9 People Who Decided To Be Hilarious and Daring

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If you try to be bold and daring, there is a good chance things won’t work out too well. That is why a lot of people play it safe. They just do not like taking risks, and that is sort of sad. Where would the world be today if people didn’t take risks once in a while?

Playing it safe can also be very boring. The daring people are the funny ones, in general, and they are the ones that get the most out of life.

Here are ten examples of people who decided to be daring, and the results are sort of hilarious.

1. The People and the Art Museums

Image Source: Tumblr

I think it is kind of daring to admit you look almost exactly like people who were painted centuries ago and are now dead. It is definitely a bit creepy.

That said, it is nice to see young people going to museums.

I suppose it is possible that all of these people are related—distantly—to the people in the paintings. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if that happened to be the case.

Those are pretty nice paintings. I am sort of embarrassed that I don’t know the names of any of them or who the people in the paintings are. I probably should.

Having your portrait painted must have been pretty intense a few hundred years back. I suppose you just had to sit there for hours and hours. If you were lucky, I suppose, the artist offered interesting conversation.

I actually did have the opportunity to see the Mona Lisa a couple of times. I can’t believe the thing is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I didn’t see the appeal. In fact, I thought it was kind of ugly.

As you surely know, the Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Personally, I prefer his work The Last Supper. I think that piece better shows off what a talented artist he was.

One of his paintings, Salvator Mundi, sold for over $450 million last year. It is a nice painting and all, but I can’t imagine spending that much on something you simply look at once in a while.

Leonardo da Vinci is a very famous historical figure, but he was also pretty popular back when he was alive. In fact, it is believed that the King of France supported da Vinci when he got old; he allegedly died in the arms of the king.

2. The People and the Stock Photo

Image Source: Reddit

These aren’t the people from the stock photo that became a meme, but they look a lot like them. They are just a good bit older. The expressions on their faces are absolutely great. They did a great job with those.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the photo, it was taken in Girona, which is a city in Spain.

The “distracted boyfriend” meme first became really popular in the summer of 2017. I don’t really understand why it has gotten the attention it has. It is just a guy looking at another woman while walking with his girlfriend. That happens a lot. The typical guy is usually a lot more discrete, though.
It is a good photo, certainly, but I don’t really understand what is so interesting about it and why it went viral.

3. The Lost Dog and the Butt

Image Source: The Chive

I have never seen a pair of pants like this before. I assume these were custom made for the joke.
I really don’t like pants that have images or writing on the back. It just draws your attention, you know? You can’t help it. Ordinarily, I make it a point to avoid looking at people’s rear ends. Doing so is terribly rude.

I understand that people who wear pants with writing on the back are trying to get you to look at their butt; however, it is still weird. I can’t imagine why anyone does that. At first, I thought it was a thing only young people did, but lately I have seen women in their late 40s wearing those types of pants. They were in good shape, relatively speaking, but I still can’t believe they did that. At a certain point, you really have to stop trying to look young.

I am glad there was no actual lost dog in this case and it was just a joke. I have lost a dog before, and it was the worst. Not too long ago, when my current dog was just a little puppy, he managed to slip out the front door. It took me a while to notice he was gone. You have to understand he was about the size of a medium-sized rat at that point. He could have easily been beaten up by a squirrel.

Fortunately, kind neighbors found him on their doorstep and returned him to me. That dog has been nothing but trouble since I brought him home.

4. The Giant Sign

Image Source: The Chive

Joana wasn’t pleased, it seems. I probably wouldn’t be too pleased either. First of all, while the sign was indeed enormous, the sister probably could have spent a little more time on it.

What is it about family that makes you want to irritate and embarrass them? Fortunately, I am at a point in my life where my parents don’t embarrass me anymore. To their credit, they never actually tried to do so.

My uncle certainly tries to embarrass me, though. For one thing, he is always calling me “jackass” when we are at restaurants. He just does it at random, too. He’ll call me jackass when asking for the salt.

This is the uncle, by the way, who I have written about before. He’s the one that only eats at chain restaurants. He is obsessed with “Olive Garden” in particular. He could be visiting Kuwait and would want to eat at “Olive Garden”. In case you’re curious, there are apparently two “Olive Garden” restaurants in Kuwait. You can also find an “Olive Garden” in several other countries, including Brazil, Mexico, and Malaysia.

5. The Lime

Image Source: The Chive

I suppose this is a clever enough way to give a person your phone number. It is certainly daring.
I have never been a waiter, so I can’t really relate to this experience. I have never been hit on by a waitress, which is embarrassing—but true. I do have the number of a woman who serves me beer once in a while, but that’s because we both really love watching “General Hospital”. We text about it once in a while. Television brings everyone together.

I don’t know if anyone outside of the United States is that familiar, but “General Hospital” is pretty popular here. It was in the 1970s, anyway. It was the thing to watch for a very long time. Even my dad watched it for a while. Back when it was really popular, they made a “General Hospital” board game. They also made a board game about “All My Children”.

Nowadays, it isn’t quite as popular as it was back in the 1970s, but it is still kind of entertaining. Weirdly, it is now more about people in the mob than people who work at a hospital. One of the main characters is a hitman. He was also presumed dead for several years. His memories were implanted into the brain of his twin brother. It is not the most realistic show, obviously. You kind of have to accept that going in if you want to enjoy it.

Anyway, I really do have to give credit to the waiter. He was both funny and quite daring. I like to think they went out and ended up falling in love.

6. The Sticker and the Bike

Image Source: Bicycling.com

The person who put this sticker on the lamppost is a gem of a person, really. People don’t really do nice things for others anymore; if they do, they have a motive. It is kind of sad.

Then again, I kind of understand why people don’t do nice things. Almost every single time I have gone well out of my way to help another person I have ended up regretting it.

The kid was probably very appreciative, though; also, the person who made the sticker did a very nice job.

7. The Display Phone

Image Source: Me Me

This is funny and sort of daring. I got a laugh out of it.

I haven’t been in an Apple Store in a while because I am trying very hard to avoid purchasing a very expensive phone when mine works more or less fine. The battery isn’t doing so well, but I am rarely far from a charging cord.

One of the last times I was in an Apple Store, I took a look at the sort of things people do with those display phones. Frankly, I was shocked. People were just browsing the web on them like they owned the things. They were going to some pretty weird websites, too; I didn’t recognize most of them, and I should probably be glad that I didn’t. This was a couple of years ago, though; Apple Store policy might have changed. The company probably doesn’t want random customers using their phones to browse the web. I don’t need to point out that people do weird things on the internet.

I really can’t figure out a reason to buy a better phone. The battery isn’t terrible yet, and I don’t play any of those games that require good processers. I played “Chrono Trigger” on my iPhone once, and that was fun, but that game came out in 1995. Those are the sorts of games I play on my mobile device. You don’t need the latest iPhone to play them.

8. The Purse

Image Source: Kale Salad

It is a bold move. I wonder how much this purse costs. It is kind of stylish and clever in its own way. I could see it being a pretty popular item.

I looked up the cost of purses, and I am suddenly glad I have neither a wife, nor a daughter. They are bags. They are meant to hold things. Who spends $2,000 on a bag? What’s the point? Why don’t you just buy one that will look good with all of your outfits and be done with it?

When I need to carry my crap around, I just strap on a backpack. I guess I’m too old to do so, but I also don’t care. It is the most convenient option for me. I only have the one, and it cost me $29. It doesn’t look any better or worse than any other backpack you will see. It is very functional.

9. The Advertisement

Image Source: Twitter

I don’t know exactly what this is advertising, but I like this advertisement a lot. I am assuming the placement of the trashcan wasn’t intentional, but it actually draws more attention to the advertisement. If it was intentional, it was a daring move.

The guy in the picture definitely looks pretty happy that he is about to eat whatever that is. He actually looks a little too happy.

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