8 Examples of People Who Definitely Got A Bit Extreme

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There are people out there who take thing things a bit too far. They do so for various reasons. A lot of them are just bored. Others can’t stand their family or friends. There are so many reasons. There are more reasons than can be listed here.

A lot of people just take things to an extreme in order to entertain others. That is a pretty common reason, actually. A lot of people find it very important to be entertaining. I can sort of relate to that desire. Being entertaining isn’t easy, by the way; even being mildly amusing can be a challenge.

Here are nine examples of people who got a bit extreme.

1. The Chef and the Shrek Head

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This person clearly has a lot of talent; he is also sort of creepy, I think. Where is the rest of Shrek’s body? This could really disturb a small child.

I am embarrassed to admit I never saw a “Shrek” movie, and I’m not sure why not. It won an Academy Award, so it must be pretty good. It also made over $500 million. The fact that there have been multiple sequels goes to show there’s a lot to like about the franchise. From what I understand, they’re making a fifth movie—it should be released next year.

Shrek is voiced by Mike Myers, and I’m definitely a fan of his. Years ago, “Saturday Night Live” was actually sort of funny, and Mike Myers was part of the cast back then. He was brilliant. I really like the “Wayne’s World” movies, too. I saw the first one recently, and it actually held up pretty well. The second one wasn’t great, but it also wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

I had forgotten how many big names were in the first movie. For example, Alice Cooper showed up in it; so did Rob Lowe. Cooper actually played himself. It was pretty funny. It also had quite the effect on pop culture in general.

I had also forgotten that the film was hugely successful at the box office and the critics actually loved it. It really makes me wonder why no one is making Wayne’s World 3. Wayne and Garth can become major YouTube stars in their 50s. Wayne’s teenaged children can be extremely embarrassed by their dad and his wacky friend as they grow less mature because of their newfound fame. The movie practically writes itself. Hollywood is so obsessed with sequels, but they never make the sequels I actually want to see.

If there’s a studio bigshot reading this, feel free to contact me for more ideas.

Speaking of Mike Myers, I saw the new “Halloween” movie recently. In case you’re unaware, the bad guy from that film is named Michael Myers, which is an odd coincidence. Anyway, the movie was pretty good. You should check it out if you haven’t already. I have an idea for a sequel to that one, too, which would take the series in a whole different direction. I just need a chance!

2. The Ketchup and the Fries

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No one needs this much ketchup. This is definitely a bit extreme. I do love ketchup, of course; who doesn’t? It is one of the best condiments out there.

My uncle has this weird thing when it comes to hamburgers. He’s a pretty weird guy in general. He wants ketchup on the burger, of course, but he also insists on a squirt of mustard. If the restaurant can’t put mustard on the burger, he won’t get the burger. It has to be a certain kind of mustard, too; it has to be that bright yellow stuff. Other types of mustard just won’t cut it.

What I’ll never understand is people who put mayonnaise on their burgers. I can’t stand the stuff, true, but I like to think that I wouldn’t consider the idea even if I did. For one, you’re just making your burger even unhealthier.

There’s a restaurant chain with which you might be familiar called Ruby Tuesday. For a long time there, I figured all of the restaurants were in the United States, but I was mistaken. You can enjoy a Ruby Tuesday meal in, for example, Egypt. I like to think that I wouldn’t eat at the Ruby Tuesdays if I went to Egypt, but I’m kidding myself; I definitely would.

Anyway, Ruby Tuesday used to always put mayo on their burgers. It drove me nuts. If you forgot to ask for no mayo, your meal was ruined! Happily, that policy has changed. The salad bar was kind of crappy for a while, too. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but it has definitely gotten a lot better in the United States.

3. The Towel and the Cockroach

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Someone is extremely afraid of cockroaches. It might be too extreme a fear.

I don’t really like cockroaches, and I don’t think I have ever met a person who does. They’re gross-looking, for one. It is also weird that they have been around for over 300 million years. They’re definitely pretty strong as a species. They were around when the dinosaurs ruled the Earth, and they will be around long after humanity is wiped out.

I had no idea that people eat cockroaches. Apparently, some people do. For example, in Thailand, you might be able to enjoy a tasty boiled cockroach. The thought makes me sick, but I guess some people like them! You can also eat fried cockroaches in Taiwan.

4. The Hot Dogs

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Someone definitely loves hot dogs very, very much. That’s a pretty extreme love for a food that isn’t particularly healthy for you. They are delicious, sure, but you probably shouldn’t eat them every day. There’s a lot of fat in most hot dogs, and most are also quite high in sodium. They also pose a choking risk, apparently, especially to children. That’s why you should always cut up hot dogs before you serve them to children.

I was surprised to learn that Americans eat roughly 20 billion hot dogs each year. Roughly 100 million of those hot dogs are sold by the convenience store 7-Eleven, which doesn’t really surprise me. For one, there are 7-Elevens everywhere these days. There are over 66,000 stores, and they can be found in 17 countries, including Canada, Australia, and Japan.

5. The Multiplayer Game

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Back in days before every device in your house was connected to the internet, you had to actually interact in person with other people if you wanted to play a multiplayer video game. Those were dark days indeed—it was easy to cheat, for one. I know I regularly did. It was really hard to not look at the other person’s portion of the screen.

Televisions were also a lot smaller then. It was obnoxious.

There are a lot of great video games that I wish they would remake. They kind of remade “Goldeneye”, which was a favorite of mine when I was a kid, but it just wasn’t as good as the original. They did remake the Nintendo 64 “Zelda” games, which was great. Those were a lot of fun back in the day, and they’re still a good time.

6. The Fan of Ribs

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There aren’t many things I’d run into a burning building to save. Frankly, there aren’t many people I’d risk my life to save. I am extremely afraid of getting burned, actually. I hear that’s one of the most painful ways to go.

I definitely wouldn’t run into a burning building to save food. This guy clearly has a love for ribs that could be characterized as extreme.

I would likely risk my life to save my dog. He irritates me most of the time, and he only interacts with me when he wants something, but the thought of him suffering nonetheless makes me sad. There are a few of my neighbors I would probably risk my life to save. When it comes to most of them, though, I would just probably just phone the fire department and hope for the best. It isn’t like I have any training, after all, and there is a fire station just down the road. Why should I put myself at risk when the firemen are less than a mile away? It’s a nice station, too; I have been inside. That is top-of-the-line equipment.

Anyway, I hope this guy enjoyed his ribs. He certainly earned that meal.

7. The Cricket Fan

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When I hear about people who are fans of cricket, I naturally assume they are fans of the sport.
This person is a fan of a different kind of cricket. I didn’t realize there were many people out there who are enormous fans of the insect; this guy clearly is. I am not sure why, but it isn’t really any of my business.

Apparently, some people keep them as pets. That strikes me as curious. They only live for about three months, after all. It must be difficult getting really attached to a cricket in such a short period of time. I know people also make crickets fight, which is kind of mean, but it is a pretty popular “sport” in certain areas OF the world.

don’t see the appeal of a pet cricket, but people have been keeping them as pets for thousands of years, so there must be something to the practice.

8. The Breakfast

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I am guessing that the roommate in this case hates mornings in an extreme way. I understand. I hate mornings, too. The last thing I want to do in the morning is prepare breakfast, but sometimes you’re hungry when you wake up.

You know what’s a great way to start the day if you wake up and want to put something in your stomach? You should try a can of soup. It sounds a bit out there, I know, but you’ll probably like it after you give it a try. In general, a can of soup is pretty good for you. There aren’t many calories in most soups, and pretty much every soup out there contains vegetables. Very few of us eat as many vegetables as we should. It is also very easy to eat up a can of soup. If you’re really lazy in the mornings, like I am, you can put the soup in a microwavable container at night. Then, in the morning, all you have to do is stick it in the microwave and press a few buttons. You’ll be enjoying a nice warm meal in four minutes or less. Personally, I recommend beef barely soup in the mornings. I get my beef barely soup from the grocery chain Wegmans. You can get a can for a couple of bucks. It is a nice, healthy, inexpensive way to start your day!

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