Top 24 Worst Tattoos That Are Hilarious On Other People

Image Source: Reddit

If you are proud of your looks, having a tattoo done could definitely be considered a huge responsibility; you will have to pick something—an image or phrase that you will not regret later on in life.

You will definitely need to choose the right tattoo artist, or things could end up in disaster. A lot of people spend months and even years pondering before they feel happy with both choices, and it is then that they proceed with getting some ink on their skin.

However, others seem to make rather spontaneous decisions and simply do it, and in many cases they suffer the consequences. The best part is that we get to see the end result and have a few laughs.

1. You might want to think twice before contacting this tattoo artist.

Image Source: Imgur

The quality of this guy’s work might not impress you.

2. This is one very interesting approach.

Image Source: Reddit

The idea behind this piece is unknown, but considering the fact that the lettering is actually upside down and the font is not particularly pretty, it must have been done in a hurry.

The math problem is peculiar as well, but if you look a little closer, there is an older tattoo below, one which is also rather interesting.

3. No eyebrows? No problem.

Image Source: Justsomething

If you think you might ever decide to have eyebrows tattooed on your face, save this picture now; when the time comes, look at it and remind yourself that it was a bad idea.

4. The spelling master.

Image Source: Imgur

While the quality of the tattoo seems fine here, there is a tiny problem with the spelling; however, you still get the point, don’t you?

5. This must be one very angry prom queen.

Image Source: Justsomething

You can bet all of your money that this girl went to the prom with a dress that covered her whole back.

6. One rather terrified wolf.

2 Image Source: Imgur

Here you need to focus on the tattoo itself, and not on the oversized canvas. Judging by the poor wolf’s facial expression, he probably knows how bad this tattoo really is.

7. Believe it or not, this is a bear.

Image Source: Imgur

The image on this tattoo was apparently supposed to resemble a bear, but it looks more like a demon to us, and that is probably why the end result is horrific.

8. The cornrow hairstyle was reinvented.

Image Source: Team Jimmy Joe

The idea behind this one is a bit controversial, but as long as the guy likes it, then everyone’s happy. Some of us are laughing, too.

9. Proud of his thong.

Image Source: Daily Mail

We have no idea about what was this guy thinking when he got his thong tattoo, but it does raise a few questions, to say the least.

10. Permanently tattooed glasses, seriously?

Image Source: Runt Of The Web

There used to be a time when glasses actually made you look more intelligent, but that is definitely not the case here.

11. Hopefully this is not an actual person.

Image Source: Reddit

While this tattoo was nicely done, the idea behind it is odd to say the least, and we sure hope that a person who looks like that for real does not exist.

12. Stay strong because you need to get back to school.

Image Source: Instagram

This is another case where you could see that the tattoo artist was skilled, but he also probably dropped out of school at an early age.

13. You had one job.

Image Source: Imgur

While the idea behind these matching tattoos was not bad at all, the end result is a disaster—those two puzzle pieces would never match, as someone already stated on social media.

14. The level of stupidity here is over the top.

Image Source: Imgur

This one is so bad that you begin to ask yourself if it was just a bad joke or not. Sadly, it’s the real thing.

15. Not cool at all.

Image Source: Imgur

The tie tattoo pictured here is definitely not worth the two thumbs up.

16. Permanent Lacoste user.

Image Source: Imgur

Imagine this when all the chest hairs grow back. Nobody wants to see a hairy crocodile.

17. Explanation needed here.

Image Source: Reddit

Even if you really put your imagination to the test, you will still fail to understand what this creature allegedly represents.

18. Trendy socks.

Image Source: Reddit

This is so chic that for a moment we wanted a pair, too.

19. Refreshing an old tattoo.

Image Source: Reddit

The rework of this tattoo would make sense only if the girl on the left picture was his girlfriend and she dumped him.

20. King of nonsense

Image Source: Reddit

Dave is right on this one—it is totally meaningless.

21. The horror.

Image Source: eBaum’s World

We hope this customer got a full refund.

22. Great idea, poor work.

Image Source: RUNT

The idea behind this is rather good, but the tattoo artist lacked skills.

23. Nike? Nope.

Image Source: VIRALNOVA

At least the guy seems to be happy with the result.

24. Things change, apparently.

Image Source: kingpiggy

We guess that nothing in life is permanent—except stupidity, maybe.

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