After Seeing People Buy Food With Money This Dog Used Leaves To Get Some Too

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This is probably one of those stories that would seem impossible to some people, but we assure it is very real. We also have the images to back it up. One thing is for sure: it is probably the only one of its kind in the world.

Dogs are way smarter than people think, and they always find a situation to show off their capabilities. However, some canines are able to surprise everyone with their exceptional intellect. Negro is such a dog, and he will definitely melt your heart. His story was told by one of the teachers working there named Angela Garcia Bernal.

The smart doggo was clever enough to observe people’s behavior and figure out what to do in order to get the same result as them.

Surprisingly, Negro is not a domestic dog, at least not the typical one. He lives in the Colombian Diversified Technical Education Institute, located in Monterrey Casanare. He was welcomed by the facility staff who found him wandering the streets, and Negro became a valuable part of the community!

Everyone loved Negro from day one, and students often treat him with cookies they buy from the campus store. This is how the clever dog found out how the system works. After carefully evaluating the situation, Negro knew what to do. Instead of begging, he decided to act and he eventually attempted to buy food himself! Sounds incredible, but it is exactly what happened! Of course, Negro had no money to use, but he figured a leaf is worth the same, and he tried to buy a cookie by giving the store clerk one!

Gladys Barreto, the woman behind the counter, could hardly believe her eyes, but she eventually pulled herself together and played along. She took the big green leaf and gave Negro a cookie in return. Once that happened, Negro couldn’t be happier. He kept returning every day, and more than a few times, too! However, the store managers eventually figured that leaves are an endless resource, so they only gave Negro the opportunity to buy cookies two or three times each day.

Most of the people who were able to witness how Negro goes to the store to buy a cookie are impressed and pleased by the dog’s intelligence. This is one truly amazing way for a canine to communicate and it would be an amazing experience to witness that.

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1. Meet Negro

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This is Negro, the canine resident of the Diversified Technical Education Institute. As you can see, he is not an ordinary stray adopted by some good people. One look at his cute face is enough to tell that he is exceptionally clever, not to mention how handsome he is!

2. The mascot

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You can bet that everyone at the facility accepted Negro as their lucky charm and even their mascot! Nobody else could tell a story like that, meaning that Negro was special, and therefore he made his home a special place as well. No wonder the people there are honored to have him among them.

3. Everyone loves Negro

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There is no surprise in the fact that everyone was in awe when they learned about the smart dog, and all of the lucky people who got to meet Negro in person or witness his incredible skills fell in love with him! We wish we could go there and see him in action – that would be nothing but awesome!

4. The deal

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Most people would probably ask themselves how could a canine show such intellect but it is only natural for dogs to copy human behavior. If you think about it, stray dogs are even smarter than most pets, as they are forced to survive with no human protection or guidance. This is why they eventually adapt to the environment and learn to do many of the things people do. For example, it is normal for a stray to use a crosswalk or read the traffic lights, because it turns into something like a survival skill.

5. The love

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Negro seems to enjoy everyone’s attention and we are absolutely sure he knows he earned it! Dogs are always able to make us feel better with their empathy and unconditional love, and Negro did that by showing just how much he wanted to be like his best buddies – the humans around him.

6. The purchase

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Here is how Negro does his trick. He makes sure the leaf resembles real money. As you can see, it is green and about the size of a dollar bill. The doggo observed how the students who bought stuff from the store pulled those thin green sheets and gave them in exchange for treats, so he decided to do the same!

7. Takeaway

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The clever doggo even goes to the counter and stands up, just like the rest of the customers. This is just too cute, because it means that Negro actually thought about the whole act and decided to do absolutely everything the humans do, including leaning on the counter!

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