33 Times When Small Space Problems Were Resolved Using Clever Design

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We have seen thousands of great designs out there and we can tell you that no two are the same, especially when it comes to custom solutions created by skilled designers. Tight spaces are usually the biggest challenge people face when trying to come up with the best possible setup. The list below shows some of the best solutions to tight space problems imaginable.

1. The bed

Image Source: architecturendesign

Those who think that you cannot fit a full-sized bed in a small one-room condo need to see this solution and how cool it is.

2. The sliding bed

Image Source: architecturendesign

We love clever ideas and this drawer-style bed is such an idea! We have never seen such a thing before and it’s awesome.

3. The door

Image Source: craftsonfire

When there isn’t enough space on the walls. you can always install hangers on the door, just like in this picture.


Image Source: Home Designing

We never want to live inside an apartment with no soul and this one has a soul, mainly thanks to the clever design.

5. The desk

Image Source: luoow

Now, this is surely one of the coolest desks possible and we love how clever and elegant it is.

6. The rising beg

Image Source: architecturendesign

It appears that space-saving ideas are sometimes so amazing that they need to be introduced everywhere.

7. The wall desks

Image Source: luoow

Designers everywhere always try to push the envelope because they want to stand out from the crowd.

8. The mezzanine 

Image Source: architecturendesign

Having an open space interior is always nice to see and our favorite part is always the mezzanine.

9. The other loft

Image Source: architecturendesign

Trying to come up with witty space-saving ideas is easier when you have a loft to work with.

10. The bookshelf

Image Source: trulia

We really love how people often use small spaces and fill them with tiny rafts and cabinets.

11. The bed

Image Source: architecturendesign

Thinking outside the box is key when you need to furnish a tiny home and the one you see hee is awesome!

12. The folding bed

Image Source: architecturendesign

We love how this setup saves valuable space and looks cool despite its primary function.

13. The containers

Image Source: katheats

We are absolutely sure that everyone would love to adopt this idea and use it in their kitchen.

14. The raised bed

Image Source: architecturendesign

Tiny homes around the world are becoming more and more popular. This is how a typical room inside one looks like.

15. The bed

Image Source: architecturendesign

Using the valuable space under the stairs is a must – you can obviously fit a master bed underneath!

16. The TV stand

Image Source: architecturendesign

We never thought that we would see a folding bed mechanism that is as clever as the one you see. We love it!

17. The makeup corner

Image Source: amazon

Trying to find space for a makeup corner at home can be hard but this solution is one that everyone could use.

18. The fridge

Image Source: Pinterest

Here is how you can utilize the space inside any fridge, especially if you cannot fit a bigger one at home.

19. The cabinet

Image Source: Instagram

This cabinet with a built-in folding table is the best solution for small lofts and tiny kitchens.

20. The shelves

Image Source: 4men1lady

Trying to come up with an idea for yor shelves is hard when you lack the space but not impossible, obviously!

21. The corner

Image Source: architecturendesign

We guess that everyone can utilize the space inside their home by using the space under the stairs

22. The triple beds

Image Source: wayfair

Having a kids’ room with three beds is almost impossible in most flats but this is one solution that would work.

23. The bicycle

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how this folding bicycle can save valuable storage space, especially if you store it inside a flat.

24. The twin beds

Image Source: architecturendesign

Nobody would suspect there are two beds inside those cabinets. We like the interior color combination as well.

25. The folding coffee table

Image Source: aptdeco

Now, this is one of the simplest yet creative and convenient pieces of furniture we have ever seen. We want one of these.

26. The folding bed

Image Source: architecturendesign

Here is one neat and clever setup that saves valuable space and adds a unique note to this interior.

27. The high shelves

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is what we call an amazing idea! We guess that many people out there would love to incorporate this into their designs.

28. The bed

Image Source: Facebook

Having a bed that has a built-in wardrobe and even a playroom is awesome, as we can see here.

29. The sofa

Image Source: architecturendesign

We believe that this is one of the best designs on this list and it looks great in its two different versions.

30. The close-up

Image Source: architecturendesign

Part of this interior was shown earlier on the list but this is a closer look of the awesome raised bed.

31. The folding counter

Image Source: architecturendesign

We guess that every interior would benefit from adding such a feature in the living room.

32. The diner

Image Source: Reddit

Having insufficient space inside your diner? Here is one truly awesome idea you can borrow.

33. The sliding cabinet

Image Source: Reddit

This solution can be extremely important for the proper storage of goods inside a tiny kitchen.

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