9 Times When People Just Stopped Caring

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Ordinarily, most people try to follow the rules and do a good job; if there is a task that needs to be completed, people generally do it to the best of their ability.

That is not always the case, however. Sometimes rules are incredibly stupid and sort of arbitrary. Sometimes a task simply is not worth a lot of your time, especially if it doesn’t benefit you directly.

Here are ten examples of times when people just sort of stopped caring.

1. The Swing

Image Source: Reddit

The person who fixed this swing clearly did not care very much; that said, it is sort of a brilliant solution to what was clearly an ongoing problem. Locks, in general, are pretty strong.

I wish it were more acceptable for adults to go on swings. I always enjoyed swinging when I was a kid, but I would look very stupid if I did so now. I would definitely get a lot of dirty looks from parents—that’s for sure.

In addition to being fun, swinging is actually decent exercise. You apparently burn a couple of hundred calories per hour. You might look sort of stupid while you do it, sure, but you are getting in shape!

2. The Guy in the Fridge

Image Source: Reddit

I am guessing it was really hot out on the day this picture was taken. Either that or the man in this picture was extremely drunk. Regardless, this guy obviously stopped caring about what people thought of him. Also, he looks pretty comfortable. It definitely looks like he is sleeping pretty soundly.
People do like to sleep in weird places, though. I knew a girl in high school who would intentionally get up a bit early so that she could nap on the bathroom floor while she waited for the shower water to heat up. She claimed it was the best sleep she could possibly get. She would apparently bunch up her towel into a pillow of sorts and use her bathrobe as a pillow.

I don’t really enjoy napping on the floor, but I do think my car’s seats are far more comfortable than any proper seat in my home. I have, more than once, brought my laptop to my car and watched Netflix. Sometimes I’ll just sit out there and listen to music.

When I think about napping in strange places, I often think about that “Seinfeld” episode when George takes naps under his desk. He actually pays a contractor to modify his desk to make the whole experience more comfortable. It was a hilarious episode. Unsurprisingly, things didn’t end well for George.

I will admit to the fact that, back when I worked in an office, I took a nap or two under my desk. It was actually a lot of fun, and I was never actually caught. I did so after lunch; people just assumed I was in the restroom.

3. The Dead Plant

Image Source: Reddit

This gentleman is clearly trying to return a dead plant, which is a pretty bold move. There aren’t many stores out there—I don’t think—that will accept such a return.

Then again, you never know. You can return almost anything to Costco; nobody asks any questions, either, as long as you have a receipt. You could probably buy a book at Costco, read the entire thing, and then return it and get your money back. That’s sort of a terrible thing to do, but I bet you could get away with it. Costco is a very forgiving store. Also, it makes really good pizza. I love the food court there.

I actually get prescription drugs at Costco. It is a bit of a drive, but the savings are worth it. I also get my car insurance through Costco, and those rates are surprisingly competitive. Actually, my mattress came from Costco, as did the jeans I am wearing right now and the shoes I was wearing earlier. I am embarrassed to admit I get a lot of clothing from Costco. If I don’t get clothing from Costco, I get it from Kohl’s.

4. The Guy and His Mom

Image Source: Instagram

First of all, this guy looks a bit too old to be “going away to school”. I am terrible at judging ages, though.

I can’t imagine a wall of boxed food would stop a mother from talking to her son. A wall of bricks wouldn’t stop my mother from talking to me if she had thoughts to express. That’s just how mothers are. That’s how most people are, really. If they have something they want to say, they’ll just say it. Nothing will stop them.

Still, people should be grateful to their mothers. For one, as a commercial pointed out to me earlier today, she was your first home; it is a weird way of looking at pregnancy, true, but also a valid point. I forget what was being advertised, honestly. I think it was diapers. I didn’t focus on the product, honestly. I was too confused by the ‘message’ of the commercial.

5. The Toast

Image Source: Reddit

The person who wrote the note has a very valid point. You simply can’t refrigerate toast.
Furthermore, there is no point in doing so. Why would you? It isn’t like toasting bread is particularly difficult, and sliced bread is one of the cheaper food products you can buy.

I have an uncle who is fascinated with Walmart. For whatever reason, possibly because he is incredibly bored, he likes to take pictures of cheap food he sees at Walmart.

He once found a loaf of bread that cost only 79 cents. He also bought that loaf of bread. When I asked him about it, he told me that he made a sandwich using the bread and it “tasted like you would expect”. I didn’t ask him to elaborate. I assume he was saying that it tasted like bread; however, he might have been saying that it tasted like a loaf of bread that cost only 79 cents.
All I know for sure is that he didn’t die. He might have had a bad sandwich, but no real harm was done.

All joking aside, Walmart does sell a lot of decent food for very reasonable prices. There is a darn good reason there are over 11,000 Walmart stores throughout the world.

6. The Kitchen Fires

Image Source: The Chive

If I just happened to be a firefighter and several people set fire to their kitchens in just one month, I would be pretty ticked off too. What’s wrong with the people in that town?

When I think about kitchen fires, I often think of the video game series “The Sims”. If your Sim doesn’t know how to cook, there is a very good chance he or she will set fire to the house when preparing a meal. I learned the hard way that there are no firefighters in the “Sims 4”—either that or they just didn’t show up for me.

I sort of like it when my Sims die, though. In recent games, your Sim can become a ghost, which is a lot of fun. They can fall in love with other Sims, and they can even have ghost babies, which is great. Furthermore, there are ways to bring your ghost back to life.

7. The Barcode

Image Source: MeMe

If I were the cashier, I would officially give up on my job. I would stop caring about that customer, certainly.

I understand being concerned about what you are putting into your body; that said, the person concerned about the “laser” touching the food probably smokes or drinks or does something else that is terribly unhealthy. What was that person worried about, really? What would the “laser” have done, exactly?

People tend to ignore the fact that driving is far more dangerous than pretty much anything else the average person does on a daily basis. People will drive well out of their way, risking getting into a serious car accident, because they don’t want to get “cancer” from food that isn’t organic. It is kind of silly when you really think about it.

8. The IT Worker That Got Fired

Image Source: Imgur

Someone learned a lesson!

I wonder why the IT guy got fired. I was always under the impression that IT guys were the ones responsible for many people getting fired. They are the ones who know if you’re looking at questionable websites while you’re on a “conference call”, after all. I would like to think IT people wouldn’t rat you out, but you never know.

I worked at a college once, and the head of the IT department was the wife of the college’s president. He was a nitwit, and she was as ugly as sin. She also smelled terrible and was a nasty human being. I just knew that I had to be very careful in regard to what websites I visited. She would have turned me in for doing a bit of online shopping during lunch. She was just that kind of person. I am guessing that their sex life wasn’t very good.

I really couldn’t stand her husband. He once fell down the stairs; I assure you that I was in no way responsible. Still, it was kind of awkward when my immediate supervisor told me about the fall and I laughed out loud. I just wish he had fallen on her.

9. The Beans on the Slide

Image Source: Instagram

I don’t know who did this or why, but I actually think it is kind of funny. I might be sort of immature, though. Still, it was a great prank.

I really do wish they would make playgrounds for adults. I’m not talking about making anything weird—I just sort of wish it were socially appropriate to go on swings and play on slides and do all of that fun stuff you used to do when you were kid. I always liked the monkey bars. I always liked roller coasters, too, but I’m too old and frail to go on them. I realize that has nothing to do with monkey bars or playgrounds, but I am still ticked off!

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