Movie Fans Shared 20 Movie Descriptions That Definitely Missed The Point

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People prefer different ways of having fun and we like most of them. Still, there are unusual things some individuals amuse themselves with. The list below shows a curious one: coming up with movie descriptions that are not on point on purpose. These explanations are witty and hilarious which is why the list is very amusing, indeed! For example, you can only wonder why 50 Shades of Grey was a colorful movie.

1. Silent Hill: We didn’t see any hills and people were definitely not silent

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Here is one of the movies that have a great title for our purposes. Think about it: there is not a hill in the movie at all, not to mention that nobody keeps their silence – they scream as loud as possible instead!

2. Mission Impossible: The last seven mission proved to be possible

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Now, this is one of the movies that can make you come up with lots of puns. There are many funny images related to the Mission Impossible movies but we can describe it like Mission Possible instead – Tom Cruise showed that all the missions can be successful and possible.

3. The Rock: The Rock was not part of the movie’s casting

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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear these words is the image of the actor, right? That is only natural because most people today hardly remember the movie. It can be described as The Rock in which The Rock did not take part.

4. X-Men: Some of them were actually women

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There is one very obvious thing you immediately notice when you look at this image. That is right – part of the X-Men are women! This is a fact and we guess that you could use that fact as a description of the movie that misses the whole point.

5. TMNT: All four of them were not turtles

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This was one of our favorite movies and it actually still is! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are awesome but there is one small fact that most people miss. It appears that they are not turtles at all but tortoises.

6. Black Widow

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Here is something that we could say to purposely miss the point because it is obvious: technically speaking, the character is neither black nor a widow! Sure enough, we all know what the movie title stands for but it is still funny to describe it like that.

7. Avengers: Infinity War – The infinity lasted about three hours

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As you all know, this is one of the most epic Marvel Studios production ever created but there is something about it that could bug is infinitely: if it is Infinity War, why did it only last less than three hours.

8. IT: This movie was not about information technology

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The clever pun that is about to follow is kind of obvious but we will still mention it. Someone commented that this movie surprised them because they were expecting to see an IT industry-related movie instead of some wacky clown’s business.

9. The Hunger Games: The movie is not about an eating competition, unfortunately 

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Needless to say, this was one epic production and it had a great storyline. Still, some people can joke around with this movie because of its name. One could actually expect this production to be about an eating competition.

10. The Silence of the Lambs: We didn’t see any lambs in the whole movie

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This is one of Sir Anthony Hopkins’ greatest roles and we remember how creepy the movie was. But one inaccurate description is technically correct: there wasn’t a single lamb in the whole movie and that was disappointing, to be honest.

11. House M.D.: The brilliant medic lived in an apartment, not in a house

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Dr. Gregory House is one of the best TV show characters ever created but there is something about the show that fits this list. Despite the title, Dr. House lived in an apartment which is a fact.

12. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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Harry Potter is a character most fans love but there is something about this particular movie that you cannot miss. Despite the long name, there wasn’t a phoenix featured and nobody made an order, too.

13. Avengers: Age of Ultron – we still don’t know Ultron’s age

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Ultron is an exceptional character for more than a few reasons. People often say that he is kind of controversial but what we care about is his might and also his strength. The Age of Ultron, however, never revealed his age which is infuriating!

14. Baby Driver: the driver is not, in fact, a baby

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This is the kind of movie title that could make you think about the many jokes you can make with it. There is no baby who can drive, at least not in the movie. A lot of people were involved in the plot but not a baby. That would have been awesome.

15. Ip Man

Image Source: Plugged in, Facebook

This is one of the movies that people in their 20s have probably never seen and they would be puzzled by the funny remark we have about it. Despite what the title tells you, there is not a single IP address shown in it. No system administrators were featured, either.

16. Captain America: Civil War – Abe Lincoln was nowhere to be seen 

Image Source: Screen Rant, Facebook

Needless to say, this movie was really great and we enjoyed all the action. There is one thing that we didn’t like, though. Abraham Lincoln was nowhere to be seen. After all, this movie’s title suggests that the former United States president should have been featured.

17. Gone in 60 Seconds: It took them about two hours to be gone, not just a minute

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Now, this is one timeless classic for every action movie fan! One of Nick Cage’s best performances, too. The thing is, it took him more than two hours to be gone in 60 seconds and that is something we cannot fully understand.

18. Life of Pi: The movie was definitely not about solving math problems

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This was a really extraordinary movie and it was different from everything we have seen. What is curious about the movie was that it sounds like some math problems were supposed to be incorporated but there was no math involved in the storyline. What a shame.

19. Iron Man: The main character never ironed a single piece of clothing

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This is one of the funniest visual puns ever and we cannot help it but laugh out loud! As you can see, this image shows something that we never saw even in the original Iron Man movie. He should have ironed at least one Tony Start suit.

20. Taken: Bryan Mills was actually divorced, not taken

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Liam Neeson impersonated one of the best characters in the action movie field but there is something about that character that was different compared to the movie title. He was not taken – he was divorced, hence available.

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