farts. They turned around and immediately and saw this. You can tell the culprit right away.

22. The happy Husky

Image Source: Pinterest

People often get to see their dogs expressing emotions and this is an image that captured such a moment. Needless to say, the owner was probably just as happy.

23. The companion

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing like enjoying a good company when traveling. This person got the best company they could ask for and the canine seems to be relaxed, too.

24. The cheeks

Image Source: Flickr

The moment when a dog decides to stick its head out the window, you know that there will be fun moments. This is one image that captured such a moment.

25. The crackers

Image Source: Imgur

Dogs love to have treats every now and then. They would do anything to get one more treat and this is what this canine intended to do before things backfired massively!

26. The bliss

Image Source: Facebook

Here is one image that captured a dog’s pure joy from traveling. Riding inside a car for a long time is obviously this dog’s idea of utter bliss.

27. The playful dog

Image Source: Reddit

This canine obviously wanted to attract the humans’ attention and we bet it got what it wanted. Dogs can be cute only when they want something.

28. The smile

Image Source: Imgur

Well, this is not actually a smile but we guess it counts. This doggo wanted to feel the wind and it did. We got to see it, too!

29. The net

Image Source: Twitter

This is one way to keep your pet in the back seat. It seems most pet owners know hard it is to keep the dog in the back. This person needs another net for sure.

30. The mastiff

Image Source: WHR

It seems that one delivery driver has the perfect companion. He brings his dog along and the canine seems to enjoy spending the day in the van.

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