9 Things Made By People Who Are On A Whole New Level

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There is a good chance you know someone who always has one wacky idea or another. They tend to think a bit differently than the rest of us.

If you are lucky, those wacky ideas actually turn out pretty great. Sometimes, wacky ideas can result in disastrous consequences.

However, when people think differently and things get a little wacky, the result can be one of the more interesting things you will ever see in your life.

Here are ten examples of things made by people who think a little differently and might be a little wacky.

1. The Floor of Grass

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I love this. It is kind of hard to tell if this is actual grass covered with some sort of glass or someone turned a photograph of grass and a stone path into a floor somehow. Either way, I think it is great.
The outdoors can be beautiful, but I can’t say that I enjoy spending a ton of time outside actually in nature. I like looking at nature from a window or from a deck. I am also terrified of mosquitos, so I try to avoid nature during mosquito seasons. My fear of mosquitos isn’t irrational, though; I had a relative who contracted a relatively rare form of encephalitis from a mosquito. She wound up in a coma, and no one thought she was going to make it. She recovered from the coma, happily, although she was definitely a changed person after that. If you are not familiar with encephalitis, it is inflammation of one’s brain. My relative had a pretty severe case.

Symptoms of a mild case of encephalitis include fever and fatigue. If you end up with a serious case, you might experience paralysis of parts of the body, hallucinations, and problems with speaking. You can also lose consciousness. You definitely do not want a serious case.

I really do hate mosquitos. Everything about them is terrible. They also transmit other diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever.

2. The Nails That Look Like Teeth

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First of all, it should be noted that these are extremely well done. They really do look like teeth. They are very white teeth—the kind actors and politicians have—but they definitely look like teeth. I wonder if they’re remotely as strong as real teeth. Could they be used to mash up food?

I wonder what the person with these nails does for a living. The obvious answer would be a dentist or dental technician. However, I would think nails of this size and shape would make doing their job very difficult. Maybe they belong to someone who works in the front office—like a receptionist?

Regardless, I think it is safe to say that the person with these nails really likes teeth for some reason, and whoever did them managed to do a very good job.
By the way, if you have sudden tooth pain, you might have cause for concern; it can suggest you are about to have a heart attack.

Something like that happened on the hit sitcom “Frasier” during its tenth season. The main character’s brother had a toothache, so he went to a doctor. He ended up having emergency heart surgery. That season wasn’t one of the better ones—many would argue it was the worst—but those episodes that revolved around the brother’s heart problems and his recovery from surgery were very well done.

3. The Expensive Breakfast

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In this case, the management of a hotel was thinking differently. Most hotels try to provide fairly reasonable service for a fairly reasonable amount of money; that has always been my experience, anyway.

This hotel clearly didn’t care about ripping off its customers. This breakfast apparently cost $15. I am assuming the hotel didn’t want the guest taking the toaster home.

I could see paying eight dollars for this, tops. Milk isn’t particularly cheap.

I have had some of the best breakfasts of my life in hotels. I rarely eat much of a breakfast, honestly, but I always do at certain hotel chains. If they have an omelet chef on staff, you can bet I’ll be getting up early for breakfast. You can also drink as much orange juice as you want, and orange juice isn’t cheap either.

Even though I probably did when I was a kid, I can’t recall having ever eaten a bowl of Corn Flakes. It is hard to believe that particular cereal was invented way back in the 1890s. Interestingly enough, the product was created for patients of a sanitarium.

4. The Mailbox That Looks Like a Scary Animal

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I have a couple of questions about this particular mailbox. I didn’t even realize it was a mailbox at first.

What sort of animal is this supposed to be? It might be one of those animals you only see in zoos, and I have not been to a zoo in well over a decade. It almost kind of looks like my dog. He has positively enormous ears considering how tiny the rest of him is.

This mailbox, while creative, is sort of inconvenient. It looks like the mail carrier would have to bend over in order to deliver and pick up the mail, which probably isn’t good for the back.

When you think of mail carriers, there is a good chance you think of “Cliff Clavin” who was a major character on the hit sitcom “Cheers”. He was extremely proud of being a postal worker. When he wasn’t working, he was irritating his friends at the bar with “facts” that he made up. “Cheers” is currently available on Netflix in the United States, and I know of at least one cable station that airs reruns despite the fact the show first aired 36 years ago.

You might also think of “Newman”, who was a recurring character on the sitcom “Seinfeld”. He too delivered mail for a living. The character was played by actor Wayne Knight, who is also known for the film “Jurassic Park” and the sitcom “3rd Rock From the Sun”. Recently, he was in “The Exes”, which aired on the cable station TV Land; that show started in 2011 and ended in 2015.

5. The Signs in the Small Town

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This must be a very strange little town to live in. I am guessing the people there are pretty friendly and welcoming, though, so I wouldn’t mind visiting it to check it out. It is probably one of those towns with one bar, one church, one diner, one stoplight, and one gas station.

If you are on your way to someone’s house to do whatever it is they do in that town, you’ll at least know the direction in which you are supposed to travel.

It is like they are begging you to visit! This town is definitely a bit different.

6. The Weird Clock

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Ever since I got a smart phone eight years ago, I completely lost the ability to do simple math in my head. Why bother? The iPhone comes with a calculator app, and I never go anywhere without my phone.

Actually, that’s not completely true. I can still do simple algebra, despite the fact I haven’t had to do so in about fifteen years.

Still, this clock would irritate me very much. When I want to know the time, it is probably because I am running late. I don’t have time to add or multiply in my head. Even if you are a math whiz, this seems like unnecessary torture. It seems to me the only reason someone would buy a clock like this is to make it seem like they are smarter than the people who visit their homes.

I have read stories that—in certain places—kids aren’t being taught to read analog clocks anymore. That bothers me a little bit, frankly, as analog clocks are not hard at all to read. A lot of schools in the United States aren’t teaching cursive anymore, either. That sort of bothers me, too. I understand people don’t write on paper much anymore, but a handwritten card or letter from a friend can really brighten your mood.

7. The Origami Dragon

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This origami dragon, which looks like it is about to burn down a village, is very impressive. I have never met anyone able to do something so neat with paper. This is a true work of art, and I worry that origami is a dying art.

If it is, that’s a shame. People have been folding paper and napkins and such into really cool designs for hundreds of years. Origami is associated primarily with Japan, and it has been practiced in that country since roughly the 17th century, or possibly earlier.

8. The Mercedes That Is Covered With Black Velvet

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I don’t know why you would do this to a car—any car. I don’t exactly drive the fanciest vehicle myself, but I wouldn’t consider covering it in velvet. There are good ways to get attention, and there are silly ways to get attention. This is a pretty silly one. I suppose it could be hiding body damage on the vehicle.

I recently checked how much a Mercedes would cost—just for fun. I can’t imagine spending that much money on a vehicle that is basically a status symbol. The least expensive new one I can find around me sells for about $44,000. That’s for a sedan. If you want a Roadster, you are going to pay more than $50,000. There are many for sale that cost well over $100,000. The most expensive one I can find that is actually available to purchase right now costs over $180,000.

That is way more than most people make in a year. It looks cool, and I am sure it is a lot of fun to drive if you are one of those people that likes driving; I, however, am not one of those people.

9. The Warning and the Offer

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It is never good to drink and drive, and in this day and age there is really no excuse to do so. There are so many new and innovative ways to get around, and they are relatively inexpensive in most places.

Still, it does seem like certain businesses and municipalities make it as difficult as possible for someone who has had one too many to make a responsible choice. There are many bars and shopping centers around where I live that will have your car towed if you leave it in their parking lot overnight. If you leave your car parked on the street, you will be ticketed by the city. They are penalizing you for making the more responsible choice.

It isn’t like the towing fees are cheap, either. We are talking at least $150 for a tow. Also, in general, the car being in the parking lot in the morning won’t impact business in any way possible.
You can leave your car on the street, possibly; however, if you get a ticket, you are out at least $75—if not more.

It is nice that this bar has servers that will assist you in finding a safe way home. If you own or manage a bar, that’s what you should insist of your servers.

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