Top 15 Extremely Amusing Caution Signs Seen By Regular People

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Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen different types of warning signs and labels, and there is one on literally every corner! Of course, they are more or less unified and easily recognizable, but there are some that can really get your attention. In fact, some of the signs you could find out there can make you stare at them in disbelief. These signs are sometimes a part of a prank, but a huge part of them are genuine. Once you realize that a funny or a weird sign is legit, you just have to capture the moment and share what you saw! This is what many people did and thanks to them we have the compilation below.

1. Here is a funny sign from Idaho

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that people don’t take this sign seriously, and we don’t either! It appears that the sigh has been sitting there for a long time, which tells us that the locals have a great sense of humor!

2. Every office needs this

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is something that many people would gladly put somewhere around their workspace or their office! We all get pissed off when someone tells us what to do without having the right to!

3. This is absolutely brilliant

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that the people working at the Twitter headquarters have a really good sense of humor. This sign is hanging on wall at their NYC head office and we absolutely love the sarcasm!

4. We guess there is no joke about this one

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some of the weird signs across the world are actually put where they are for a reason. As you can see, someone tried to warn trespassers about their weird cat, and weird she is!

5. This warning note was found in a hotel room in Italy

Image Source: Aaj

Well, there is definitely a story or two behind the existence of this warning note. Maybe the neighbors constantly complained about the things they see from their windows and balconies and the hotel management had no other option but to introduce these notes.

6. This is the best way to explain something

Image Source: Imgur

Some people need to be persuaded a lot in order not to do something and a simple sign would never be enough, so the people who created this one did their best to make it noticeable persuasive!

7. Now this is what we call a warning

Image Source: Pinterest

We guess that the person who set up this sign was fed up with people entering their property, and something had to be done! This sign’s message is definitely something we would take into account! Nobody would take their chances here.

8. Here is a really witty sign

Image Source: Reddit

We love seeing clever puns and this one is among the best we have seen lately. As you can see, the sign clearly reminds drivers that there are wild animals around, but the way it sounds when pronounced is what makes it special!

9. This is one very specific instruction

Image Source: Flickr

We guess that this is also a caution sign, but it is for the animas’ sake! Of course, there is a lot of sarcasm involved into the making of this sign, but we totally get it and approve it, too! Getting behind that fence would definitely mean trouble in more than one way.

10. There must be a specific reason for this sign to exist

Image Source: Imgur

We have seen a lot of weird signs before, but this one really made an impression! As you can see, there is one very specific part about it related to prohibition of sitting on the fence. The only reason they wrote it must be that someone already tried that. It was probably not a pleasant experience.

11. Here is warning like no other

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, some people are so eager to violate a law or ban to enter a certain private area that they need something impressive in order to be stopped from doing it! This sign would probably do the trick, because it describes something nobody wants to feel first hand!

12. Here is another sarcastic sign that we really like

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that sarcasm really helps improve caution signs. After all, it is essential for these signs to be noticeable and examples like this one here are not easy to miss! The message delivered is also quite simple, and we believe that people working there really try to follow it.

13. This is not the typical warning sign

Image Source: Imgur

The difference between this sign and the rest is that this one is not about warning people in order to save them from possible danger. This is more of a funny way to say what if the house dog barks at you, then you are probably not welcome at all.

14. This is another witty way to warn people

Image Source: Imgur

As much as we love going to the beach, we must admit that we definitely spend more time under the sun than we should. We guess a reminder to leave at a reasonable time would be appreciated, and this beach has a sign which is more than enough to do the job.

15. Here is a sign everyone neglected

Image Source: Imgur

This image is more than enough to demonstrate the respect most people have for caution signs. As you can see, everyone decided to climb on top of the pipe, despite the sign placed right in front of it. Some people will never learn.

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