9 Funny Pictures That Are Definitely A Bit Alarming

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Laughing, as you probably know, is very good for you. It can, for example, ease pain. It most definitely reduces stress. It is hard to be stressed when you’re laughing. That’s why situational comedies have been around for decades—and they continue to make new ones all of the time. Every time your favorite sitcom ends, a new one starts.

Unfortunately, you can’t spend all of your time watching television. I have tried, but it is impossible. You need to do something else eventually. That’s why the internet is so great. If you’re bored with television, there are websites to keep you entertained. If you are like me, you are probably looking at websites while you are watching television.

Sometimes, though, funny things can be a bit alarming. Here are ten funny pictures that might disconcert you just a little bit.

1. The Advertisement

Image Source: Twitter

Apparently someone in the marketing department at Arby’s was having a bad day. He or she might have really hated her job, because this is kind of stupid. Also, who goes to Arby’s for fish? I would have to be starving really bad to eat a fish sandwich from Arby’s.

It isn’t that I have anything against Arby’s. In fact, I love their roast beef sandwiches. They are delicious, and that is probably why there are over 3,000 Arby’s in the world. I had no idea you could get an Arby’s sandwich in Qatar, but you apparently can. I am sort of surprised by that—I don’t really know why, though.

Still, when it comes to fish and seafood, I’m pretty picky. I’ll only eat it if it comes from a good restaurant or a shop that I trust. For example, I will eat sushi from Wegmans, which is a great supermarket chain. If you’ve never been to a Wegmans, you haven’t really lived. Their prepared meals are the best. Sadly, there aren’t that many of them—there are less than 100 stores in the United States. However, they still manage to make over $8 billion in revenue, which proves they know what they are doing.

There is a restaurant down the street from me that basically only sells seafood. That’s what they specialize in and what they’re good at preparing. I have never had a bad meal there. If they made a fish sandwich, I would eat it. In fact, I have. I just don’t trust Arby’s to make a good fish sandwich.

2. The Warning Poster

Image Source: Reddit

Gerry sounds like an interesting guy. The fact that he works at an electronics store sort of explains the supply of HDMI cords. I still have questions, though.

For example, why does he have an enormous supply of the cords? Maybe that’s a perk of his job—you can just take all the cords you want. That’s kind of a lame perk, true, but I guess it is better than nothing.

Why is he giving cords to people’s wives? Let’s just assume for a second that he is trying to have relations with those wives. I’m not an expert on picking up women, but I’ve never known a woman who gets really aroused by cords. If you give her a really nice television she might fool around with you, but a cord?

I guess we have all had that creepy neighbor experience. There is always that one person in the building or in the neighborhood. I sometimes worry that I am currently the creepy neighbor. I don’t think the person that lives in the place next to me likes me very much; then again, I don’t think she likes anyone.

This is definitely a pretty funny poster, but I think the joke about the poisoning sort of crosses the line.

3. The Fish and the Eye

Image Source: BBC

Remember how I was writing earlier about how I am very specific in regard to where I purchase fish and seafood. This is why. I couldn’t see the place down the street altering the eyes of their fish.

That’s a weird thing to do. Maybe it is a thing in Kuwait—I don’t know, as I have never been there.

I had never really considered visiting Kuwait until recently. After a bit of research, though, I’d consider checking it out. I probably wouldn’t eat the fish, though, considering that picture. Apparently they make a lot of television there, and I do like television. The theatre scene is apparently pretty cool, and there are a lot of music festivals. There’s an opera house, and that would be interesting; I am not a big opera fan, but I went to one once and it wasn’t so bad. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing an opera in Kuwait.

Speaking of the Middle East, I have always wanted to visit Israel—for the history. However, I have been seeing a lot of commercials lately for this organization that promotes touring Israel, and they’re focusing less on history and more on the fact that there is apparently a pretty active nightlife situation going on in Tel Aviv. Everyone looks like they are having a really great time. Is Israel now the place you go to party? If you watch the news at all, you wouldn’t think so, but I could be wrong!

4. The Cans of Coke

Image Source: Reddit

I hope there are not people out there over the age of seven who don’t know that fifteen Is three more than twelve. That’s pretty basic stuff.

I do not think that needed to be pointed out by the Coca Cola Company; then again, I have never technically worked in marketing or product design. Still, it seems like someone got a bit lazy.

If you are the creative sort, you might want to consider getting a marketing job. I had no idea that marketing jobs pay as well as they do. For example, a market research analyst typically earns over $60,000. If you are a manager of some sort, there is a good chance you are making more than $100,000.

5. The Sign and the Restaurant

Image Source: Reddit

I think the sign about using condiments is pretty funny. Someone on staff has a fun sense of humor. I didn’t find it inappropriate at all. I bet a lot of people laughed as they drove by this restaurant.
Apparently, though, someone had to ruin it by complaining. The sign had to be changed.

I would not want to hang out with the person who complained about the sign. I really loathe people who complain about everything and are easily offended. I know a couple of people like that. It is like they are actively looking for reasons to be ticked off. I just don’t understand that mindset.

I have actually never eaten at a Sonic Drive-In, and I’m not sure why I have not done so. The food is supposed to be pretty good. The closest one is over forty minutes away, though, and I doubt the food is good enough to warrant such a drive. It is strange that there isn’t a closer one, as there are over 3,000 Sonic restaurants in the United States. The company, which is headquartered in Oklahoma City, employs over 9,000 people and is apparently pretty profitable. If you ever drive by one and you like hamburgers, you should probably give it a shot.

6. The Liquor and the Disco

Image Source: The Chive

I am a bit too young to remember disco, but based on what I’ve seen of the scene in movies and on television, I can only assume there was a lot of liquor involved. There sort of had to be, right? I have been to a couple of dance clubs in my day, and there was always a lot of alcohol being consumed.
I’ll never understand why people go to dance clubs to meet other people. If you want to get to know someone, don’t you need to be able to hear the words that are coming out of their mouths? I once went with a group of people I had only recently met; I didn’t feel like going because I was a bit under the weather, but I figured it’d be a good way to become better friends with them. What a mistake that was. First of all, I couldn’t hear a word that anyone said. I also don’t like dancing, and the drinks were extremely overpriced. If you want to get to know someone over a drink, just go a regular bar. Also, you probably don’t dance as well as you think you do.

7. The Celebrities and the Fashion

Image Source: Tumblr

In case you’re not familiar, the people on the right side of the image are actors. One of them is Liam Hemsworth. You might know him from “Neighbours”. He was also in “The Last Song”.

The other actor, of course, is Jeff Goldblum. He is probably best known for starring in “Jurassic Park” and a couple of its sequels. He was also in “Independence Day”. In addition, Apple used him as a voiceover artist for many of its commercials.

I find this one funny because the two actually manage to pull off that look. I don’t know how they do it. It is a pretty terrible look. I would look like a major doofus if I even attempted it, which I never would. I try to avoid wearing clothing that draws attention to me. I prefer it when people barely notice I exist—and that is usually the case.

8. The Guy and the Theatre

Image Source: Instagram

Until I saw this, I don’t think I really knew that Ford’s Theatre was still operational. I kind of figured it was torn down after April of 1865. As an American who loves the history of his country, I definitely want to visit it as soon as possible. They are apparently putting on some really great plays, too. I think that seeing such a historic theatre would be worth a trip to Washington, D.C. What happened there did change the course of history, certainly.

I don’t know what the guy in this picture is doing, though. It is kind of disrespectful. I hate it when people expose their feet in public, which is why I tend to avoid the beach. Even the nicest feet are sort of gross. Ancient people invented shoes for a reason, and humanity has been wearing shoes for thousands of years. Keep your feet covered, people.

9. The Bar

Image Source: Reddit

If the owners of this establishment didn’t want people to think it was a strip club, they probably should have chosen a different name or renamed it at some point. The name probably got people in the door, though, which may have been the point.

It is impressive that the bar has been open for 45 years. A lot of bars fail in the first 10 years. There’s a restaurant and bar I sometimes go to that has been open for over 90 years. I have seen pictures from when it opened, and it doesn’t appear as if they’ve done much work to the place since then in terms of updating the décor. A couple of the employees look like they could have been working there 90 years ago. The food is phenomenal, though, so I keep going back.

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