Top 15 Hilarious Images That Are Definitely LOL-Worthy

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Browsing the vast internet space with the sole intention to have some fun is something we all do at least a few times a day. Sometimes we search for funny images and videos but we stumble upon some really weird stuff instead! The best thing to find is a combination between the two! There is a lot of content out there that can be classified as weird, but it could also amuse you. In some cases things are more than bizarre and we like the fact that people upload images along with their stories, because a single image is worth more than a thousand words. We gave our best to select such images and compile them for your viewing pleasure.

1. This is an unusual way for a smartphone to malfunction

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this image really confused us! It definitely looks strange and something about it is even creepy in an unexplainable way! We are not sure if this is actually a malfunction or the result of a shattered touchscreen display, but it is definitely curious to see! Most people would probably cringe upon seeing it, because it looks like some sort of a haunting portal to another dimension! It even resembles a creepy face, but this is the best thing about it – everyone could interpret this the way they please.

2. Here is one of the coolest hats we have ever seen

Image Source: Cheezburger

Fashion trends come and go, but what lasts for a lifetime is having a distinctive personal style! Many people believe that the personal touch is not always a good idea and it also needs to follow certain fashion trends, but we beg to differ. As you can see, even something crafted in the last minute can make you stand out! Of course, most commuters probably laughed when they saw this bubble wrap hat, but we like the idea a lot! After all, it was probably crafted out of necessity.

3. This is not the typical commuter

Image Source: The laughter ward

Now this is one image that can make you wonder why this is even a thing! Apparently nobody could ban iguanas or other pet reptiles from riding on the subway or any other means of public transportation. It appears that the animal is rather chill and probably feels comfortable on the back of its owner. However, we believe that many of the other commuters felt more or less intimidated by this exotic pet! We have seen a lot of iguanas before and we would not be that impressed even if we were sitting next to the animal and its owner.

4. This restroom is like nothing else we’ve seen

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this would really make you dizzy if you go inside! Restrooms come in all shapes and sizes and some of them are even designer-made! However, the best approach to creating the perfect restroom is to take advantage of the inner space and combine it with a neat idea! It appears what someone did exactly that with this place. It could easily make anyone’s stomach turn if they are afraid of heights! The level of details is also really nice and you feel like you are really out there!

5. Pet turtles can obviously grow really big

Image Source: Pinterest

Sometimes things are not what they seem initially and this is an undisputable fact! Of course, in some cases the difference between expectations and reality could really be significant and these two images prove it! This girl’s parent probably thought that this pet turtle would remain pretty much the same size and live in its aquarium, but as the years went by, they realized that the turtle would need a larger space. It really became a huge specimen considering the initial size!

6. Here is something to give you the chills

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, even a simple thing as a banana could be scary! But it is not about the banana, actually. It is about the thing someone did to it. Imagine finding this if you are living alone! We bet that even the toughest person out there would be baffled and perhaps a bit paranoid. What actually happened is the result of a perfectly planned prank! Some unknown prankster carved the letters on the bananas at the store when they were still fresh. That someone also knew that another person would buy them and read the sentence when they turn brown. Genius!

7. Now this is unacceptable

Image Source: Reddit

If you are a foodie like us, you will probably agree in this one. Food is not something to fool around with, you should also definitely not waste it or use it a source of pranking another person. But the worst thing to do is try to deceive a person when it comes to food-related matters. The image above suggests a really nice example! As you can clearly see, the quantity of ice cream in this cup is merely half its size! If this is not a fraud, we don’t know what is! We considered this to be unacceptable!

8. We know a rebel when we see one

Image Source: Topsimages

Well, in this case it does not take a special skill to notice what this little girl is definitely not fond of church visits. Then again, most children are made to go instead of wanting it. Of course, even if they find it boring, they should at least pay some respect to the institution. This girl definitely tried to show that she wanted to be somewhere else but we guess she could have chosen a different image to draw in her notebook.

9. Everyone has a different cause to support

Image Source: Me. Me

We are firm believers in supporting something that matters to you, despite what others might think about it. Of course, defending an idea or demanding a change needs to be reinforced with a statement that everyone must here and see. You might call it a protest, but regardless of the means a person chooses in order to state their mind, it is the effort that counts. This person made up his mind about what he should protest about, and he simply pulled it off!

10. Here is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: This is colossal

In fact, it is probably the kind of thing you will never see again! It shows how skilled some people are and that art and craftsmanship can be used for deceiving purposes, although in this particular case it is all about the entertainment! This artist was able to create a mind-blowing optical illusion! We are certain that everyone who sees this in the wild would have a hard time comprehending it! The mind refuses to believe the eyes in certain moments and this is one of them.

11. This is possibly the best pizza topping idea ever

Image Source: Reddit

We are more than certain that pizza lovers would approve this, despite the fact that it looks weird! We actually laughed at this idea when we saw the image, but we would definitely want to try this pizza-topped pizza. The funny thing is that a small pizza needs to be prepared alongside the big one. We are not sure if they are baked separately or not, but that is not of great significance. What matters is for this clever idea to spread and become popular!

12. This cringe-worthy face swap is actually perfect

Image Source: Favorite Things

The perfect way this face swap worked out is actually the reason why it looks so creepy! Can you imagine the horror if those were real people? It is definitely not the kind of thing you want to see of those were your grandparents! We believe that these people’s grandkids laughed out hard but they probably freaked out for just a second before that! This is definitely one of the best face swaps we have seen in a long time!

13. This is a real challenge for every hairdresser

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine the hairdresser’s surprise then a girl walked in her salon with a bun on her head that turned out to be something else! In fact that bun was a huge and thick lump of tangled hair that was impossible for anyone to sort out. The only solution was to cut it off, and this is the result! We guess the girl was relieved after the hairdresser finished her work, because that hairball was kind of heavy!

14. Here is a meal that can chase away your appetite

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes ordering a meal is not as straightforward as you might think. In some cases the staff can mess things up while in other moments you are surprised to find out that the meal has nothing in common with the traditional way of preparing and serving it. A person learned this lesson the hard way after ordering a French onion soup and they were later served this thing!

15. This mom quickly realized some facts about her daughter

Image Source: Twitter

Every parent probably remembers the exact moment they realized that their kid is not a kid anymore, but an adult person that can take care of their own life! As you can see, this mom realized that her girl is not a sweet and innocent girl anymore, but a grown woman who does all the things a woman can do! It looks like it was a tough pill to swallow for the mother.

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