9 Examples Of People Who Found The Humor In Life

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If you don’t try to find humor in life, you might as well just give up on it all. Isn’t it true that laughing is one of the reasons that life is worth living? Laughing and feeling superior to others are two of the five or so major reasons that existing on this planet is remotely tolerable.

We all like to be around the people that make us laugh and who find the humor in almost everything. At times, it takes a lot of effort; still, there is almost always something to laugh about. Even a great line from your favorite sitcom can be enough to keep one going.

Here are ten examples of people who managed to find the humor in life.

1. The Sign For the Restrooms

Image Source: Reddit

I appreciate the person who found the humor in this sign. A line for mankind would be sort of long. What if you had to pee really badly?

I know I sound neurotic, but I really hate public restrooms. I always approach them with fear in my heart. You just never know what you’re going to get. There are places near my home I simply won’t go to because I know how disgusting their restrooms tend to be. On the flip side, there are a lot of places I choose to go to because they keep their restrooms extremely clean. They must have someone in there every five minutes scrubbing the floors—you never smell a thing.

There is this bar near where I live that attracts a huge crowd the night before Thanksgiving. I used to go when I was a bit younger and hipper. At the time, the bar had a large porch on which you could drink and smoke cigarettes. On the eve of Thanksgiving, they would also set up portable toilets on the porch because the regular restrooms just weren’t enough. There were too many people. The smell on that porch was awful. Everyone hung out there, though. Think about the combination of smells on that porch. There was the smell of cheap beer, body odor, cigarette smoke, and human waste. It is enough to make you throw up. Several people did, but that may have been because of the alcohol.

2. The Hair

Image Source: Reddit

If you squint, you can see that the woman in this picture has a towel on her head. That’s why the hair looks like it does.

At first, I thought that the woman looked a bit like Alfalfa from “Our Gang”. If you are not familiar, you are missing out. If you have ever seen “The Little Rascals”, a movie that came out in 1994, you know what I’m talking about. It wasn’t the best movie, but people seemed to like it at the time.

The “Our Gang” short movies weren’t the best either, really. Still, a lot of people remember them fondly. Most of those people are super old; they stopped making those films in 1944.

In case you are wondering, the kid that played Alfalfa is dead. He was apparently shot by someone he knew because he owed that guy money. That is a sad way to go out; however, he was a childhood star, and their endings are usually pretty tragic.

When I think of childhood starts that turned out pretty well, I often think of Jason Bateman. He was on “Silver Spoons” back in the 1980s. He now plays the main character on “Arrested Development”. I am still waiting for the second half of that season, Netflix! What is taking so long? Why are you breaking seasons into two parts? I don’t understand the strategy, especially when you make people wait five years in between seasons.

Sadly, I don’t think there will be a season six of “Arrested Development”, so I do hope they end the series on a satisfying note.

3. The Sign

Image Source: Reddit

I have seen Hollywood several times. I have seen the Hollywood sign several times. This particular sign is only slightly less impressive, frankly. The building kind of looks like a building you’d see in the slummier parts of Los Angeles. The great parts of that city are beautiful; the other parts are depressing and sort of scary.

I’m not sure why that sign is still up. It was part of an advertisement for houses. That development was completed almost 100 years ago.

I wouldn’t recommend moving to Los Angeles. The weather, frankly, isn’t as good as you might think. It gets cold there at night. The people are not as good looking as you might expect. Do not get me started on the traffic. You might as well not even drive between the hours of three in the afternoon and seven in the evening, especially on a Friday. Just stay where you are. You’ll get home from work eventually.

4. The Comment About the Driving

Image Source: Instagram

I did not know anyone actually commented about other people’s driving in such a fashion. You always see the stickers and the decals on the cars, but you kind of have to assume that no one bothers actually calling in to make a comment. I always assumed that, anyway. Apparently, I was wrong.

Who tries to make friends like that? I am assuming the message was less about friendship and more about attraction; still, it seems like a weird way to try to get a date. I suppose it is a pretty bold move, so that should be respected.

5. The Shoes

Image Source: Instagram

The problem here is that this product is a combination of ugly and pointless. If there is fuzz on the inside of the shoe, the holes are sort of pointless. From what I understand the “fuzz” is removable, but it is still kind of a stupid product. Where would you wear those things?
I really have nothing against the shoes per se; it is just that when I see someone wearing them I always wonder why. Why would one make the decision to wear that particular type of shoe? I guess it could be a foot odor thing. I guess the holes help in regard to that.
Is it the colors they come in? I just don’t get the appeal. I guess they are relatively cheap as far as shoes go. I saw a pair available for sale for under ten dollars. Then again, they might have been used, and I myself wouldn’t want to wear shoes that another person has worn. That’s only slightly less gross than wearing used underwear as far as I am concerned.

6. The Deer Head

Image Source: Instagram

I’ll never really understand why people keep stuffed dead animals in their home. I find it sort of morbid. If I had one, I’d look at it and think about my own mortality. That’s not what you want to do when you’re sitting around trying to enjoy a drink or an episode of your favorite television show.

In regard to this particular dead animal head, I don’t think I approve of painting it pink and decorating it with jewelry. It isn’t that I care so much about the animal itself. The creature is dead, after all, and doesn’t know it has been painted pink. The thing that disturbs me, frankly, is that someone recommended it would be great in a teen girl’s room.

Imagine you have a teenage daughter and you hang this in her room. First of all, if she were to let you, I would be sort of concerned about her mental state and making appointments with a psychologist. That’s just not a normal thing. A lot of teen girls do like pink, but they are generally not a fan of dead animals that also happen to be pink.

Furthermore, this would not be a great conversation starter for your teenage daughter. You should want your kids to have a healthy, normal social life. Your daughter would not have one if her friends saw this hanging from her wall.

Fifty dollars is a pretty good price, though. If you’re trying to scare people away from your teenage daughter, this might not be the worst investment in the world.

7. The Condom and the Shirt

Image Source: Instagram

I can’t honestly say I have ever purchased a shirt and gotten a free condom with it. I don’t think I know anyone who has. I would not really trust that condom to be effective.

This is creepy, and I also know about the shirt. I’m no fashion expert, but it doesn’t seem like the sort of shirt that women would be attracted by. That seems like the sort of shirt you would wear to your office job on a Tuesday. I don’t really like the pink and the blue; it reminds me of a nursery.

Based on my very limited research, men should always wear red. It is a powerful color. Women find those men attractive. Men also really like women who are wearing red. The bottom line, apparently, is that everyone should be wearing red at all times.

8. The Keychain

Image Source: Instagram

I sort of want to know where to get this keychain. Then again, I am an enormous fan of the US version of “The Office”.

Even though he was a jerk at times, the character of Michael Scott was extremely endearing. The sad thing was that he really did want to be friends with his co-workers; he wanted to be friends with anyone who would give him the time of day, really.

All he ever wanted to do was settle down and have a family, and for seven years we watched him wait for that to happen. He did a few pretty terrible things, and he was extremely awkward, but you knew that his heart was in the right place.

I love how his character’s story ended, and I’m sorry that he probably won’t be in another season—if they make one. Chances are they will make one. Hollywood has run out of ideas, so they’re basically rebooting or making new episodes of every show that was ever popular. There are constantly rumors that they will make another season of “The Office”; I have also heard that they are thinking about making another season of “Wings”, which wasn’t even very popular the first time around.

9. The Face

Image Source: The Chive

There is something about this guy’s face that is a tad unsettling. I also don’t know why he is carting around junk.

Then again, there are those sorts out there who will pick almost anything left by the side of the road. When I was in college, students would leave their unneeded furniture by the side of the road. We are talking about pieces of furniture stained by food and various liquids—I don’t even want to think about what some of those liquids were.

Somehow, however, that furniture always ended up disappearing. If you’re desperate, you will take almost anything. Sometimes you just don’t have money for a new couch, so you take what you can get.

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