Top 30 Wedding Pics Showing What You Get When You Pay For A Professional Cameraperson

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Image Source: Nina Tulp

These stunning wedding photographs showcased by the Fearless Photographers project. All of them are made in 2018 and show how things are supposed to be done!

1. A perfect illusion

Image Source: Cheesnclick

This image is definitely one of a kind and the photographer had an amazing idea.

2. A work of art

Image Source: Jacki Bruniquel

It is all a matter of perspective and this amazing image was taken from the best possible angle.

3. A photo says more than a thousand words

Image Source: Samuel Docker

We guess that this image needs no caption because we could all feel the emotion!

4. The best wedding photo ever taken

Image Source: Vidaencolorrojo

Wedding photos do not get any better than this one! That pup is super cute!

5. Here is a picture to shed a tear for

Image Source: Vinicius Fadul

If this photo can’t bring tears to your eyes, no other will!

6. This image that definitely has a story behind it

Image Source: FP

We have no idea what these ladies are talking about but there probably is quite a story to tell here!

7. It is easy to see who will get married next

Image Source: Yure Richard

As you can see, all that is left now for these two to get married is to wait a decade and a half!

8. The cutest little wedding attendant

Image Source: AndyFoto

This tiny squirrel joined the process of taking photos and it became the main star!

9. A canine running on water is a perfect addition to any photo

Image Source: Pasquale Minniti

This photo was probably a product of perfect timing and we absolutely love it!

10. Here is another photo made using a different perspective

Image Source: Miguel Muniesa

This is definitely one of the most artistic additions to this list!

11. Different generations in one image

Image Source: Virginia Gimeno

There are no kids in this image! Only real men with some difference in their age, that’s all.

12. This is pure happiness

Image Source: ByVlad

If you haven’t seen what happiness looks like lately, here is an image to remind you about it!

13. Here is one stunning image

Image Source: Nayara Anrade

This photo looks like a frame from the ending of a romantic movie and we like it a lot!

14. This is a mesmerizing composition

Image Source: FP

Here is an image that brings a certain mood and we actually feel the sunset on our skin! Awesome!

15. Here is a funny image capturing a wardrobe fail

Image Source: Michy Watchao

This groom was probably well aware of his wardrobe malfunction but he could not care less!

16. First things first

Image Source: Jaeli Van Beveren

We guess that the occasion is not important and when you need to go, you just need to go!

17. Here is one very special guest

Image Source: WagenKnecht

The photographer was able to capture a very special moment and he had only one chance to do it!

18. There is a lot of emotion embedded in this image

Image Source: FP

We guess that this is another image that hardly needs any caption whatsoever.

19. An enchanting image like no other

Image Source: AndyFoto

This image is definitely one of the most beautiful on the list and the captured moment is awesome!

20. Here is another photo with a cool reflection

Image Source: Einphoto

It appears that using reflections has become a trend and we definitely approve it!

21. This is more than just photography

Image Source: FotoDumbrava

Creating such a composition is an artistic process and it takes photography to a higher level.

22. It is all about respect


Image Source: Chomi Delgado

We believe that a ceremony should be about the newlyweds and their loved ones!

23. Here is a photo like no other

Image Source: Sanoj Kumar

Taking a beautiful image is one thing but creating a photo like this is beyond photography!

24. This trick is awesome

Image Source: Carol Ottolini

The talented man in the middle made this image truly unique with his skills!

25. You can feel this image, can’t you?

Image Source: Fabio MIrulla

The pure joy of the wedding day can be seen on these newlyweds’ faces!

26. These goose bumps are there for a reason

Image Source: Ufuk Sarisen

Only the touch of your husband has this effect and this is the way it is supposed to be.

27. Here is an unexpected guest

Image Source: Lauren Brimhall

We never expected to see a penguin attending a wedding but this little guy is adorable!

28. Having fun matters the most

Image Source: Cheesenclick

The elegance and grace of the bride goes together perfectly with the goofy groom!

29. This is an emotion like no other

Image Source: Kara Counard

The wedding day is among the most significant in people’s lives and this photo captured that!

30. Here is another work of art with a great perspective

Image Source: Sylvain Bouzat

Behold, yet another of those images that steal your breath upon taking one look at them!

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