9 Incredibly Creative People Who Got A Way Too Creative

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Creative people are the best. Without them, our favorite movies and television shows wouldn’t exist. What would we, as a species, do with our time if we didn’t have television and movies? We would be more productive, certainly, but we would also be a lot more bored.

You can get a bit too creative, though. You have probably seen a movie or television show where you just have to wonder what was going on in the head of the writers. You are probably familiar with inventions that, while interesting, really don’t serve any particular purpose.

Here are ten examples of incredibly creative people who might be just a little too creative.

1. The Coffee and the Message

Image Source: iFunny

This is definitely a pretty clever way of telling another person you are attracted to them. I have never had someone who works at a coffee shop do anything like this to me, sadly, but that’s my fault. I should probably exercise more and get plastic surgery.

I could never afford plastic surgery; the cost of just one surgery is sort of insane. For obvious reasons, insurance doesn’t cover plastic reason. If I wanted liposuction in the United States, for example, it would cost me about $6,000. A facelift would cost me over $10,000. If I ever won the lottery, though, I would spend a bit of it on plastic surgery.

Apparently, you can get your arms lifted. I had never heard of that surgery. That will, on average, cost you about $7,000. There is also something called eyelid surgery, which sounds sort of scary. I am kind of neurotic when it comes to my eyes. I don’t like touching my own eyes; I certainly don’t want someone else touching my eyes.

2. The Car With the Scratch

Image Source: Imgur

This is the sort of body work you definitely need addressed by a trained professional. You really don’t want pieces of your car falling off as you drive down the road. This is absolutely not a scratch.
Body work is so expensive, which is one of the many reasons I hate driving. It is almost impossible to keep your car pristine. I tried for a long time with my current car, but it now has a dent and many scratches. The dent is my fault, but the scratches are not. I am guessing someone brushed up against it while I was buying food.

I just don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars to make the car, which is newish but not new, look all perfect again. At a certain point you just have to give up and acknowledge that your car will probably look like crap until it breaks down for good.

Just a dent in your bumper can cost you a small fortune, even if you’re not driving the fanciest of cars. You’ll probably end up—at least in the United States—spending over $300. It is worth noting that you shouldn’t try to get your insurance company to pay for it; your rates will go up a lot.

Really bad paint damage, by the way, often costs as much as $1,000—or more.

I once had a cracked windshield, and that was super obnoxious. I didn’t do anything wrong. It just appeared out of nowhere, and it was a tiny crack. It still cost me over $100. For obvious reasons, I was not too happy.

3. The Christmas Cards

Image Source: Instagram

I really like this idea for a few different reasons. First of all, I find greetings cards to be stupid. I don’t understand why people send Christmas cards. If someone wants to wish you a ‘Merry Christmas’, shouldn’t they just call you on the holiday and have a chat?

This ‘Joe’ person is pretty brilliant.

Again, I reiterate the fact that I hate greeting cards. I have this relative who loves them. She’ll send me several when my birthday rolls around and write several paragraphs in each of them. It is nice to know that you are cared about, but she has my email address. She could shoot me an email to let me know she is thinking about me—which would save her about $20.

She really likes getting cards on her birthday and at the holidays. It isn’t that I mind spending money on her; I just don’t like spending money on pointless crap. It also takes me a really long time to find a funny card—because most of them aren’t very clever at all and I’m certainly not going to buy a sentimental one.

My uncle just celebrated his birthday, so I got him a card. He apparently really liked it; he actually texted me days later about how much he liked the card. It definitely caught me a bit off guard, as he is not the most sentimental person. Do people just start liking greeting cards as they get older?

What really bothers me, though, is when people start sending the “Christmas Letter”. They ignore you for an entire year and then expect you to actually read a letter about their lives. Why would anyone think that’s appropriate? There are a lot of people out there, apparently, who think that they are more interesting than they actually are. There are actually very few interesting people out there.
I have never sent the “Christmas Letter”, and likely never will. There is nothing interesting about me, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. I don’t even know what I would write in the letter if I decided to write one. I guess I would write about how I spent the majority of my time watching television and complaining about other people.

4. The Books For Tall People

Image Source: Imgur

Some bookstore employee was clearly trying to have a bit of fun with his or her customers. I don’t really know what a book for tall people is, but I’d be interested to find out.

I wonder how many people actually noticed that little display up there. People don’t spend a lot of time looking at ceilings—at least I don’t. That would be a sort of boring way to pass the time.

I haven’t been to a book store in ages. Frankly, I am surprised there are still book stores out there. I would assume everyone just purchases e-books these days, at least when it comes to newly published works. I just can’t see how an actual bookstore would be remotely profitable.

Then again, I actually know a guy who worked in a used bookstore in New York City, and it apparently did quite well. They sold a lot of first editions of famous works. I am amazed it turned a profit considering the cost of real estate in that city, but there are apparently a lot of people who still prefer actual books to reading things on a device. The person who worked at the store is one of them; he absolutely refuses to read an e-book. I have known him for fifteen years; he wouldn’t read an e-book if I wrote it. He is kind of fussy that way.

5. The Creative Driver

Image Source: Reddit

It can be hard to transport large objects when you own a small car, so this driver came up with a pretty creative solution to that particular problem. I can’t imagine this is legal, though. It looks kind of dangerous, actually, to the drivers around him. I understand the need, though; I drive a pretty small car myself.

Did the driver buy that at the Rite Aid? That would be pretty weird, I think. You can buy a lot of things at Rite Aid, though. It is actually the third largest chain of drugstores in the United States. In addition to getting your prescription drugs, you can buy lousy toys, candy, birth control, school supplies, and a ton of other random stuff. I bought a pet bed there once.

I was surprised to learn that Rite Aid currently employs about 60,000. I was also surprised to learn that there aren’t many of them in the middle of the United States. Most of them are on one of the coasts. If you really want to visit a Rite Aid and you are in Montana, you are out of luck.

6. The Shoes That Look Like Feet

Image Source: Twitter

I must say I find this an incredibly creative shoe; someone did a very nice job designing these. Those are nice-looking toes. I guess you buy these when you have really ugly feet.

I have made no secret of the fact I find feet ugly. I can’t even stand looking at my own feet, and I gag every day in the shower when I have to wash them. I am happy to report that, considering my age, I don’t have terrible-looking feet. They just don’t look very good. No one wants to see them; I wear flip flops anyway, though, when the summer months roll around. People shouldn’t be staring at another person’s foot anyway.

7. The Guy That Turned Himself In

Image Source: Reddit

It would be great if you could turn yourself in for reward money; however, I can’t imagine it works that way anywhere in the world. Furthermore, if there is a reward for your capture, you’re not going to have the opportunity to spend that money for a very, very long time. You’ll be spending several years in a jail cell.

This guy clearly didn’t think his plan through. Then again, he doesn’t look like the sort of person who is very with it, you know? He might have had things together 20 years prior to this picture being taken, but he definitely does not any longer.

8. The Television

Image Source: Instagram

This is a pretty amusing scene. I hope the guy in the picture had vacuumed recently.

That’s a pretty large television, and I’m starting to get sort of sick of how big televisions are getting. Most of us don’t have homes big enough for televisions larger than the average human being.
I did a little research. At Costco, which generally has pretty good prices on electronics, there is a television for sale that costs about $7,000. I love television and video games as much as the next guy, but that seems like a lot to pay for entertainment.

Then again, that is not the most expensive television out there. You can buy televisions that cost over $50,000. You could get a pretty nice car for that amount of money. I actually saw one that costs well over $600,000. That is the price of a pretty nice house in most areas of the United States.

9. The Online Order

Image Source: Facebook

Sometimes, when thinking back to the brief period of time I worked in retail, I find it amazing that there are still stores. Why doesn’t everyone buy everything online?

I then see pictures like this one and completely understand.

I guess there are a lot of reasons why actual stores—the ones found in buildings—will never go away. For one thing, “going shopping” is a thing to do when you’re bored with watching television. It is important to try on clothing and shoes. I have bought a couple of shirts online only to try them on and learn that I really didn’t like them so much.

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