Top 16 George Clooney Facts That Will Make You Love Him Even More

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George Clooney is a man that hardly needs an introduction. He is one of the most charismatic actors Hollywood has ever seen, and his natural charm is definitely something that everyone finds attractive! Ladies find him to be extremely handsome because he simply is! Men respect his attitude. If we need to sum it all up, everyone loves Clooney for all the right reasons. There are, however, some facts that are not known by most of his fans and you can find them listed below. One of the most curious things related to his career, for example, is the fact that he apologized for his role in Batman & Robin!

After checking out the list you will definitely admire the brilliant actor even more than you do now!

1. The actor was under the spotlight because of his dad

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Clooney’s father was a famous news anchor and that meant that there was constant media attention towards the whole family. The actor once said that everything he did or achieved was noticed by the media and they always mentioned it. The trouble was that it was always ‘Nick Clooney’ son who achieved or did anything. This probably bothered the actor.

2. Middle school was tough for Clooney

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During his time in middle school, the actor suffered from facial paralysis known as Bell’s palsy. People with such a condition are unable to use different group of facial muscles and sometimes they never recover. It took young Clooney a whole year to recover. During that time he was bullied at school but years later he says that despite it was a hard time for him, it actually helped him strengthen his character and we believe it really did!

3. This infamous hairstyle was created by his mom

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This photo is the reason why Clooney had to put up with a lot of jokes, and it is easy to see why. However, it was not some weird barber who did it. It was actually his mom, who decided to save money and cut her son’s hair herself. As you can see, she managed to achieve a bowl shape that is definitely not every boy’s dream hairstyle! He probably got used to that, too, because he seems to be able to adapt to everything with ease.

4. He is a university dropout

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You probably did not know this, but Clooney never earned a university diploma. Of course, that did not stop him from having an amazing career and a lot of success in other fields. He decided he should go to university and he chose Northern Kentucky University in order to try and follow his father’s footsteps. This did not happen, because everyone constantly compared him to his famous dad and Clooney did not like that one bit.

5. Clooney was a regular worker before he became a famous actor

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The story of one of the most loved actors ever includes a period in which he was just an ordinary person who worked a regular 9 to 5 job. He used to work different jobs. Some of them were stocking shelves, selling shoes and insurance policies, as he even spent some time at a warehouse where he cut tobacco. Maybe this is one of the reasons he is so humble and the stardom did not affect him as much as many other actors in Hollywood.

6. We need to thank his aunt for involving him into acting

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Most people are not aware that Clooney’s career as an actor began only after his aunt decided to invite him to play a part in a movie. It was a small part in a movie about horse racing call And They’re Off! Rosemary Clooney, who is no longer among us, decided to ask her nephew to join the crew and the rest is history. George was instantly addicted to acting and we guess that it was his destiny to become a famous Hollywood name.

7. His father did not approve the whole acting thing

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When George moved to sunny California to pursue his acting career, his dad had something to say against that. He insisted that his son needs to have a university degree which could secure him a job. However, George was more than certain about what he wanted to do and told his father that he had no reason to go back there. His father was probably convinced that it was a mistake but later he probably changed his mind.

8. You surely remember Dr. Ross from the ER series

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We are convinced that one of the most memorable and therefore recognizable roles Clooney ever played was Dr. Doug Ross in the ER series. Considered by many to be one of the best medical TV series ever, the ER was a massive success and Clooney definitely contributed to that. An interesting fact related to this is Clooney’s role in another series called E/R, which aired years before ER.

9. He was badly hurt while making Syriana

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While filming Syriana, Clooney suffered from a brain injury which was a really serious condition. In one of the scenes he was taped to a chair and when it was pushed back, the actor hit his head. This caused for a membrane inside his head called dura to tear, which is extremely painful. His brain literally began floating inside his skull and it bounced off its walls! Clooney recovered from that condition but we are sure that he had a hard time!

10. He suffered a motorcycle accident eleven years ago

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Clooney was involved in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey back in 2007 and had to be hospitalized after that. This actually caused for a lot of employees there to be suspended, but it was not something he said or did. The reason was his fame! Many curious employees went through his medical records because they were curious! This is a federal crime and more than a dozen staff members were suspended after that.

11. Clooney has a lot of experience with the ladies

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It appears that the actor is a real playboy, because his name can be linked with many famous women. No surprise here, right? We mean, just look at him! He has it all! Every woman would easily fall for his charm. Some of the ladies who fell for him include Talia Balsam, who was his wife for four years, as well as Kelly Preston, Renée Zellweger, Lisa Snowdon and Elisabetta Canalis.

12. Amal Alamuddin is the woman next to him since 2014

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He once said that once he met Amal, he knew that she was the one. She probably felt the same, because they look perfect together and they really seem to be made for each other. The human rights lawyer and the actor are one big happy family not. Last year they had their twin babies. The lovely couple named them Ella and Alexander. Clooney admits that he is happier than he ever felt in his entire life and he has every reason to be.

13. Clooney is an animal lover

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Here is one of the other cool facts about the actor that most people are not aware of. Clooney loves animals and he did the sweetest thing once. He saw a photo of a cocker spaniel online that needed a home and he did not hesitate for a second to rescue the dog. When asked why he did it, he simply replied that the dog had a rough life and people were abusive towards the poor soul, so he needed to step in and change the canine’s life. We guess he did!

14. He loves his friends and he proved it in a special way

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Once he decided to do something special for all the friends who stood beside him through the years. He gathered 14 friends and handed each of them a suitcase with a millions dollars inside. He even paid their taxes! This was his way to thank those people for being loyal and we believe they were speechless! It is not something you see every day and it proves just how generous Clooney is!

15. Clooney never takes any special treatment when it comes to maintenance

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This might surprise you, but vanity is a strange word for him! The hunk actually never had a manicure done, and he even still cuts his own hair from time to time. He never needed anything special when it comes to maintaining his appearance, and as you can see, he looks great despite that fact! We believe that his natural looks add to his charm! Even attending an official event takes him under an hour to prepare for!

16. The actor is always close to his fans

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Once he heard the story of an elderly woman who really wanted to meet him. The 87-year-old lady was apparently a huge fan, so Clooney decided to pay her a visit! He showed up to everyone’s surprise and made all these people’s day a memorable one! It was her birthday, so he showed up with flowers and a greeting card! What a legend!

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