Top 15 Photos People Should Have Checked Before Posting Online

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Image Source: Reddit

We are all aware of how our modern life goes; whether we want it or not, most of our activities are related or at least shared on social media. This can actually be a bad thing in so many ways that we couldn’t possibly imagine all of them. It can also be harmful for us or the other people on social media platforms and everyone must be cautious when they upload something.

One of the less dangerous things that we all should pay attention is avoid uploading content that might be shameful or inappropriate, and this happens to a lot of people every day. Thankfully to their experience we have the chance to have some fun and to remind ourselves that it is important to check the photos or texts we upload, or we might end up looking like idiots, and nobody wants that.

Check out the following list and we sure that after that you will double-check the content you are about to upload, and it just might save you the embarrassment or the guilt.

1. This woman had no clue about the real situation

Image Source: Twitter

Okay, we get why she thought that the girl next to her was actually Rihanna. The resemblance between the two is a fact, but she is not her lookalike and you could easily differentiate them anytime. However, the proud woman was more or less oblivious to the facts and wanted to live the moment! Eventually she was probably told what actually happened, and we believe she must have been frustrated about it.

2. Fake nostalgia is a thing now

Image Source: Imgur

If you want to pretend that you miss the good old times for some reason, you need to set your story straight and do your homework, or you will surely end up like the person behind this social media post. Pretending to be a gamer who values the old game consoles is stupid if you can’t even match the right cartridge to the correct console, as this person did, and someone captioned the post with the obvious fact that it was the wrong cartridge type.

3. Fake lives are even worse than fake nostalgia

Image Source: Imgur

We feel sorry for people who post stuff like that, to be honest. Their desire to show how perfect their lives are often results in disaster, and this image is just another one in a very long list! Instead of trying to find someone who would really surprise her in the bathroom, this girl thought that setting up a fake surprise selfie would do the trick, but she lied mainly to herself and not to her friends online.

4. This picture in a magazine holds a secret

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it is not actually a secret, but rather an obvious thing for those who know where to look, and we believe most people would immediately recognize it. Everyone except the magazine editors, of course, because the photo was printed anyway. In case you missed it – the two guys on the left are caught exchanging some kind of addictive substances.

5. It is the little details that matter

Image Source: Reddit

Some people cannot spend more than ten minutes without taking a selfie. It has been proven that this obsession is a kind of mental disorder, and we are not surprised, because almost everyone is doing in all the time, and it is becoming more and more annoying. This woman decided to upload another image of herself, but she neglected one tiny detail that made it unique and very funny.

6. This cute photo hides something very interesting

Image Source: Reddit

This girl is probably proud of her looks, because as soon as she saw the photo frame with a stock photo inside, she thought that it was her in the photo! It is actually kind of cute, and she seems just a bit puzzled about the fact that someone used her image for this product. However, her brother in the back may actually like himself even more than she does, and once you see it, you will understand why.

7. The risks of live TV

Image Source: Reddit

We laughed a lot when we saw the lettering in the background in combination with this news presenter’s facial expression. She looks like she just saw the sign in the back but she was forced to continue with the live broadcast, and we actually love the whole setup! The cheeky sign seems to be painted on the back of a huge RV, and for some reason it was in the middle of the frame. We like this kind of things because they leave a lot of confused faces and mixed feelings.

8. Sharing your stuff must be done carefully

Image Source: Viral Thread

When you share a piece of information about yourself or your work, hobbies and other things, you need to think about the consequences. It may seem that everything you upload has been checked and even when you are absolutely sure that nothing could happen, there is still a chance that you made a mistake. This user was probably very proud of the rich gaming history and impressive score records in order to share them, but the upper left tab suggests that between the game sessions there are other pleasures to look up to.

9. Even the huge corporations make mistakes

Image Source: Imgur

Some of you may not be actually surprised upon seeing this, but it would still be a surprise for the majority of people. Official images need to be carefully selected and they also need to be immaculate, because millions of people would see them daily. However, someone at Microsoft really neglected one very intricate detail in this background photo. It seems to be fine, but when you take a second look you will notice the huge symbol someone drew in the sand.

10. Sometimes the biggest creeps are caught by accident

Image Source: Imgur

Here is a proof that uploading photos without checking them first may actually lead to something positive. Sure enough, vile things like the act you can see on left of the photo are totally unacceptable, but thanks to the selfie these two ladies took, the creepy dude was caught in the middle of his disgusting deed. We assume that it was easy to identify him after that, and let’s hope he got what he deserved.

11. Acting dumb will not get you out of the woods

Image Source: Lamebook

Some people consider others to be dumber than they actually are, and this leads to situations similar to the one you see here. This woman thought that with some basic skills she would be able to pass this photo as a genuine image. However, it did not go as planned, because someone quickly realized that the image was really warped and she made herself appear a lot thinner than she actually was. This is humiliating.

12. Soulja Boy needed to be more careful when uploading this


Well, everything that needs to be seen here is clearly visible upon taking a first glance. It is actually pathetic to see someone brag with a huge stack of fake money, and there is absolutely no excuse for making such a mistake. He probably saw his mistake later, but there was nothing that could be done, and a mistake like that does irreversible damage to a rapper’s reputation.

13. Family photos are not what they used to be

Image Source: Reddit

This type of photos should be perfect in every way. The scenery, the composition and the quality need to be perfect, and this photo is actually far from those requirements. The quality is poor, and the lighting is not good, but the main problem with it is the far right part of the background, and no, we don’t mean the faces on Mount Rushmore. There is a girl choking a younger boy in the background, and it looks equally funny and disturbing.

14. This selfie showed more than the girl thought

Image Source: Instagram

Girls love uploading photos of themselves in all kinds of places and poses, and they often hurry to do it without checking all the details. This hilarious photo proved to show more than just a nice pose. It is clear to see that the girl had an admirer lurking in the back, and the probably thought about things that he never did before, which is understandable, because the girl is very attractive!

15. This is the funniest party photo ever

Image Source: Sizzle

There are a few ways to explain this photo, but none of them could justify how ridiculous it is. Perhaps the guy wanted to pretend he said ‘cheers’ to the girl immediately before the picture was taken, but he grabbed the wrong bottle, or maybe he knew he was holding a ketchup bottle but hoped that it would not be visible. These fails are among our favorite, because a lot of people’s efforts to look cool in the eyes of the others end up in a disaster. Being really cool is a type of behavior and having that attitude only for a couple of picture will not get anyone a ticket to Coolville.

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