9 Strange And Weird People Who Should’ve Thought That Through

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If you are like most of us, you have that one really weird friend who is constantly doing stuff that you would not consider doing in a million years. It is like their brains are wired a bit differently.

A good fictional example is Cosmo Kramer from the situational comedy “Seinfeld”, which despite being over 20 years is old is still extremely popular. Think about all of the weird things Kramer did. He certainly had a lot of jobs over the course of the series, and he never seemed to keep them for long. You could never figure out how Kramer managed to pay his rent or afford his shenanigans.

If you have a friend like Kramer in real life, you are constantly being aggravated. Friends like him can be entertaining, though, and you will never be bored.

‘Here are ten examples of strange, weird people who did bizarre things.

1. The Girl and the Food

Image Source: Reddit

Frankly, I am surprised this young woman was willing to post anything about Jesus or Christianity on social media. In my experience, anyone who posts anything about their religious beliefs tends to get a lot of attention, but usually it isn’t the good kind of attention.

I guess it is better than your mom knowing about your sex life, though.

I know there are a lot of people out there who have frank, honest discussions regarding their sex lives with their parents. I would just find it weird.

2. Jake and His Mom

Image Source: Reddit

It is nice to wish your mom a happy birthday and celebrate with her; however, Jake here probably should have thought a little longer about his choice of words.

I suppose it is possible that he did what he did intentionally. Texas Toon seemed amused. Maybe Jake just wanted to make people laugh.

I have to say that the woman looks really good for 69. Some people just don’t seem to age.

You know who looks really good for her age? Susan Lucci is 71 and she looks incredible. Recently, pictures of her in a swimsuit went viral, and you can see why. I would swear she was in her fifties.
If you’re not familiar with Susan Lucci, she is one of the more famous soap opera stars in the United States. She was on “All My Children” for over forty years. That show ended in 2011, came back in 2013, and was then cancelled again. Still, there are a surprising number of people who want to see the show brought back yet again. In fact, her character’s name has recently been mentioned more than once on “General Hospital”, leading some to think she might make a guest appearance on the show.

A lot of people in the US make fun of daytime soaps, but they can actually be quite entertaining. Currently, on General Hospital, there is an “evil twin” storyline going on. That show sort of dips into that well a little too often, though; there was an “evil twin” storyline just a year or two ago.

There is also a guy who thinks that his son is actually his cousin. It gets a bit ridiculous, but it can be a nice escape from reality.

3. The Woman and the Dentist

Image Source: Twitter

Why in the world would a dentist ask you to suck on his finger? I suppose Sarah thought he was flirting with her. Still, that is a strange way of flirting. I wouldn’t suck someone’s finger—even if they were flirting with me. That’s like asking to get sick. Hands are kind of gross when you think about it. They touch everything, and germs are everywhere.

I don’t understand why people become dentists—other than to get rich, of course. Going to the dentist costs way too much, and most dental insurance is total crap. Also, it is almost always an unpleasant experience. I like the people who work at my dentist’s office well enough, but why are constantly talking at me when they know I can’t talk back. They have fingers in my mouth, and all I can do is grunt in response to pointless, boring questions that I don’t really want to answer.

I do find it curious that Sarah went to the dentist on the 3rd of January. Why make the most unpleasant, depressing week of the year even more unpleasant? The seven days or so that come after New Year’s Day are the worst. My poor mother was born on the 2nd of January, and that might be the worst possible birthday one can have. The holidays are officially over, and no one really feels like doing much of anything at all. Furthermore, where I live, it is always brutally cold. There’s just nothing fun about early January as far as I am concerned. I wish I could hibernate through it.

4. The Box in the Mouth

Image Source: Instagram

How do you tell your mother that you got a box stuck in your mouth? She is definitely going to ask you questions. You won’t be able to answer right away, though, because you have a box stuck in your mouth.

I sort of want to know how this little story ended. I am assuming the cardboard softened up, but the situation might have required a trip to the doctor.

I wouldn’t want to be a doctor because I would have to touch sick people, but I bet the job can be sort of amusing at times. If I were a doctor and saw this, I would laugh so hard—how could you not?

I doubt the mom was particularly mad about this situation. When you have a kid, you pretty much have to assume the child will do many stupid things until they turn 25 or so. There’s just no way around it.

If she were my daughter, I’d be more ticked about the nose ring. I just don’t understand those things. Why would anyone draw attention to their nostrils? They are not the most attractive part of the human body.

5. The Car and Phone

Image Source: Imgur

I know a lot of people reading this are wondering how someone can be stupid enough to leave a very expensive phone—they’re all pretty darn expensive these days—on the roof of their car.

Believe me when I say that it happens. It happened to me once, in fact. Fortunately, I only drove about half a block before I realized my mistake. It was in a residential neighborhood, too, so I was driving pretty slowly. If I had gotten on a main road, it could have been a disaster.

I sort of want a new smartphone. Mine is currently a little bent. It doesn’t really stop me from using it, but more than one snobby stranger has commented. It is very irritating.

I just don’t see a reason to get excited about the new smartphones. I follow tech news, of course, but there’s not a single feature out there that really appeals to me. There are features that seem sort of cool, but do I really want to spend an extra forty dollars for the next two years on a device I basically only use for texting and looking at webpages? It is a good alarm clock, too, but you can pick one of those things up for under twenty dollars.

6. The Pet Goat

Image Source: The Chive

As this young woman does not remember the night in question, I am assuming alcohol was involved. I guess there are worse things to do when you’ve been drinking too much, but there are also better things to do than buy a goat.

I like to think that this story has a happy ending, though. It is totally possible that she and her new goat are now the best of friends. The goat, perhaps, greets her when she comes home from work or school. You never know, right?

Goats aren’t the worst pets in the world. They do bond with humans—in fact, the bond can be quite strong. If you live in a city or in the suburbs, you should probably get a dog. If you live in a rural area, though, you might consider a goat as a pet.

I am constantly amazed by veterinarians, and I certainly wish I could go to one for medical treatment. I like the guy who treats my dog a lot. True, he wasn’t able to save my old dog, but that wasn’t really his fault; the dog was fourteen, after all, and his quality of life towards the end wasn’t great. It just boggles my mind that veterinarians need to know how to treat so many different animals. One day you’re treating a little dog, and the next you’re treating a goat! How do they do it? Also, they’re way nicer than doctors who treat people.

Even if a veterinarian were to only treat dogs, I would consider that impressive. There are so many different sizes and breeds. That has to be challenging. Vet school must be intense.

7. The Cookies and the Temperature

Image Source: Reddit

I would have a hard time being friends with a person like this. I wouldn’t ever claim that I am the brightest bulb—and I am certainly not a great cook—but this person is clearly sort of dim. I would not want to eat cookies made by this person.

When I worked in an office, I always hated when people brought in food. First of all, I never worked with anyone who was a particularly brilliant cook. Second of all, you didn’t even know for sure if those people washed their hands before they started baking or whatever. There was a good chance they did not. Sometimes you’re just not hungry, but you always feel pressured to eat whatever crap came out of their kitchen. Personally, I don’t even like cookies.

I once had someone I was associated with professionally give me venison. His dad had apparently killed the deer himself. Who offers deer meat to a colleague? It wasn’t like I had publicly expressed a desire to consume deer meat; this person just thought it was an appropriate gift for a co-worker. I forget what I did with it; I might have given it to my dad. He likes eating weird stuff.

I don’t approve of giving gifts in an office setting—not unless you’re particularly good friends with one of your co-workers. If you do feel it necessary to give your co-workers gifts at the holidays or for their birthdays, there are only a couple of appropriate choices—alcohol or gift cards.

8. The Leg

Image Source: Imgur

Why was she doing this? There is absolutely no way this could have ended well for her. I hope it didn’t involve a trip to the hospital.

Young people need to take better care of their bodies. In particular, they need to take care of their backs. I speak from personal experience on that one. I once had to have a spinal fusion. I wore a brace around for months. I looked like an idiot. The brace was obvious; it was so bulky that I couldn’t hide it beneath my clothing. Still, no one bothered to hold the door for me. People are terrible.

9. The Family Photo

Image Source: Reddit

Those are the scariest looking people I have ever seen. I am going to have nightmares tonight about a race of humanoid creatures that resemble this family.

I feel bad for the family, though. Then again, who is stupid enough to pay $250 for a family photo shoot? My mother could do a better job and she would charge, like, 40 dollars. She also figured out how to use Photoshop on her own despite being born long before the digital camera was invented.

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