Top 12 Riddles That Will Definitely Confuse Your Brain

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No matter how you spend your days, you should regularly exercise your brain every now and then. There is no better way to challenge the mind than some intriguing riddles – and despite the fact that you will likely be more or less frustrated if you struggle to solve a few, the satisfaction of figuring out the rest is definitely worth it.

1. The Marriage Riddle

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The correct answer here is A. We don’t know if Sarah was married or not, but either way one of the married people would be looking at an unmarried one. It is actually a simple riddle, and the key is to start going through the possible options depending on the family status of Sarah.

2. Some Creativity Is Required Here

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You need to think out of the box to solve this tricky task. It is just a word riddle, and the answer is ‘rock and roll music’, spelled like this: Rock & Roll M + ‘ewe’ (the sound that sheep make) + sick. This one looks easy at first, but not many people succeed at it.

3. The Perfect Math Test

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There is no explanation needed here, you just need to pay attention. We bet that your answer was ‘5,000’, but you were wrong; the correct answer is ‘4,100’.

4. This Riddle Is Kind Of Fishy

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You would probably start counting and subtracting, but this is not the correct strategy; read the task carefully – the fish are in a tank, so no matter what happens with them, they remain inside. The correct answer to this riddle is 10.

5. Logic Will Solve This One Instead Of Math

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Similar to the fish tank riddle, you have to read the problem carefully and take a moment to think about it. The logical answer is that the two men simply did not play against each other. Thinking outside of the box is what solves most riddles.

6. Doctors Never Lie

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This is a classic riddle that is actually very simple; in fact, nobody lies. The three doctors are Robert’s sisters.

7. This Is The Kind Of Problem Sherlock Holmes Deals With

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Upon reading this, you would probably find it difficult where to start. But after reading the whole thing a few times, you will realize that the numbers are some kind of a code, so the right move would be to apply it to ordinary things from everyday life, like the days of the week or the months of the year. You could probably solve it on your own, but here’s the correct answer: the numbers represent some of the months in a year (6 is for June, for example), and the first letter of every month spells the name of the killer – Jason.

8. The Reversed Age Riddle

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This one is not that hard, and it even has more than one possible answer. The three options are: 51 and 15, 42 and 24, 60 and (0)6. It doesn’t seem that hard now, does it?

9. Winning Is Not That Easy

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Do not rush to answer this riddle too fast, because it looks simple and the answer seems obvious, but it’s not. You see, passing the second person overall means that you were in the third place right before that, and now you become second.

10. The Mystery Object

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After reading the riddle, you would probably start picturing some extraordinary object that defies the laws of physics. Actually, the answer is pretty simple – a sponge.

11. Read Carefully And You Will Think Of The Answer

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The key to this clever riddle is the controversy that is created. If something ‘goes’ through, but it remains stationary at the same time, it must be ‘going’ in a different meaning of the word. When you look at it like that, the answer becomes simple – the road.

12. This Riddle Is Not As Complicated As It Seems At First Glance

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You might need to read this one a few times, and then one key word will direct you to the right answer – ‘shoot’. Did you figure it out? Oh, well, here’s the answer anyway – the woman is a photographer.

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