42 Designers Who Came Up With Solutions That People Will Remember Forever

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Image Source: Reddit

Interior design is a tricky and responsible job that not everyone is capable of doing. You need vision, education, and talent. Despite all the knowledge they have, some designers still choose the features that make people wonder what were they thinking when creating the design. The list below shows good examples.

1. The stove

Image Source: Reddit

It is obvious that this stove is not the most good-looking.

2. The ceiling fan 

Image Source: Reddit

This fan would be completely useless because of the way it is installed.

3. The window

Image Source: Reddit

The facade looks good but the interior design is not as good-looking.

4. The tiles

Image Source: toppstiles

Someone chose the wrong tiles here, and the installation is even worse.

5. The toilet

Image Source: Reddit

We wish they flushed the water down before taking this picture.

6. The TV

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever designed this interior needs to reconsider their career choice.

7. The tiles 

Image Source: Reddit

Using magic cards to cover an entire floor is a controversial idea.

8. The staircase 

Image Source: Reddit

This staircase is not only weird but also potentially dangerous, we guess.

9. The tile counter

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that this counter will always look like it has mold on top of it.

10. The door

Image Source: Reddit

Bathroom doors need to ensure privacy but this one is the exact opposite of that.

11. The bathroom 

Image Source: Facebook

This is one bathroom that we would be scared to use, to be honest.

12. The other bathroom 

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how carpet definitely does not belong to any bathroom.

13. The lush bathroom 

Image Source: Instagram

We know that everyone has a different taste but this bathroom is just plain weird.

14. The design 

Image Source: Reddit

This home is obviously all about the design – functionality is not key here, obviously.

15. The bedroom 

Image Source: Reddit

Bedrooms need to be private but this sliding glass door is anything but private.

16. The shark 

Image Source: Reddit

This toilet is the most lavish and weird one we have ever seen.

17. The doors

Image Source: estately

Half of this entrance is fake – you can easily see why it cannot be used.

18. The bathtubs 

Image Source: trautwein

This is the first time we see double bathtubs and they look kind of weird.

19. The wooden staircase 

Image Source: zillow

Nobody should try to climb or go down these stairs while drunk or tired.

20. The blinds

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that shower curtains were replaced with blinds for some weird reason.

21. The edge

Image Source: Reddit

This floor edge is almost invisible and accidents could happen any second.

22. The stove

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, this is not the best kind of kitchen organization.

23. The shower

Image Source: photoshelter

Walking under this shower seems impossible and we believe this is not a practical design.

24. The washing machine

Image Source: Pikabu

We have seen a lot of interior designs but this one tops all of them.

25. The carpet

Image Source: Reddit

For some weird reason, this carpet is raised in the corner of the room and it looks out of place.

26. The fridge

Image Source: Reddit

Not being able to fit the fridge means you must become creative instantly.

27. The fridge 

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of curious ways to install a fridge but this tops everything else.

28. The suite

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one room that looks like the decor of some horror movie.

29. The ceiling  

Image Source: Reddit

Here, this is one of those interior solutions that seem to be completely out of place.

30. The door

Image Source: Reddit

The door you see here was probably a nice design but it is very impractical.

31. The stairs

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that only stuntmen would be brave enough to go up and down these stairs every day.

32. The bathroom 

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that adding carpet to a bathroom is a new trend we don’t want to see more of.

33. The bathtub 

Image Source: Reddit

This looks like a weird interpretation of the style widely used in the 1950s.

34. The colors

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure why people do things like this but it is all a matter of preferences, we guess.

35. The toilet 

Image Source: henryfranks

It might look like a weird decision but we think this toilet seat might actually be useful.

36. The rocks

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one of the weirdest and probably most uncomfortable toilets we have seen.

37. The other toilet seat

Image Source: Reddit

Trying to have peace of mind here is absolutely impossible, we believe.

38. The bathroom with no door

Image Source: Reddit

This person thought that it was a good idea to have a toilet without a door.

39. The drain

Image Source: Reddit

This drain was supposed to be in the lowest possible place inside the bathroom but it is not.

40. The checkered tiles 

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how weird tiling could look if they choose a pattern that literally hides stairs.

41. The beam

Image Source: Reddit

This hallway was blocked by this huge beam that was obviously put there for a reason.

42. The sink

Image Source: Reddit

There was probably an idea behind this design but we don’t understand it.

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