Top 15 Facts That Will Make You Think About How We Understand Time

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Just when you think you know enough random facts about past events and people of great significance who are no longer among us, you come across something that really reshapes your point of view regarding those facts. In fact, seeing them in a different perspective actually makes you change the way you think about them!

1. America’s tenth president’s grandsons are still alive

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This might seem impossible, but it is true! John Tyler was born more than two hundred years ago, but he still has two living grandchildren! This was possible because he and his son both had children at a very serious age and the rest is simple math! This is a really curious fact that we never knew before.

2. Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth II have something in common

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The Queen of England and one of the most iconic women ever lived were born in the same year! They were born in 1926 and they even met each other. It happened during a movie premiere in 1956. The photo shows the two of them meeting in person and it is delightful to see them!

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3. Harriet the tortoise has a story to tell

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We guess that some stories are more than curious and this one makes no exception. It is about Harriet the tortoise. She passed away in 2006 and spent her last years in the zoo of the late Steve Irwin. Harriet was transported in Australia after spending years in England but the most intriguing part of her story is that she was reportedly brought to England by Charles Darwin in 1835 after an expedition across the world.

4. This one is maybe the best

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We all know the story of the Egyptian pyramids and all the theories about their construction. We believe that there are many myths surround them but this is now the point here. We know for certain that they were built around 2660 BCE, which means that woolly mammoths were still alive at that time. Such facts kinds of messes with your head, right? We associate these animals with the ice age and definitely not with the time the pyramids were built.

5. The Oxford University is much older than the Aztec Empire

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This is another piece of information that was hard to process when we learned it! Can you believe how cool this sounds! The Oxford University is not only older than the Aztec Empire which was found in 1428. It was founded centuries before that empire even existed with the first evidence of its existence dating back to 1096. This is a fascinating fact and everyone who studied there probably knows it. We would brag about that all the time if we graduated from Oxford University!

6. George Washington was unaware of the existence of dinosaurs

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This is a curious and a fun fact was well. We would have never known this and now we are glad we do! George Washington left this world in 1799. It was only 25 years later, in 1824, when the first dinosaur fossil was discovered, meaning that nobody until that time, including the Father of the country, knew that these creatures existed before. The Megalosaurus was the first scientifically named dinosaur.

7. Nintendo is older than you might think

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We have all heard about Nintendo, one of the most famous game companies in the world. Most people have probably played Super Mario or Pokémon at least once in their lives! However, the point is different here. You see, Nintendo is actually is a much older company than most people would guess. It was founded in 1889 and the first product they made was playing cards. Meanwhile Jack the Ripper was on the loose in London!

8. Here are two people born in the same year that you would find hard to believe

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This is another comparison that can puzzle you but it is a historical fact! Anne Frank and Martin Luther King Jr. were both born in 1929! We cannot believe this is true, but it apparently is! Anne Frank is known for the diary she kept about her life before the German occupation. It is curious that she and King Jr. were both resistance fighters and they were born in the same year.

9. The Bristlecone Pine is one of the oldest living trees and it is older than you think

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The tree that is considered to be among the oldest living ones on the planet is a Great Basin Bristlecone Pine and it could have told quite the story if it had the chance to! You see, the tree is so old that it has already spent a thousand years thriving on the face of the planet when the last Woolly Mammoth passed away. This is a fascinating fact! The tree is located in California and it is more than 50 centuries old!

10. Stars Wars premiered in the same year France stopped beheading people

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We needed a few moments ourselves in order to believe it. It is true, though; the first Star Wars movie was premiered in 1977 which was also the year when the last execution via a guillotine was performed in France. It might seem weird how a savage thing like could happened in the 70s but it apparently did.

11. Here are two incompatible facts that happened in the same year

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Similar to the previous fact, this one also surprised us, to say the least! Most of you probably know that the first moon buggy was successfully launched on the Moon in 1971 which was a remarkable moment for all of mankind! However, this was also the first year in which Swiss women were allowed to vote after they protested and fought their way in order to achieve it!

12. This is simply astounding

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Here is a comparison that will surely describe how different was life in different parts of the world in the exact same time. The first fax machine was called ‘Electric Printing Telegraph’ and it was developed in Scotland by an inventor named Alexander Bain in 1843. Meanwhile the Great Migration in the US began with the first people crossing the Oregon Trail.

13. Now this is a fact that fascinated us

Image Source: Wikimedia / NASA

Here is something that probably only a few people are aware of! It turns out that while some scientists were already looking up and exploring space, others had just agreed upon some basic facts regarding the planet. Alfred Wegener shared his theory about the continental drift in 1912 and it took scientists 55 years to all agree on the fact that there was tectonic movement. NASA was already exploring space when that happened.

14. This is a chilling comparison

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Here is another fact that will make you cringe for sure. Some of you probably know that McDonald’s has a long history. The fast food chain was founded in 1940 and it steadily became the most recognizable restaurant chain in the world. In that same year the very first prisoners were transported to Auschwitz! It happened in May with only five days apart between the two events.

15. Harvard University was founded before Calculus classes even existed

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Now this is one fact that really puzzled us! Calculus was introduced by Newton and Leibnitz who both published their work on it independently but it happened at the same time in the 17th century. Harvard University was established in 1636 and it was named after the clergyman John Harvard. The first years of the existence of the university went on without teaching calculus because it was not developed in its modern form yet.

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