Top 15 Times People Had The Perfect Shirts At The Right Time

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Image Source: Reddit

We often find it hard to choose the right outfit for a certain occasion. The matching belt and shoes, the type of tie, the dress code of the event and countless more factors and dilemmas are involved in the preparations before going out.

However, there are some people who seem to have the ability to always nail the right clothing to wear. The following list contains 15 images of people who took dressing to another level, whether it was intentional or not.

1. The two halves finally meet

Image Source: CXV_

This kid reportedly always wondered why his shirt’s sleeves were black, instead of following the same pattern as the rest of it. His question seems to have been answered upon meeting another dude in college. The match of the shirts is perfect.

2. This is the right way to wear a themed T-shirt

Image Source: denver_patton

The waiting room at the doctor’s office became a fun place after this kid’s shirt was spotted by the other people waiting there. There is literally nothing more appropriate for him to wear, given the situation. At least he is smiling about it.

3. The chance for this to happen is probably a million to one

Image Source: norcal530

When the right place and the right time meet, stuff like this happens. The accidental tribute to the Cookie Monster is probably something these guys were unaware of, but it’s still a pretty cool coincidence.

4. Just look at the little dude’s face

Image Source: trolollies

When you bump into one of Victoria’s Secret models, you better be dressed neatly for the occasion. Well, this little guy seems to have nailed it completely with his choice of shirt for the day, and he seems to be fully aware of that.

5. We’re all in the Matrix

Image Source: superfab96

Now this is what we call a coincidence. Or is it? Two or even three random people with the same shirt would be acceptable, but four individuals by the side of the road dressed equally are too much. Even the guy who took the picture looks puzzled.

6. This here is no coincidence

Image Source: enohcs

The guy that’s being interviewed must have deliberately chosen his outfit because of the incident that the interview is about. Showing a good sense of humor always makes a good impression.

7. Is this really a random encounter?

Image Source: dwimback

Wow, this looks too big of a coincidence to be true. While the girl must be definitely an Andrew Scott fan, the fact that she ran into him wearing that T-shirt is either an amazing twist of fate or it has been set up.

8. It sure seems that way

Image Source: Billy7788

This dude looks like he is fully aware of the ironic chain of events that happened. When putting the shirt on earlier that day, he surely did not suspect that they were going to have to rescue their boat after a good idea turned out to be not that good at all.

9. This is typical for most schools

Image Source: Robertino_Loreti

Here’ something rather funny. The heavy metal-themed T-shirts are a common sight in schools and the scribbles drawn all over the place can sometimes match with them, like the picture here shows.

10. Trolling like a pro

Image Source: Cyan-Panda

We are not sure if this is intentional or not, but it’s absolutely spot on. The security guard is probably unaware what the other guy has written on his back. The photo is amazing and it would probably never be captured again.

11. Walking with your Sharon Stone T-shirt could apparently result in this

Image Source: BenjaminNet

Imagine that you decided to put a shirt featuring one the best Basic Instinct scenes, and you accidently bump into Sharon Stone herself! Look at this guy’s face – he is absolutely blown away and has no idea how to react.

12. Here is proof that you get what you wish for

Image Source: CARLOS—7—

This dude had a very specific wish and strangely enough, he put it out on a T-shirt. While it’s unclear how exactly did faith intervene here, but the guy got exactly what he wanted, and this picture proves it.

13. He almost nailed it

Image Source: Math_Nerd_

Well, sometimes you don’t choose the right outfit, but you create chuckles on people’s faces instead. This man decided to visit Disneyland wearing a deadmau5 T-shirt, and Minnie’s reaction says it all. He seems to have little regret, though, judging by his facial expression.

14. A perfectly timed snap

Capturing the right moment is no easy task, but somebody did a good job here. The hilarious moment when one player comforts his teammate and a player from the other team passes by is culminated by that last player’s name. It’s absolutely perfect.

15. Yup, that’s his neck

Image Source: Gray09

The hilarious moment a player named Manek rubs his neck. If you asked him what he was doing at that exact moment, he would have replied: ‘I’m rubbing my neck’, which is quite funny, actually.

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