50 Of The Rarest Photos Showing Little Know Side Of Things

Image Source: Reddit

It is always curious to see a different side to something you have been familiar with your whole life and it is even better if you see something for the first time ever. In some cases you might actually be shocked or intrigued, but chances are that you would also be amused. This is what the list below is about!

1. The baby flamingo

Image Source: Reddit

The flamingo is too cute when still a baby!

2. The potato warehouse

Image Source: Reddit

Good luck with peeling all those potatoes!

3. The biscuit factory

Image Source: Reddit

We never kenw how they make these patterns but now we do!

4. The heavy container

Image Source: Imgur

It weighs fifty pounds and it is meant to carry radioactive materials such as special pills.

5. The craters

Image Source: Reddit

Those Verdun craters are not there by accident; they were created in WWI.

6. The vinyl record

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, this is how a record looks like before it is pressed flat!

7. The clean scar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Image Source: Reddit

The skin in the scarred area on this person’s forearm remains clean all the time.

8. The giant footprint

Image Source: Reddit

This is a dinosaur footprint and one lucky person found it and took a photo.

9. The strontium atom

Image Source: Ox.ac.uk

This award-winning image shows a strontium atom and it is a curious thing to see!

10. The strawberry

Image Source: Reddit

This is a close-up image of a strawberry and it looks extraordinary!

11. The decompos

Image Source: Reddit

The plant looks like a weird piece of art and it is beautiful in some way.

12. The Solar eclipse

Image Source: Apod.nasa.gov

We guess that this is one of the biggest shadows possible!

13. The behind the scenes action

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how some of the scenes in Baby Driver were filmed!

14. The space suit

Image Source: car.pege.org

We have never seen a part of a real space suit before!

15. The elephant tail

Image Source: Reddit

We have never thought about how this tail looked like from up close!

16. The salt mine

Image Source: Reddit

Salt mines have low ceilings and require special machinery.

17. The Boeing 787

Image Source: Reddit

Here is the interior of an 787 when it is empty.

18. The virus

Image Source: Reddit

The image was taken under a microscope and was later processed.

19. The amethyst geode

Image Source: Reddit

This is probably the biggest one in the world, and is surely the biggest we ever saw!

20. The palm print

Image Source: Imgur

This is the bacteria on an 8-year-old kid’s hand after playing outside.

21. The net roof

Image Source: Reddit

The net was almost entirely covered in snow, and created a surreal feel to it.

22. The Earth layers

Image Source: Geograph.ie

This is the perfect display of millions of years of erosion.

23. The amazing ways of nature

Image Source: Makataka.ru

Here is proof that nature can create perfect and symmetrical forms and patterns!

24. The Albino raccoon

Image Source: Reddit

We never knew these cuties existed! They are gorgeous!

25. The dark side of the moon

Image Source: NASA

A spacecraft was able to photograph the dark side of the moon!

26. The minerals inside this agate shell

Image Source: Reddit

This is someting really gorgeous and curious at the sime time!

27. The special globe

Image Source: Reddit

This is a brilliant invention – a globe for the visually impared.

28. The transparent frog

Image Source: Photowildlifetours.com

This is the so-called glass frog and it looks extraordinary!

29. The different auroras

Image Source: Newsini

These are some of the most mesmerizing things one could see.

30. The big ice crystals

Image Source: Reddit

These huge crystals allow you to see the structure of the ice

31. The pregnant animal

Image Source: Makataka.ru

It is amazing the kind of things an X-ray can reveal!

32. The salt grains

Image Source: Reddit

This is how salt looks under a microscope

33. The nervous system

Image Source: Reddit

This is an actual human nervous system and it is intact!

34. The Easter Island heads

Image Source: Forbes.com

It turned out these heads had bodies!

Image Source: Eisp.org

We actually expected that this would be true.

Image Source: Eisp.org

We guess it took a lot of effort for these to be built.

35. The ultraviolet camera effect

Image Source: Makataka.ru

This is the best way to demonstrate how an ultraviolet camera works.

36. The pavement machine

Image Source: Reddit

This is one clever way to create a paved road and we like it a lot!

37. The Lily pad

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how interesting a Lily pad looks from underneath!

38. The theatre

Image Source: Reddit

Looking at a theatre from behind the stage is glorious!

39. The whale

Image Source: Imgur

We could all guess which part of the whale this is, right?

40. The top of Mount Everest

Image Source: Imgur

We definitely expected something completely different!

41. The pearls 

Image Source: Reddit

It is really curious to see how pearls look like on the inside!

42. The cornea transplant

Image Source: Imgur

We have never seen a close-up on such an eye before!

43. The poles

Image Source: Reddit

We have always thought that this would be the only way for these to be installed.

44. The traffic control center

Image Source: Imgur

Beijing is a huge city and this is how they control the traffic there!

45. The piece of cinnamon 

Image Source: Reddit

This is how fresh cinnamon looks like! We had no idea!

46. The fire extinguishing system

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how the system works in case of a fire at an airport hangar!

47. The fire hydrant

Image Source: Reddit

This is a part of the process of installing a fire hydrant.

48. The escalator

Image Source: Reddit

This escalator was probably being serviced and it is fully exposed for us to see!

49. The reporter

Image Source: Instagram

Live broadcasting requires some serious gear!

50. The heart

Image Source: Мedia.cleveland.com

This is how a heart looks like when cleaned to perfection!

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